So Where Is The Link At

So of course when you write regular and have assorted curiosities come into your output or World so to speak it can be interesting to wonder where the links came from and to give an example of this I will ask what is the link between Alice and The Beatles?  Well I happened to notice that my parents have a biscuit tin by some Danish company and further to that it is a round tin decorated in Alice in Wonderland Art so I had a look-they have had the tin for years and it usually goes under the radar yet in looking I see a host of characters I assume are from those particular stories-Mad Hatters Tea Party and as I look over the characters I see a Walrus and that Walrus is my ah-ha the Beatles of course also having written and sung a song called the Walrus on There Magical Mystery Tour further to that I believe Michael Jackson actually owned the rights to many Beatles Songs he having bought them at various rights sales and that of course links myself to another person I have not mentioned and whose name escapes myself-Jarvis Cocker The Lead Singer of Pulp who pulled a moonie during one of Michael Jackson’s Earth song performances during some show.

Speaking of Pulp of course without speaking from the pulpit they sang a song entitled “Common People” and that particular song actually in some ways has triggered myself in the past due to some relational experiences described there within.  I also at one time was a dedicated fan of the works of Quintin Tarantino who cares about spelling and he of course created the cult classic Pulp Fiction bringing back a movie legend such-as John Travolta and kicking of Samuel L Jackson’s career and so on.

So that is of course simply following a clue trail and when I speak of SYMBOLIC LOGIC and POINTING OR DIRECTING TO IT that is what we are doing-we can draw or paint a picture around the reality of now indirectly through various art forms and some folks are clearly more experienced and better at such activities than others.

I am a somewhat muddled soul at these things because despite all the retuning’s I have given myself and working through enlightenment processes I still have to work rest and play around other people and some do such things in good spirit whilst others of course are in such deeply bad ways themselves that they think nothing of sharing there own issues that have generally become non-issues for those of us who have progressed.

It comes back to the offence versus defence-some will understand that I spoke of being distracted by physical bodily pain for many years-just because such pains are not registering in conscious awareness does not mean they are not still within your being-having let go of many such previously entrapped pains I am less defensive and act accordingly though of course it can be easy to fall into pride comes before a fall traps-though I am quite sure that is less likely with awareness.

So a mind free of such distractions can be directed to better things and again this can depend upon your Threshold-I spoke recently of knowing when and where you are feeling particular feelings and learning to let them go and return focus to more uplifting and rewarding matters-it really can take practice for many issues and of course is variable person to person.

What else well I was seemingly wrong about the leading chap and his golf he being a previous winner though prior to my taking a closer interest in that particular sport.  Likewise didn’t the Dutch do well putting the Spanish through a master class footballing lesson.  Probably the best game to date-of course not if you are Spanish.

So Spain loses at football in a former Portugese colony and when we look at history we have to of course switch to Monty Python’s piss take of THE SPANISH INQUISITION.

Actually know we do not as those things can be reacquainted with over and over again when we learn to shift time and space symbolism and The McCarthy REDS UNDER THE BEDS witch hunts in the good ol’ US were actually a more modern equivalent of the same inquisition type practices.  And yes every Country behaves and operates in such fashion to varying degree’s and few can claim to honestly be otherwise.

So I am now going to pick up my deceased Grandmother’s shell that I have in font of myself and stare into the Peakock Lamp and not give any predictions because you cannot predict merely OUTLINE and that is a stumbling block that many fail to understand-prediction gives the suggestion that some mystery exists that requires uncovering-neither past or future exists though it is all to easy to get locked into patterns of belief that they do.

That goes together with the map is not the Territory teachings-now some of course say WHY ATTUNE YOURSELF? if all is invented and created-you might say that it is personal choice-we do not need any BLUEPRINT whatsoever apart from the one that the best masters and teachers can lead us to discover within ourselves-however that is not as easy as some would like to think and having a blueprint model to learn a framework or model around is just one form of Solution to leading you towards the higher vibrations and abilities and powers-I do not think of myself a having any particular contribution to make at present though that may change when I have worked towards a better model within my own sphere of processes.

So the BLUEPRINT is not a be all and end all merely a stage along the route of self discovery and perhaps (In My Opinion) it is better to have these kinds of staging posts than not and likewise you can say that picture is a staging post, compassion is a staging post, in fact you can probably say or in thinking terms think of most areas of life and your understandings of those matters as staging posts-can I be an integrated whole or do I have to live in a fragmented World of confusion-well I have taken modalties that I believe whilst possibly unnecessary have accelerated the defragmentation investigation and learning curve so choice is personal and I can go into a non-thinking no mind kind of state at will though of course that is still at a lower level than perhaps more experienced operators and gurus and so on.

So talk around it, draw around it, sound around it, sense around it, integrate it, there is a more UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE that exists within each and everyone of us and the teachers basically give us the tools and inquiry methods to reach a place where we can come to an understanding of that deeper truth and again some call that awareness a divineness and others god, and others belief it is there inner atheistic self.  who knows apart from those with the quietest of minds.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Imagine Theres No Weekend

Imagine There’s no weekend, its easy if you cry, no weekdays either, not even 4th July, imagine all the people living in the Now

Yes so take an old lyric or tune and write some new lyrics-of course many would not like the idea that someone would bastardise John Lennon’s lyric in such a fashion yet lets face the truth of the matter that the album was only popular through the events surrounding his death-I say this of course because the same kind of thing has happened after many a Star in decline’s death-Michael Jackson is another one who whilst in training for his come back never quite made it and we saw multiple releases of unpublished works and of course we can scout around over and over again for the really big names who never quite go away because they were such big names-they have a large enough cult like following to sustain them for years based in the remembrance of more glorious days.

Is that fair-well it is some thing that can be seen in each generation and some fair better than others yet even the not so big names with one hit wonders can survive of the performance rights that they receive for airplay and so on and so forth.

