Another Day Another Dollar

So the information we hold in our Noggins is often all we need to know and in many an example it merely needs some level of reorganisation such as that stimulated by assisted meditations recommended on my website.

The beliefs that any of us hold can of course be used in a positive manner to support your life or indeed in a negative fashion whereby repetitions of failed thinking strategies can accumulate overtime until your in the deepest pits of unhelpful beliefs and the DENIAL OF WHAT IS MOST OBVIOUS.

We very often in this day and age of modern science hear folks talk and speak of BELIEVING IS SEEING suggesting that they only believe in anything that can be quantifiably measured and likewise when we look to many Religious Factions they are very much centered in a belief of some external being called GOD or Jesus or Mohammed or who ever.  That is why I recommend the technologies that I do-simply initially to see that absolutely everyone with zero exception is whether they like it or not part and parcel of any ECOSYSTEM that they find themselves in and that is measurable as is the effect that any individual can have within any given ecosystem.

So the introduction to the game of black and white (for myself is akin to the game of pool whereby everyone wants to pot or sink the eight ball).  For myself of course I might consider myself as being the 8 ball given my own data set and so on-and further to that because of the so-called association of my name to Jesus (yes I know these things have been studied and are not strictly true) far to many people react to myself in what might be described as being CRUCIFICTION terms-whereby instead of opting for the return with angels type thinking everyone rushes to the CRUCIFY ME option whereby that in the meditative terms might be regarded as seeking to ALLEVIATE THERE OWN SUFFERING by trying to make Dave S Perkins suffer.

Yes I know that in many ways things have changed greatly around myself and I do need to show greater levels of gratitude to those who have assisted myself from all nationalities and quarters and contributed to leading the way-yet it must be noted that many folks still live in complete OBLIVION to the forces and AWARENESS that is being brought to there respective attention.

Everybody can TUNE IN TO NOW simply through the realisation that ALL IS NOW and WILL ALWAYS BE NOW and that reconstructions of the past or future constructions are all carried out in the so-called NOWZONE.

So there are books and recommended reading on the Holosync Blog and there are courses from Learning Strategies that can ATTUNE folks to the greater abilities and powers contained within themselves.

The most basic of teaching that I am able to carry out for instance is that information here can simply be re-looked at with a FRESH set of EYES and broken up, read word by word as is it written or you can follow sections up, down, left right simply look at the information in the corners or EMBOLDENED text and so on-all information is relevant all of the time and it is up to us as individuals as to how that information is processed-coming here and stalking myself and then promoting negatives about myself is not very clever on some peoples parts-likewise these things have been gone over again and again in various areas of life-in financial terms every decision that anyone makes at any time is a gamble between 1 or 2 or more choices and likewise getting to a point where you can know that on the deepest level of your being does require some regular attention and practice.  However I am quite sure that many folks have benefitted from the longer term modalities that we as a group of peoples wanting answers have sought.

So the simplest methods can be to go it alone and buy the modalities and technologies yet in reality it is far better when you have a group of folks that you can benefit with (In my opinion) yes some things can only ever be achieved by going it alone yet everyone has attributes and abilities that they can gain or become greater attuned too and that alone can be worth the short term expenditure distress-should you be some one like myself who found the spending side of things somewhat distressful.

However again many a thought feeling and so on can be let go of and when you do such things we very often find that long term health issues can melt away and likewise the self advancement is choice-I have worked for many Companies over the years and am quite sure that many of the founders of such companies have come to various levels of awareness and then sought to bring there staff to awareness-however my experience also shows that many a staff member at all levels also lives in constant states of resistance to that reality that the employer seeks to bring them too.

Can these things be handled differently-yes I think they can-some cycles benefit everyone where some other cycles and choices taken perhaps need to be relooked at-identifying where SABOTAGE is originating within a Company for instance-we sometimes have senior managers who are responsible for multiple areas and sometimes an action taken to remedy one issue has a knock on or detrimental effect elsewhere-I have seen the same cycle repeated multiple times in recent years for instance in relation to BINS-and I am quite sure that things would be better if a new Solution can be found for the issue of BINS-I wont go into detail here yet the pattern and action taken is one I have seen on multiple occasions and might be regarded as old guard thinking strategies having a negative impact on new guard thinking strategies that the vast majority of people have been in Flow with.