So what else-well of course I have to comment and say that the result of the Croatia match was highly suspect and if I were a Croat I would be excessively peeved-the official may as well have been wearing a yellow jersey (In my opinion) especially in the 2nd halve of the match.  Some bloke called Martin I never heard of and not a sparrow was apparently leading the golf yet these things of course change round to round-so nothing to be concerned about over the multiple stages of the competition and of course when people pop up and defeat the odds it can cause bookies to sell the so called danger and you can find yourself getting better odds than you would have otherwise have gotten previously on the favourites who are often favourites for a reason-former competition placing’s and seasonal ranking and so on.

Where else can I turn my attention-well I did as always on a Friday download a couple of authors works that I fancied catching up with of course and one of the works was by Rudyard Kippling strange but true-I have read or seen a number of his works through the years and of course he was like many writers born in one nation and brought up in another and those are often circumstances in which many a person prospers simply because they operate from multilingual intelligence from young ages and are not as necessarily locked into word tunes and rhythms and so on-most languages have a kind of underlying tune or score that we do sometimes see plagiarised musically in some arts though I think less so in popular culture and more in orchestral type works.

So of course World Cup football and I had Kippling pop up because The Disney Jungle Book was one of the earliest Cinema films I saw sometime in the late 70’s and of course pinpointing when and where we moved from one kind of mindset to another in differing aspects of life can be a quite interesting exploration-likewise my earliest England Football memories were of Kevin Keegan’s England generation and I actually memory wise remember little else apart from the fact he was like the original David Beckham type pin-up advertising everything from Brute aftershave alongside Henry Cooper to the earliest home console’s that you could get-I had a Grandstand console that had the most basic bat and ball games and so on-where else well in those years there was perhaps more outright advertising and less subtlety than we see today-so we still had “All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray” delivered by black clad and non-special forces man actors-who knows may be it is time they revived some of the materials from that generation and stopped paying so much attention to the com bloody plainers.

Yes so of course many could well be unhappy that I said that you have to use or study or understand appropriate language and so on yet in truth as you progress you do tend to find that even the so-called proper way to create grammar and so on cannot necessarily be trusted yet the only way to know that is of course to try these things out for yourselves-many will not try and then of course wonder why they are not progressing-the game of life is one in which all participate whether any of us like it or not-of course many of us have found ways in which to escape yet in general you do have to come up with new values and ideas that you may have not previously explored such as reinforcing boundaries or simply going to the Police or other courses of action when the politics of some environments places itself above the law of the land-some environments require rude awakenings simply to give them the pattern break and should be looked upon in a what can be learned from this event-if such events occur in your World of course.

well I have an early Friday workwise so will leave it there.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


I Have Acheived More Than 500 Blog Posts

So yesterday I hit the publish button on my WordPress creator and kapow the post goes of as normal and an automated message arrives informing myself that the post was my fifth hundred since I started blogging however many months and years ago that happened to be-of course I took part on the Holosync Blog for so long that I can claim to have been blogging for far longer though of course that was someone else’s blog and Website and this one is my very own having my own name at the top Is in theory at least supposed to give myself that greater sense of satisfaction and level of achievement-I do recall as a youngster wanting and getting diary’s yet in all honesty attempting to write a diary everyday did fall by the wayside-though having said that one does wonder if lifelong diary writing leads to any kinds of breakthroughs-I know for instance when Tony Ben died I bought his so-called political diaries and of course you can find in some papers and magazines the on-going trials and tribulations of assorted statesmen and women who we are apparently interested in knowing about inside and out-yet in truth we very often get a particular publication for one particular section and very often other material that has less interest for ourselves just happens to be in it-that is a simple truth about many publications and why perhaps growth occurs through diversification and publications dedicated to particular areas of life-why read a generic catch-all newspaper if you only read the gardening section-far simpler in the longer term to stop buying the paper and buy a dedicated publication-having said that we do very often come to like some of the other material also do we not.

So I have been thinking about how much of the assorted masters teachings actually work-for instance one set of information that is constantly repeated at the beginning of goal setting and so on is to set your goal as though it is already achieved and say the information as though it is in the present tense.

I have achieved all childhood dreams and aspirations that I set myself during my childhood years. (might be a somewhat all-encompassing example, though they do say that you can go into the so-called sub-areas and be more specific).

Further to that of course I did so isolate out the assorted sensory impressions one at a time in order to better increase your awareness and understanding of them.  So that of course has been done a million times by many a book writer and teacher and trying to change what has gone before can be done in the fashion of sucking eggs.

I saw a small bird of the sparrow family land on the wooden bird table and peck at the seeds in an eating fashion whilst a tabby cat on a nearby shed roof stirred slowly and quietly into life.

So the idea when reading such sentences back is to isolate what sensory impression was used in the above case saw (sight) was used.

I heard a small bird of the sparrow family land on the wooden bird table and peck at the seeds in an eating fashion and the noise stirred a tabby cat on a nearby shed roof into life.

In this example I used the auditory sense of hearing (Sound)

So of course you can continue in this fashion with all the senses and further to that when you have established your dominant senses you can acknowledge and benefit from them being your dominant ones whilst also seeking to enhance or bring up your other less than dominant or under utilised senses-we often take these things for granted yet in truth many people are shocked and surprised at just how much they have let go of sensory perceptions and biases.

Does raising threshold work? raising threshold works in raising awareness and giving you enough ability to not react to less than savoury characters that you may find yourself coming into contact with in any of the environments you have found yourself during your lifetime.

Likewise attuning of the multiple senses significantly enhances your ability to navigate and choose your own paths and so on.

So what next well I am still thinking on my new website and the direction and design process is ongoing-I was throwing ideas together in a somewhat dysfunctional fashion and whilst that is good in an exploratory creative fashion I do need or actually set myself the goal of creating a mechanism whereby multiple goals are brought to fruition through that process.

So here we are with 2 great sporting fixture competitions starting today and how can I create enough mental space and room in my noggin to successfully see the truth of the present World Clock Cycle-of course many tools and utensils have been created and picking and choosing those that you wish to continue with is a personal choice yet attuning your sense with an already raised threshold top-down and bottom-up approach has been the mechanism that I personally have followed and recommended.

So what can randomness do in providing clues I ask and of course we can take a block line or individual words go left right up down diagonally or simply go with the 4 corners or draw the clues out-in fact so many possibilities exist it is know wonder in some ways that we do get confused my so many differing modalities at least until further threshold is raised and that happens for those who put in the work.

So a poem I think might serve as the best of what can I write on and prophet the best-the points on a compass spin gyroscopically more than one compass two hemispheres you see-the one that is dominant is hard to tell especially when parents have opposite functional the one family all right handers the other all left and Dave in the middle confused and depressed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So Yesterday I Wrote Of Lewis Carol

So yesterday I wrote of Lewis Carol and of course he is predominantly associated with Alice in Wonderland yet for those that are interested when you further research such individuals you will find other works that you might consider as being interesting-many of these old college professor types wrote works related to maths and language and communication and so on and it does seem to myself that whilst many of us have taken the famous works at face value they have been possibly created with less than obvious ulterior motives.

Of course it is easy to go into an accusatory mode relating to many authors works yet they were of course following the own ways and paths and mind explorations and so on so you are better of going into inquiry type thinking strategies of what can I learn from this author and so on-I have for instance a book on logic written by Lewis Carol hat was one of the very cheap or free books I picked up on kindle.

It does seem to myself and I may well have stated it before that we have all these modern authors bombarding us with there works yet my own seeming instinct has led myself to go back in time to prior generations.  I do not know if that is simply from following unconscious clue trails in bibliographies and so on yet it is something that I found myself doing over and over again.

I think there is perhaps an investigate a line of inquiry process until the related non-conscious game of black and white is resolved in some fashion-however when I think in terms of recursive heuristics and so on you can of course set weight points whereby only so many recursions are carried out down one particular line of inquiry so samples can be gathered and threads made in multiple directions in your noggin without getting caught up in one dimension of how things are or have to be.

So yesterday I found myself approaching a manager with a spanner in hand from behind and Cluedo came up and of course that gave myself the inspiration for THE FOWLFATHER

Mongo:  All right you lot I want Solutions and I want them Now

No. 1: The Maintenance Engineer did it in the Rehangs with a feather

No 2: The HR Secretary did it in the Canteen with a stapler

No 3: The Health and Safety did it in the butchery office with a swab

No 4: The Live Hanger did it in the plant with a T-shirt

So of course it is quite easy to transfer any game that you may have in your collection and transpose the minor details to new locations and of course this has occurred with multiple famous games over the years-Monopoly springs to mind as you can get an addition for many capital cities around the planet.  Likewise some games and sports are shared throughout the planet and played by Universally governed Laws and rules though we all of course know that much like the Eurovision song contest you cannot trust the public or participants to be wholly neutral when it comes to results and cheating and bias’s and so on-how many times through the years have we seen Diego Maradona’s cheating handball goal that the officials failed to disallow and that of course is merely one example and most teams and Countries can highlight such incidents in the teams history.  When or if England go out of the World Cup in the first round for instance we will see a compilation of moments where poor officiating was responsible and not the teams inability to score more goals than the opposition.

Yes there are many approaches and thought processes that can take over when it comes to being objective versus subjective yet in truth many of these things do simply come down to achieving a greater amount of points than your foes and that is all there is to it.  All other thinking strategies and so on do become redundant and no it is not simply good enough to say well that was always going to happen because patterns are there to be broken and once demonstrated as broken can be broken again and again-Roger Banister demonstrated running faster than the four minute mile for instance.

So anything that I write with these signs and symbols is of course likely misdirection depending on how advance any given reader is and how many devices they read the same data on-and the simple Solutions have been repeatedly stated to draw and make mind-maps and so on of any given dataset to make it a more universal picture.

I of course am lousy at drawing and was recently thinking about some of the aspirations I had as a child-my other family members had seemingly covered many an artistic base-dad musician, brother art, and I being immature was always wanting to have something of my own not being done by other members of the family-the problem being of course that you put yourself in a corner (nobody puts baby in a corner lol) so as I have said I did turn to the written word as where I would personally excel though now of course that having failed up to and including the present date I have to re-interest myself in combining multiple arts and modalities into one all encompassing structure and organised format that is legible and attainable by all that come across it as an explanation and again that has been done as a remedy by many an expert-I should also mention that Joe Vitale had a new joint book venture out with one of his protege’s called The Remembering Process and that is indeed one of these think the future and pull yourself into that future kind of strategies and processes-how well any one persons strategy works for the rest of us is of course debatable-though the best vantage point to take is one of if they can do it-so can I and however successful you have been work to improve and organise yourself and fashion yourself into a series of systems that work for you yourself-we can only seemingly have these folks hold our hands and so on so far-or so it seems before we have to stand up and be counted for our own work and input and so on.

Nothing new or original there then Dave?