Another issue that needs looking at is of course the issue of BURNING BRIDGES of course we all have a bridge of our nose and I can still recall the foul stench that embraced myself upon the initial tour that I had with present employer-however within weeks I was acclimatised and am generally oblivious to such smells now-a few years ago I gave up drinking milk and again if you give up drinking milk for a week or two and then start again you will be shocked at just how horrible DAIRY products actually smell and so on.

So another BURNING BRIDGES is of course the one we hear of in relation to scorched earth withdrawal policies of retreating armies-whereby in order to stop or slow advancement those in retreat destroy infrastructure and so on-and of course the same attitude and policy can seemingly be seen in many a Business.  Why do I say this?  Well I keep HEARING (AS AN EXAMPLE) that a number of quite senior managers all spent time as HYGIENE MANAGERS yet since my own employment within the Company I have found that no one from the rank and file ever seemingly escapes HYGIENE by that I mean that all pathways and so on for self advancement are seemingly CLOSED-so the question I then have to ask is WAS THIS A DELIBERATE POLICY BY THESE SENIOR MANAGERS shutting doors or burning bridges as they themselves advanced or simply other folks closing doors to people advancing from Hygiene through PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE of those senior managers?

No I am not stirring or trying to cause trouble yet there are clear patterns of behaviour that are seemingly detrimental to anyone wanting advancement from the lesser known areas of business’ people working nights and out in the styx and so on.

So again is the HR policy one that supports all areas and peoples or merely one that supports the current set of incumbents at the expense of anyone younger better able or however one wishes to describe such things-again perhaps some new thinking has to take place in these kinds of areas especially if you are wanting to bring fresh thinking and air into how the Company or Business is run.

Just sounding off and nothing to get het up about and as always information in one area of life can be applied elsewhere you simply have to learn to watch listen learn and enjoy being NOW.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Wow Dreaming Too

So of course I have generally long complained of not having a very good recall of dreams-yet today I found myself remembering the dream on the way out of sleep although it did not seem particularly strange or dreamlike.  The underlying thread or theme seemed to be one whereby I was collecting car related parking violation tickets and so on-by that I mean that I was being given and issued tickets left right and centre for car related law violations-I have not at present sought to link it to any where else in my life though of course it might be suggested that I once again seemingly found myself in the role of VICTIM to other people working from a particular mandate whereby they were acting in the role of victim to myself-and the issuing of tickets was the ACTION that was going to deal with my so-called violations.

That is as basic as I can seemingly bring the dream to-though I am sure that other little details not included here will perhaps come to the fore and I will have some ah-ha of this description or another-I should also of course note that I have received Email relating to a Genius Code Fest and of course as is often the case-I Dave S Perkins have already bought paid and purchased the course way back when-I mention the course of course because IMAGE STREAMING is a form of dreaming perhaps and a system that is used within that course to get folks into dream like states and get the imaginations going-I as a youngster seemingly had little problem with dreaming and so on yet as I have said previously-during a time period in my life where I was seemingly only ever having nightmares-I set myself the task to stop dreaming and was somewhat successful in the sense at least that I was no longer recalling or physically remembering them-now of course I have spent a couple of years trying to kick start the IMAGE STREAM SYSTEM OR DREAM SYSTEM back online so to speak because in writing terms I feel like a writer without imagination-the ability to sit and visualize and know that that is what you are doing in a controlled fashion is exceptionally useful-I think the problem for many of us who have had “Dream Issues”-I know that I am not the only person to have had such issues-is that separating the DREAM REALITY FROM REAL REALITY can be a seemingly HAZARDOUS PROCESS-especially if you find yourself in the so-called nightmare realms-how that happened I am unsure as I did of course have all the winning and success type dreams at one time also-at some point some event of some description or perhaps the types of food I was eating changed the content-I mention that of course because we are often told not to eat this that or the other food at bedtime and one can wonder whether they are old wives tales.