Well like I say if you have not yet drawn-draw now , if you have not yet worked through separating and understanding multiple sensory impressions as first and foremost one sensory impression at a time, work through them now, identify weaknesses and seek to remedy by practicing.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

How Unlimited Is The Directors Couch

So I look back just a few short years and at the seeming mental pain I was experiencing in being bombarded with letter and email to buy this product and this product and as I have said previously I stuck rigidly to One modality at a time first of all going with Holosync and doing the courses prior to biting the bullet and making the Learning Strategies purchases also and because I made all those purchases of all the assorted modalities in a somewhat piecemeal fashion I have of course know idea when and where and what strategies other folks adopted for themselves-we all having differing levels of I WANT I NEED I JUST HAVE TO HAVE…

All I will say is that if you are or have experienced similar type mental trauma that the longer term benefits really are beneficial in the sense that the trauma and confusion and pain give way to further ah-ha’s and enlightenment and of course we all of us work at our own pace and speed and the obvious solution to some sales blurb can be to just say no! However there does as I say and have experienced seem to be many truths held within the nature of sell within our own bodily cells and much of our lifelong trauma and so on and so forth can be unravelled and we can be reacquainted with deeper realities of how the World really is-or indeed we can become our own model of how the World really is-in the inside outside model or the Holographic Universe (for example).

Many of the basics are actually free such-as learning EFT tapping techniques hence my recommendation to do one of the freebies with Erika on my SV website.  further to that regarding tapping you can accelerate progress with ACIM which will give you all the retuning your present level of awareness allows.

So there are fast track routes and perhaps slower track routes yet once much of the mental static is cleared from your personage the greater feelings of being the genuine director of your own inner World is in my opinion very much well worthwhile-many folks of course have followed similar routes and passage to myself or indeed have not experienced some of the levels of trauma yet in general most thoughts and feelings and experiences that people want to claim as there own are very often shared in some manner if not through personal experience then through the media whether that is in film or tv and radio and so on.

So an area that interested myself from the point of view of differing teachers was this thoughts become things-and as you know those who followed the Holosync blog-Bill very much took us down the route of a hardball game of black and white using his own technology to accelerate the progress of those of us in the lower echelons of Society so from that point of view it is well worth doing the interaction on his blog and he seemingly operates from a knowledge base whereby not everyone can see what others are saying-so you do not have to think that you are under surveillance or indeed having comments read by all and sundry if you prefer a certain level of anonymity-I know that my own progress was greatly accelerated through those interactions hence my continued doing them even going that extra mile when most others had tired of the interactions.

So the Jedah Mali thoughts become things approach was somewhat differing in the sense that if we know thoughts become things then surely it does not take a genius to say right then next time I get these deeply integrated feelings of anger stirring up yes I will perhaps acknowledge them in a Big Heart Big Mind fashion-yet I will also switch to thinking happier thoughts a la Jedah’s approach I am happy joyful feeling good about myself-basically acknowledge the bad stuff and then go into focussing on the better thought and feelings that you can muster from within your own personage and keep on doing that until those better thoughts and feelings are the ones that are most habitual in your mental life and World-this can be hard if you are starting from a place of continuous harassment or bullying and so on as I was yet it really does pay to make the good thoughts and feelings the greater and not less than feelings that you are always geared towards in your own mind and of course the inner compass and compassion for yourself  should hopefully with intention become the new model.

Again I do not know where the slippery slope began in my own life yet these are things that seemed most natural from the memories I have from my youth and teen years-I think once you have been through a number of failed relationships you begin taking on board some of the “I was rejected by this person because…” type thinking and unfortunately the self-fulfilling prophesy issues begin to kick in big time on the downward spiral especially if you have to maintain relationships for the sake of children.

So the BIG THING that I am thinking about in relation to being led to processes and principles is seemingly the LIFE IS BUT A DREAM issues and of course I just had to know where such thinking occurred and you will not be surprised to know that it was not Beyoncé but LEWIS CARROL

Further to that I did actually also find myself returning to another poem that I have a lifelong love for by William Blake that begins Tiger, Tiger Burning bright…

So I have seemingly come full circles through my explorations-perhaps returning to the poetical that I first started out with on Facebook though having said that the traumas and pain and so on have somewhat laregely been left behind during the course of the journey.

Speaking of Blake of course I was one of those saddo’s who watched the entire Blakes 7 series during my younger formative years though of course he was (as a character) only in the first series and the last (I think) the hero’s during the rest of the show were Avon and Vila for myself of course the one a somewhat ruthless mercenary type figure and the other the comedy touch.

So do all roads lead to Rome is again questioning that can be asked-well not in my opinion I have recommended only those modalities that worked for myself however I do think I will be exploring the LIFE IS BUT A DREAM THEORY as that could well be the stage or state that all the work I have been putting in leads and of course if that is true then we surely all want the best of dreams don’t we? Of course one mans best of dreams is apparently another mans worst of dreams yet there are 7 Billion people on the planet so it should not be all too difficult to choose your own best dream circumstances and friends and followers and so on and seek to do right by all where that is possible.

I should of course also state that when I talk of Rainbow bridges and so on that my Australian cousins were in fact Bridges as that was the family name of my uncle who himself was from a rather large family and I believe they (Uncle Jim’s family) have assorted business links dotted around the Country-I know that my cousins on visits to Hereford used to get myself into the Crystal rooms (known as sticky carpets) for free for instance because they were related to the owner.

Likewise when I talk of Rainbow Bridges I am referring to COGNITIVE functioning within the realms of your brain and that is of course different to other versions of Rainbow literature that you may come across-I know that the Rainbow as a symbol has been adopted far and wide by a variety of groups including toy manufacturers and Ecological warriors and human rights groups and so you really have to go with your own knowledge base yet my own preference is simply to keep it as strict a meaning as possible-I know some folks want it to mean there own meaning yet as you all know we can only relate to the meaning we ourselves hold and mine is not necessarily the same as anyone elses-how far you explore meanings is of course personal choice yet I do know that people from all groups and ideologies have contributed to the growth cycle of personal development and inner circle development and so on.

can I dream of who wins the masters golf and who wins the World Cup soccer well again all these things come to you yourself placing your focus and intent on wanting that information to come to you and of course intent and the ability to maintain your own focus comes with going through the exploration of multiple growth modalities and raising threshold to maintain your own personal inner direction and awareness.