Further to that I found my LA-DI-DA Health and Safety being violated this morning-HOW SO?  Well I grew up and around peoples who promoted a well known OLD WIVES TALE that it is UNLUCKY TO CROSS PEOPLE ON A STAIRS-my place of work was conducting a people flow trial that enforced the breaking of this POPULAR Hand-me-down OLD WIVES TALE.  Whilst I came through the trial experience so far unscathed-I do have concerns relating to any long term planned implementation as do colleagues-hence the TRIAL-small details such as lack of guide banisters meant that anyone going in one particular direction had nothing to get a grip on-and when you combine that with most folks carrying bags or uniform then it might be suggested that CONGESTION could become HAZARDOUS-I stopped to allow a colleague to pass myself-yet had I had colleagues charging down behind myself I could well imagine an accident occurring-yes the trial was a trial and was monitored yet as the guy in the Darth Vader suite once declared “I WONT BE THERE WHEN YOU CROSS THE ROAD SO ALWAYS USED THE GREEN CROSS CODE!”-the same chap of course being the Green Cross Code Man who actually visited my school when I was a youngster and lifted various youngsters up into the air two at a time sat on his hands. LITTLE BIT OF TRIVIA 🙂

Now further to that I did find myself being interacted with this morning on the way home from work “WHATS GOING ON GRRR? WHO VIOLATED THE SCOWL ZONE” lol

Yes a couple travelling in a car slowed and asked something along the lines of “YOUNG MAN,” nope wrong.

OKAY start again ” Excuse me fella-could you give myself directions to ROSS ON WYE” of course not a destination that I am familiar with though I do know the general local map and geography-so my directions were wrong in measurement terms when it came to distances-suggesting a 100 metres as being 200 (2:1 ratio brain perhaps) yet the actual directions I gave and landmarks to look out for (River Bridge, Asda, multiple roundabouts) were enough I am sure to keep the driver and company happy and achieve there destination-I was quite sure that given the closeness of the main road that once they were on the Carriageway most small settlements and Herefordshire ENCLAVES are well SIGNPOSTED, so lousy instructions that I was not expecting to have to think about yet I did not send them to Leominster.

Where else-well when I was still a youngster I did know another family and guy in that family worked at that time for Bulmers and further to that he worked as a chemist in the PECTIN  industry.  I mention that because PECTIN is a natural component of apples and so on that has found use as a replacement for crushed animal bones being used as the GLUE in SWEETS and so on-I mention that because I have found PECTIN coming to my attention in writings and so on that I have seen.  So a little more trivia and TRAFFIC FLOW being a major going on at the PRESENT TIME.  I probably should not boast of such things yet when I did my ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING COURSE many years ago I did actually as part of that course have to CREATE TRAFFIC LIGHTS-not only that-I also had to program them to work in an efficient manner-OH JOY-it can be quite simply yet you do find that many a small detail relating to such activities does go unnoticed by the public at large until you yourself have to carry out such PROCESSES.  Even the seemingly most simply of things have been looked at and MADE EASY.

Enough little details for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So I Spoke Yesterday About Over Abundance

So I spoke yesterday about over abundance of particular star signs in particular jobs and can well imagine one or two individuals rushing to our famed river in Egypt or even sniggering at what they might regard as there own cleverness or success if you are among those peoples-the problem of course can be one whereby there are plenty of peoples who do not necessarily fit so simply in that kind of selection process and again this takes us into the realms of broadness of awareness of differing aspects-what I like about some of the Oriental and Eastern teachings is that there are plenty of differing aspects that can be taken into consideration. So whilst Western papers tend towards the most simplest of Horoscope-deeper study into multiple aspects such-as Numerology and Tarot and so on can pay dividends in giving you a truer picture than a given individual might give themselves.

I have generally found through my own studies of such matters some of the (for lack of better explanations) reasons why I am well skilled in some areas and not so skilled in others for instance-it can be all to easy instance for there to be differing Energy polarities in differing peoples and indeed the environments or areas of environments that they find themselves in-so you could take a manager who has done all the courses and has A grade references and several years experience and they move into a job or work area that they’re own energy field is incompatible with and long term exposure to such circumstances can of course have detrimental effects.

The best Solution for myself for instance has simply been to learn about such matters meditate regularly and raise my own energy shields (so to speak) to a level whereby I am in states of flow and can generally go unaffected by some of the more harmful (to myself) areas of environments that I find myself in.  Again the problem for many folks is of course-AWARENESS-whereby la-di-da thoughts about such phenomena are dismissed and RATIONAL explanations sought and very often the rational or LOGICAL explanations (and I am someone who excels in logic) do not fully cut the mustard.

Of course the Scientific Hypothesis method is about studying all aspects of a hypothesis until you narrow down such search criteria to the only explanations you have left-of course the learning strategies teachings do show that much SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT has been made simply through the appliance of the Scientific Method to what were previously considered as the la-di-da why does some old hag putting moss on peoples wounds cause the wounds to heal? and of course such thoughts led to penicillin being discovered within the chemical composition of moss.

So The best of both Worlds theory is to not dismiss the la-di-da outright just merely seek to narrow down and identify the knowledge within the la-di-da and give an explanation in the Scientific method-of course you do not even have to do this if you love your la-di-da modalities and life yet given the Societal Religion of Science you can be better seeking to work within current World View than not-though of course most independently successful folks started out as being regarded as the so called anti-thesis to the status quo’s.

So of course the problem for folks at large can be that few have beliefs in “ENERGIES” and even with meditation and so on it can take a year or two simply to really get centred and balanced and to a level whereby you go unaffected and when you multiply this by the amount or quantity of peoples you have in some environments then it can become nightmarish-whereby one person is deeply adversely affected in a particular room or work area whilst others can pass unfazed and so on-so this is of course another explanation for some of the causes of sickness and ill health and so on.

I think in peoples terms the more you have people who are actively meditating and doing such courses the more that they as a collective can overcome any ENERGY obstacles that may have previously among the UNAWARE been highly detrimental.

And again in wanting to MAINTAIN A SOLUTION FOCUS it is not simply good enough to give an explanation of the wrong type of people in the wrong jobs or imbalances in ENERGIES because we do of course have to work with the people and resources ALREADY at our disposal and I think and believe that shifts into such strategies has been taking place in some environments that I find myself in-so what might be the next set of Solutions for CONSOLIDATING CURRENT PROGRESS and shifting/gearing towards achieving the next set of hoops that we are expected to jump through might be a question that some managers have to answer when it comes to contractual progress and so on.

Well enough for today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So Who Foolishly Ignored The Instructions

So of course ignoring the instructions whether it is for building a DIY Wardrobe or table or taking up meditation or some new computer software does seemingly have a long history in my life-I am unsure where I first developed the ability to ignore the instructions yet I must admit that in positive spin terms it can be something I excel at.  Of course percentage wise there have been occasion where I have eventually turned to the recommended instructions for this that or the other activity.

The problem of course with many a purchase in this day and age is that the modern instructions are somewhat limited-you get a small bag with 50 Language Quick start guides and little else and that of course is perhaps a backwards step whereby they have gone from telling you exactly what you need to do-to excluding you from the process or demanding that you download the full guide by joining the “ONLINE” community of users and plough through the million and one questions already answered until you find the one relating to your particular query-likewise automated telephone systems based in how long they can play pass the parcel and keep you from doing what very often was once a quick and easy two minute telephone call.