What else well yesterday I spoke of engines and then of course I thought ah-ha I have several Prechter books related to the Ellliot Wave material no not ET-the Market study of Elliot Waves and Fibonacci numbers and so on-I am of the belief that the study of the Elliot Wave books may indeed create an engine of sorts for those interested-I can never be quite sure because of all the cramming I have done-yet I do find that I buy this modality and then go back and check and find new meaning in conection with this book or that book-progress is individual and I do seemingly have a rather good set of references to cycle around-you cannot possibly study all materials at once though that does of course induce overwhelm and that is part of the appeal of cramming.

Sell Sell Sell Sell seems to be a song that needs to be written yet I have found that the truth is that being open to sell also opens you to release and so on so whilst all is invented and nothing is as it appears-there really are benefits to studying with those who succeeded before and asking those questions HOW CAN I INTEGRATE ALL THESE MODALITIES INTO A NEW MODALITY and follow your own inquiry process-I may well seem happy with myself yet in truth I put a lot of effort in and spent an awful lot of money to experience the benefits of the teachings and learnings-hopefully others have also benefitted and if you are just starting out-do not despair because I was there and whilst I am in similar circumstances in the Real World-my mental World is a place that is going places and hopefully that will eventually translate into the physical plains of existence also.

Thank you for reading and always remember to question and question again and positively habituate and habituate again as very few will do those things for you at a level of comprehension and understanding that is right for you.

Thank you for reading God Bless and be Well 🙂

How Can I Overcome The Quantum Noose Issue

Okay you first of all have to identify that such a thing as the Quantum Noose exists and of course anyone who has taken up meditation can perhaps testify to the fact that there is such a thing as the Quantum Noose.  So the Quantum Noose might be described as a circle or loop dropping down from the focus point at the top of your Wizard/Witch hat down through your one brain hemisphere and back up and out again the other hemisphere side in a kind of looping action.

Further to that we have a list of filter attributes that our loop passes through on its journey and the density of your left and right brain hemispheric filters seemingly dictates how successful you are in your understandings and using your information processing abilities.

So the Solution proffered by Holosync is to raise your Threshold as simply raising your Threshold means that actions thoughts and feelings you may have once been negatively triggered by are released or let go and you begin to start seeing more and more clearly “The Light” so to speak.

The Solution proffered by Learning Strategies is to seemingly realign all your filters to the so-called book Science so that you become congruent with the products and processes as opposed to feeling as though you are experiencing a continuous resistance to the reality that they design products to bring you too.

The Solution proffered by Sedona is to seemingly clear out all the mental garbage and whilst I understand and have read the story of Lester Leveson and so on what is described seems to myself to not have been all that differing from the Primal Scream methodology that can be found elsewhere and further to that the Sedona Method affected myself adversely despite claims by most of the Luminaries that Sedona is the one that is best.  How can that be?

So do the assorted processes work-well my own preference as I have continuously repeated is for Holosync and I do like the Learning Strategies materials when used alongside that modality-whether I would be keen on them without the meditation is another question that thankfully does not require asking because they combined forces.

So despite the raising Threshold I still find that whilst I am clear headed and no longer suffer most triggers I still have a filters issues and the problem of course is one of at what point in my history did I gain these filters?  Was I born with them? did I acquire them as an infant?/adolescent?/adult?

So why do I call it a Quantum noose?  Well because despite all my retuning to the musical scale and light spectrum and realigning my internal compass and sensory body and familiarising myself with language and literature and Numerology and the I Ching and many of the so-called la-di-da modalities and building of the so-called rainbow bridge I still have to live and survive within the World as I presently see it at my present or current level of awareness and whilst I say and think that I want to go to the next level the filters issues seemingly are not presently being catered for in a manner that truly works in an all-encompassing fashion for myself.

What are the changes that I am failing to make within my body of awareness that are limiting my performance abilities?

Yes these questions can take you a long way in the exploration and seeking yet when you have put the work in and carried our the instructions and so on and results are not as expected one does have to question those aspects and assumptions that have seemingly avoided questioning and inquiry?  Maybe that does not fill others with confidence yet all I will say is that the expenditure and investment and recommendations I made I stand by though of course you do get to these plateau’s that I am seemingly presently at and I do have to ask where is my next break through and realization going to come from?  what are the steps and stages that I skipped or dismissed as not being relevant to what I thought I wanted?  How can I reinvigorate and motivate myself towards a goal set by myself and so on.

Of course we see and hear a great deal relating to ideas of freedom and freedom can come in many ways shapes and forms yet I did setfor myself a goal of financial freedom and carried out what I thought were the requirements to accomplish that task yet I do find that the goal is far from accomplished and that I need to redirect myself and overcome whatever the obstacles are within my excentric mental structures and patterms,

Of course one of the big issues is never knowing where any other individual is at-so for instant whilst I talk and speak in terms of left and right brain hemispheres I long ago gave that up as an idea because as progress was made my brain hemispheres seemingly integrated into one another giving myself that Whole brain thinking perhaps-yet it is not logical for myself to speak in terms of whole brain thinking when clearly some aspects and blockages within myself have not yet been sufficiently brought to the light of self inquiry and whilst I do not want to continue feeling like I am on the tragedy side of the coin one does feel that a full shift to other than tragedy has not yet taken place or occurred in as satisfactory a fashion as my own seemingly high standards demand.

So yes maybe I need to sit down and design a recursive heuristic algorithm that runs down through all the assorted frequency spectrums and when it meets blockages carries out an internal inquiry or shifts the paradigm to one in which further progress is made.  These things of course take time and saying and doing are seemingly not the same thing.