Yes many a modern super duper system makes life easier for the SELLER yet fails to accommodate the public-of course some companies have grown so large so quickly that they often have not had much choice other than to call in BodgIt and Leggit Professionals in the arena of “Customer Service Delivery Systems” who themselves got lucky early on with some simple system that has since been expanded into some unwieldy beast of a system that again does not fulfil anyone’s wants needs and desires.

Of course I come from a generation that put money into phone machines and wanted to get the most out of the couple of minutes such vast expenditure entitled myself to-these days you need far more than patience in many areas of life simply for the motivation to actually attempt to contact the company-the dread that can be induced from having to go online or contact a company is surprisingly high and of course even worse is the knowledge that if you do eventually get to a human on the other end of the system-they very often know less than yourself simply operating from pre-scripted computer screen step by step guides and so on.

So why this subject and title NOW-well of course I am well known to have generally ignored the instructions for meditation-twenty years to achieve the full flowering levels-ARE YOU CRAZY?

Of course the reality is that you are often told to use your own discernment and judgment as to when you are ready to progress and even with that I did find that I did not really slow down until I was well into the Purification levels and of course the other courses and programs I was doing were perhaps not being given full attention to instructions either.

So the reason I speak on this is that I recently bought myself some new footwear and the footwear effectively changed my posture or stance and so on and with it induced pain that I thought I was well rid of-what can I do about this I thought and then I get mail about WALKABOUT ZONE and of course the reality about that particular course is that it has been put together for people who want to listen to Paraliminal’s on the move or go so to speak and further to that includes corrective information for improving your posture and stance and so on-the theory being that again bringing yourself to a corrected breathing and stance and posture can actually reduce many of those small aches and pains and so on by quite a large percentage.

So the reality Is of course that DAVE S PERKINS ignored instructions and for the first couple of years of meditation and paraliminal courses could very often be seen with headphones in listening and learning and meditating ON THE GO.

So would Dave by a course that he has already done in many ways?  Yes of course I bloody would it has been designed for purpose and likewise if I am to ignore that design then I have to sit and listen to it whilst meditating and doing nothing else.

So my own interest is of course because I recommended that folks learn to SING and that was partly because of the BREATHING that many a singing course teaches-multiple meditation courses also recommend particular breathing strategies.  So here is a course that combines correct breathing with walking and thinking and the WALKING part explains about improving your stance and posture and so on-I did of course work for the The Foot Health Service and contributed to setting up the Podiatric Surgery Service in Herefordshire many years ago so in many ways I already had much information already in my noggin-although in truth following the death accident and relearning to walk I have never been able to correct my posture and so on.

So will this course do what I have previously been unable to accomplish?  Well I will give it a go at some point yet I do not hold much hope because quite simply the damage to my lower limb was such that I had to change posture and so on simply to move without daily pain-the bone regrowth and damaged ligaments and muscles and tendons and flesh damage has never really been fully fixed though of course the body has done its best.  So another area that went with that was that for many years I generally had to buy and live life in BOOTS they gave support to my lower leg that is not there with shoes and trainers and so on.  Yes I can and do wear these other footwear yet the reality is that the more I use them the seemingly less comfort I find myself in.  So new footwear and pain yet the reality is perhaps that the pain is caused by my leaving it far to long between purchase of new footwear and the old damage perhaps needs to be exercised out of my system.

So do I want a course that already accommodates what I have already in many ways done?  well the truth is of course that many of the courses are like that-however these things can be hard to see when you have not had real mental clarity and so on for many years.  So yes buy the courses some parts might be new to you other parts might be repetitions yet I do find that OPENING UP the so-called SPIRITUAL realms and LA-DI-DA modalities has been generally more beneficial to myself than the more regular Business type modalities.

I think following that accident I was told buy a walking stick avoid contact sports and manual labour and I very much followed a great deal of that advice throwing myself into the more cerebral realms of wanting or desiring qualifications and desk type jobs.  The last few years has demonstrated that I can of course do manual labour also though having done desk work and manual labour I would prefer perhaps a happy medium rather than continuing from one seeming extreme to another. 