Well that was a strange rant to be giving, please forgive myself if you are offended by these outpourings.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So I Should Also Point Out

So I should also point out that I only used the idea of a serial port and a parallel port as an example and not an absolute-anyone who followed the Holosync Blog for any length of time will have seen a multitude of comparable types of ideas and of course such things are only going to register with your self for the areas of knowledge that you personally have interest in by that I mean that because I have had a lifelong interest in computing and so on I do tend to see those kinds of examples.

Someone who has a lifelong interest in gardening may well also see many examples and you can say the say about just about any area of life really your understanding of the processes and so on may be slightly differing yet most of the patterns do tend to show up more and more in your life as you progress in developing your own areas of interest.

So one of the problems of course is that you can unconsciously still be operating from angles and perceptions that one part of your mind thinks is keeping you safe whilst another knows that you need to explore deeper and release the tensions and protectionist strategies and so on in order to get to the so-called deeper levels or areas of knowledge and mental exploration.

What else well some folks do not believe that Science actually reinforces what I am saying so for an example-a Scientific model that you will see and hear in many a Science lecture or course of study is this idea of shining a ray of light particles through slits and seeing where the resultant particles end up and if you think about the light being the point of focus and the slits being your own eyes it does not take a genius to follow the line of inquiry to ah-ha’s and so on and so forth.

Of course the idea that is most criticised and possibly for good reason is this one of putting it out to the Universe-I think hilst many advanced folks are able to do this for most people who regard themselves as having had a tougher than average life you are likely going to need to take one step at a time in adjusting your beliefs to a new model of reality and of course it is the wise person who knows that not everyone in the Universe has your own best interests at heart and so on.

I say this of course because I do have times and periods of the year where I suddenly find myself experiencing intense anger or what I would describe as thoughts and feeling that are incompatible with how I personally want to be-having said that the embrace those thoughts and feelings in order to let them go idea does seemingly carry weight when you practice enough at releasing and asking those Big Heart Big Mind Self-inquiry types of internal interview-I want to talk to the part of myself that is… and so on.

Of course many of these teachers have seemingly developed there own niche as it were and set of modalities and courses and we can buy into those systems to accelerate our own progress and likewise we are not obliged to do that if we do not want to-I think as I have progressed I have found for instance that initially the stimulus was very much about breaking down what was already in my own noggin and then as progress was made reformulating the material that was already there into new understandings and realizations and of course some issues will keep on repeating on you until you deal with them yourself-some folks project and project and project continuously onto others without ever taking responsibility for the fact that the thoughts feelings and issues are originating in they themselves and not the folks they seek to project upon-that is why releasing can accelerate your progress out of pointless debates that many a person thinks is legitimate until they have progressed beyond the most base of sexual politics and of course many people have vested interest in thinking that they need to protect particular ideas and not bring them to the light of true scrutiny-over the longer term that is a complete failure to adopt new strategies and thinking patterns which most of us need in order to develop and clear out the flotsam and jetsam.

So speaking about what folks may or may not want and need of course it is quite easy to say well I need this and this and this and of course many courses are simply collections of certain types of tools and when you do repeat courses with a new teacher you will often find similar or not to dissimilar sets of tools and so on-so one issue is this one of having a self identity that is your own versus being swallowed up with the herd and of course it is all to easy for many folks to go with the herd until the shit hits the fan in your own life in some manner-these things can go unnoticed or rejected as part of life (thinking birth, funeral and so on) yet if you knew that you have the capacity to let go of all ideas of being dis-ease ridden (for example) or being poor etc would you really keep on doing the mental patterns and pathways and thinking strategies that keep you in those borderline realms?

Of course this does come back again an again to layers because you can attend a 100 births and hear the same platitudes and you can attend 100 funerals and hear the same platitudes yet in reality if there is only one reality in your own noggin and each person peels back all these layers (some issues affect some folks more than others unfortunately) then you can surely no longer buy into jumping to the same old conclusions and ideas that have failed to serve and protect you in your old model of reality.

So we are now entering a high season of sporting fixtures and again I personally have been reluctant to look at those things because of the watched kettle issue-I should also point out of course that as you progress you come to understand that any influence is of course going on in your own noggin and others reading your material are not necessarily affected in the same manner-that is where the swapping of ideas and so on is handy at least in the earlier parts of awakening and becoming attuned to all the multifarious ideas swirling and whirling about in each and everyone’s noggin.

Another area that I have not looked at is of course this idea of overwhelm and whether or not it is bypassed by particular modalities-I think the LS courses perhaps are the courses that you can probably use to bypass experiencing overwhelm and so on though having said that and having taken a number of such courses I do feel better for having had overwhelm and so on so there are debates to be had in that area of course and I think it is down to personal choice-if you can go to bed at night and wake up with a new chaos engine simply for having listened to some paraliminal and read a few books would you not think that an acceptable solution-swings and roundabouts of course yet do think that each aspect that I have explored has in some way taken myself to a greater level of wisdom or understanding or knowledge-the problem of course is often that the unconscious parts of ourselves seemingly know what those things are long before they start coming into our consciousness and then our filters can be somewhat overwhelmed when they do ome into our consciousness and as I said the filters issue for myself is one that I continue to explore and develop my own thinking about.

The what would such and such do can actually serve you quite well once you have cleared our the thoughts of self-sabotage and ideas of everyone and everything in the World being out to get myself kinds of Paranoia-having said that of course we have Police and Armies and so on for a reason and that is because whilst as I said I do believe we are all at our deepest levels of being akin to what might be described as Angels there are no rules when you explore the deeper truths of those realms-such things are of course ungovernable (I think) you get into man made laws versus natural law and some man-made laws are there to protect most of us from the aspects of natural law that many deny about themselves yet very often have in there noggin some place or other.

I cannot believe that anyone is the best at any given area however much they like to project such images-however when you do have awareness and you act in those fashions I think that is called WISDOM rather than operating from unconscious competence which again is often a projection we see from some famous people-separating wheat from chaff as you release and surrender and let go and so on becomes more and more difficult so the tendency does seemingly become one of learning your own lesson and becoming more moderate or less extremist and so on.

Can I give reading recommendations regularly-well it is hard to know what aspects differing people are interested in developing-if I were starting out today for instance I would likely start with The Liberal Arts get a book on each of the so-called subject matter and then do some inquiry as to where your own philosophy is currently at-whether exploration beyond those subjects is necessary is debatable and of course I am suggesting flexibility so if you want numerology to be part of your mathematics have it, if you want good housekeeping magazine as part of your economics have it-how you interpret each section within the defined World of Liberal Arts is your own choice-however I do tend to think that folks should seek to push and stretch themselves in some ways simply to step beyond an old pattern or belief-so if you were brought up being told your thick and stupid and so on-release that kind of garbage and training and go and get the intellectual works and so on-there are as Howard Gardener suggests Multiple Intelligences and how you seek to us those understandings in your own World and mental life is of course your own choice.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Well That Was Better Than Expected

So of course when you plough through so many books you do tend to have likes and dislikes and knowing where to go next can often simply be a case of following your nose.  I was looking around for something different and could not for the life of myself find something different and then ah-ha I stumble across a new book by Andy McNab former decorated SAS veteran and this book is not one of his novels-in fact the book was a co-authored psychology effort entitled “The Good Psychopaths Guide To Success” and the book was a very enjoyable effort-so nothing to complain about there then.  I mention that book because of course the Hereford links yet it was well put together and should not just be dismissed as it really is a good all-round guide and at a level of comprehension that most folks can buy into without feeling they are being battered over the head by big words and bullshit and so on-very straight forward and no nonsense and delivered with a level of humour that most of us I think can relate to and understand.

Yes that was one book among many yet I would not normally buy his books because I tired of the novels that he wrote in competition with Chris Ryan years ago-they were somewhat formulaic and we as a species do like formulas yet in growth terms it can be all to easy to settle into one groove and this new book does allow personality and so on to come through that may have not previously been seen.

Where else well as you are all well aware-everything seemingly goes round in circular like spirals and so on and you could probably put together a relatively small collection of works that you live your life by-or like myself you could continue to look for something different or something new or however one wishes to describe such things.

I was thinking about this thought becomes things issues and I can see that many folks reject the idea that I mentioned that we are all to varying degress like Electronic Arts Sims-further to that I think that the Marie Diamond works and so on existed before the game and I simply used that as a model that existed from my own noggin (if you like).

So how does it works-well Holosync clears all the crap out of you or as much as you yourself allow is probably a better way of looking at it.  Then you might think that something like Photoreading where you are told to focus on a point at the back of your head yet that is just one point.

Multiple modalities retune your body to linking each colour to a colour in the rainbow and in terms of computers you might liken it to the old serial port mode or one line processing bottlenecks and traffic jams-the Riainbow bridge if you like is further akin to a computers parallel port mode whereby you have differing information coming in all at the same time-so you might say well I have always had that and yes we all perhaps have-yet few take the time to become attuned enough to develop the so-called RAINBOW BRIDGE-and that bridge if you like is the link between the so-called SOUL AND SPIRITUAL and the HUMAN.

So most of science came about through study of The Liberal Arts and of course our respective threshold’s and so on and when we look at those things from a Spiritual Idea you can see that cause and effect debates are not very life enhancing very often keeping us stuck.  All technology started as a thought and thought and teaching and learning are predominantly gathered through books and courses and life experience and so on.

So science rather than what many want to believe as being incompatible with a belief in God actually seemingly enforces that-and further more the only difference perhaps being that we are all as a COLLECTIVE GOD and as INDIVIDUALS ANGELS-the further you open up your senses and put the work in to developing and using the assorted processes the freer you become in your own decision making and all the rest of it-the problem of course can be in knowing from a point of philosophy (your own or one that you have learned) versus a philosophy that is often limited from childhood and all the rest of those things.

So I am seemingly at a point where I am looking a great deal at the ideas of principles and processes-I seemingly find myself whatever way I look to research returning to those subject matter and of course when I have made progress in one area I can often return to already purchased books and courses and see them in a whole new light so to speak-so it can of course be very tempting to go rushing of thinking that all I need to do is find out what the latest greatest technology is and then find associated books-the problem is that many of the courses and teachers have built up there own collective tool-boxes over many years and whilst we know that if they can do it we can do it too-the specialization in many areas and so on has led to some areas being excessively expensive-for instance I have though oh that’s interesting wanting to look at degree post graduate biology books and engineering books and so on and many of those works cost upwards of £100 or more-so from that aspect I think the tech’s I recommend are well worth the far smaller investment to achieve the same level of mental functioning and so on.

The pain of the earlier levels and teachings can give way to become more discerning and wise and so on and of course some versions of the technologies are free on youtube all you need is an internet connection.

So does my constantly being led to processes and principles mean that is where I need to personally develop-possibly yes-though as I say simply doing keeps on running up against some old patterns of procrastination and so on so every stage seemingly has an old pattern or wall that needs adjustment to function in successful fashion.

We have all of us by now had plenty of opportunity to do our own homework and make our own choices-likewise new folks are always going to be taking up technologies and learnings and teachings so how different do you want your frontiers to be to those that have already been explored-I think I quite clearly need to develop some system of my own that follows and is not to dissimilar from those that have gone before-though of course choosing your own debates is better than having others foist debate upon yourself-and that is perhaps the truth of some work environments and school playground politicians and so on.

Clear the environment and World in your own mind-and make your own progress and choices as to where you most trusted guidance at any given time is going to come from.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So As Always I Am Curious As to What Led To My New Shift

So I buy a newly released course from Marie Diamond and kaboom I experience a deeper kind of mental shift than I have previously experienced from other courses and of course I am curious as to what brought that shift about.

Obvious Learning Strategies have put together a series of courses that are stand-a-lone tools yet when used in combination they form a collective step-by-step tool kit and we as individuals can pick and choose as to which parts of those step-by-step processes are of most interest to ourselves individually or as a collective team or group.

My own thinking at the present time is that I have in piecemeal fashion as my own budget has allowed bought various aspects of these tools and processes-further to that there are certain elements that can be found in some courses and not others.

The biggie I think for myself in creating new abilities when I do some like for like comparisons-is that many a course has the so-called fast finish some compressed and speeded up and slowed down version of the course that can be listened to in a reduced amount of time.

All the prior courses that I have with fast finishes were all male vocal so I think the Marie Diamond with a fast finish has enabled or allowed my brain to carry out a comparison type functionality between the male/female frequencies and ratios and so on-that may well be completely wrong yet it kind of makes sense to myself-we are all after all carried around in a female womb for an average gestation period of nine months and it is the female voice and frequencies that we are most likely going to be hearing so as you advance with theses kinds of assorted courses little nuances and so on come to the for and your brain is able through regular practice and training decipher and so on to greater degrees of accuracy the differences and similarities-and of course this in and of itself as the mental connections are made creates improved well being and so on-so if you are another fella and curious as to what you might get from a female la-di-da course-I hope that gives you some guidance as to what may or may not be a useful ability.

There are of course no absolutes and it is still early on with that course for myself so other things may become apparent with more usage and practice and so on.  Elsewhere I was reminded that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

I have spoken on this topic previously of course yet the interesting thing for myself is of course how the Marie Diamond Course is very much akin to thinking in terms of playing a game of Electronic Arts game “The Sims” and of course as folks progress you very often do see the inside outside aspects and just how ridiculous some things really are when you have further advanced in meditation and thinking strategies and so on.

One aspect that bugged myself early on was of course the so-called issue of Neuro-plasticity and that I think was simply a case I how can I get neuro-plasticity when my brain was seemingly locked in to one size and set structure-and I think I said previously as I went through some early Holosync Levels I actually sat and practiced deep and long Heavy breathing simply in concerted efforts to break down my at that time seemingly unbreakable brain.

So I am sure we have all experienced such strains simply through exercise and so on yet once I was through those initial barriers the whole experience became more at ease and progress seemingly more rapid everything began to start making more sense as greater clarity occurred over and over again and so on.

What else-well one thing I think I mentioned with the LPIP courses was that as I returned to them later I started taking interest in bibliography type resources and again I have found myself doing that with the Learning Strategies courses-I am sure I am not the only person to have done this-yet many things that we have taken for granted as opinions and so on do or can often been seen in a new light when further progress is made-to that end I found myself today looking at the Genius Code and what stood out for myself within that material was the name Alex Osborn-he I think famed for creating “BRAINSTORMING” yet in truth when you look at his work you will see that that was one tiny aspect of his recommended tool kit or tool box-so whilst the brainstorming stuff created the most issues and controversy when taken in the light of his overall teachings and works such-as Applied Imagination and Your Creative Power you can see that he was another one of those individuals who has in some way contributed to the further development of the human race as a thinking species.

Where else well I am determined to stop thinking and start doing in relation to my new website so with that in mind I have been asking all those questions as to who what where when why and how can I make this a Solution to the goal of

Yes my present thinking is that I will now think of it in terms of a particular tool rather than any kind of range of tools though that will likely change as I explore further development you know how each requirement you have usually comes with its own set of sub-requirements and sub-sub-requirements and so on and so forth as you follow the creative process or the chain of clues and ah-ha’s to getting to those points of further advancement and all the rest of it.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So I Spoke Of Having Had A Look At Numerology

So I spoke of having had a look at numerology and further to that minor investigation I of course found myself noticing or having numbers highlighted within my conscious awareness.

So the last few days have been very much reported as being 70 years since D-Day and the Normandy Landings in France.

We have also had reports that it is 20 years since Poland freed itself from the tyranny of Communism.

And of course it is also being reported that it is 25 years since the Tianaman Square protests in Beiing, China.

So that is just three numbers that have been highlighted within my own awareness over recent days and of course any meaning that I seek to give is one that is all of my own rather than them having any inherent meanings in and of themselves. More advanced meditators and experienced historians do probably have or find value in theses kinds of snippets of information’s.

What else well I see that sports wise we are seeing the Masters golf being promoted with various Father and Son advertisements on Sky (I saw at work) and further to that everyone is also counting down the days to the FIFA World Cup-so plenty of distractions or actual preferences that folks can take up as hobbies and interests other than all the huge amounts of negativity that the usual media outlets are seemingly intentionally keeping everyone’s focus at.

Yes there are comfort zones that folks can settle into or there are progressive zones that can be aspired to and so on-I think these issues are very much about personal choices and many a war is unnecessary when more rewarding activities and life style choices can be found or invested in.

So as I have said previously there really are benefits to sticking longer term with those investments that have trail blazed paths for the rest of us to follow-at least in terms of accelerating our own personal progressions assuming you want such progressions-many courses and teachings do seemingly take a year or two to sink into our noggins before the longer term effects of some materials works it magic so to speak-I think developing some all-round knowledge and capabilities are well worth making the payments for and as I said I did generally seek to stay within my somewhat limited budget-I perhaps need to expand my income streams and resources yet as always these things do take time to master and learning to trust ones own intuition and capabilties and capacities and so on when they have taken so many knocks requires some patience and determined effort.

Well enough from him for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