Will Dave ever return to a desk job?  Well I do of course have choice just a pity perhaps that others also have choice and seemingly delight in favouritism of people like me syndrome.  Yes I had a long think about many an issue and that is the number one issue that people have to constantly seek to bring to a point of balance more so perhaps than many other.  I could well imagine if I were working in a HR department for instance that I would find many an employer has bought into to many detrimental aspects of people like me syndrome.  That could simple be to many AIR signs in management roles or to many EARTH signs or to many WATER signs or to many FIRE signs. Yes I  even suspect that folks within HR have actually contributed towards some of these kinds of issues.  That is not to say that having an abundance of any group is a bad thing merely that in measurement terms equilibrium and complementary skills are required and people like me syndrome (IN Whatever set of parameters you are measuring) can be the kind of creeping ISSUE that will appear again and again until someone highlights such issues and takes them into GREATER consideration than they perhaps are being given at present-even if they can seem somewhat LA-DI-DA.

Well soon be time for myself to have a walkabout.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Of Course There Is A level Of Truth

Of course when we see some of the mini wars that I spoke of previously we are often given theories as to underlying motives and so-called vested interests and so on-I think that some of those issues are clearly true yet that does not necessarily mean that the appropriate course of action is not being taken.

For instance we keep hearing about OIL being a major factor in many a dispute-Countries that have oil versus Countries that want oil or at least a guarantee of supply and each and every time a dispute occurs we often hear that so-and-so (Politician) is on the board of X who have diverse business interests including some obscure oil venture that most of us up until that point have never heard of.

The problem of course for anyone interested in SHARES is of course that many like to have a broad range of shares and many a Portfolio is spread over a wide range of Companies-if one market sector is adversely affected by Politics, War and so on you want to generally know that your other shares in other sectors will remain profitable or remain unchanged -the truth of course is that when we look at the History of crashes very few if any areas do remain unaffected many a documented crash shows that the so-called very rich or aware very often start out quietly moving money into gold or some other areas that generally hold there value for whatever reasons of there own-then some commentator notes that they (the elites) are doing this and very often everyone piles into the idea that they KNOW something and these kinds of actions are often the cause of the stampede that causes crashes in differing markets.  Everyone buys into the thought that the rich know something when very often they are simply following there own intention.

Many computer systems have been introduced to reduce so-called RUNS yet in truth I am quite sure that the right set of circumstances will bring about similar market crashes and so on irrespective of the best laid plans of planners.  Quite simply until MARKETS are running 24 Hours a day in a physical sense you will carry on seeing DOMINO effects whereby a Market closes down in New York and Japan then goes into meltdown and then Dubai or Delhi or whatever particular markets you are monitoring. 

So returning to some of the wars we see-I notice that as always Israel is criticized for wanting to stop rockets being fired at them and those poor defenceless Hamas Militants have built themselves some Vietnamese style rabbit runs.  Whilst the Vietcong used rabbit runs in a highly effective fashion I am not sure if anyone can do the same-though it can of course be noted that the Historical Christians were said to have done the same when evading persecution from the Romans.

So yes it is virtually impossible living in a CONNECTED World to not find that some peoples and companies have vested interests in activities such-as OIL.  If it was good enough for Popeye and Bluto to squabble over then why would Countries not do the same.

So I have also seen this week that UK growth forecasts are being given positive spins and I cannot help think where is all this industry and so on taking place?  I notice also that local news is also giving positive spin on employment figures.

Yes the generational thing still perhaps exists in the sense that I spoke of my Great Grandmother and her exceptionally large family-and of course that generation figured that given disease and life expectancy and so on that the best remedy was lots of children.  From within my generation from the 80’s school leavers many peoples were very much opposed to ever having children-so we see all these complaints about foreign workers and so on yet in truth given the reluctance of many peoples to having children it is of no surprise when companies and so on are reduced to having to import workers-especially when  many a modern school leaver and TV FILM VIDEO GAME aficionado is given to believe that they will walk into the best jobs and that money is easy and so on-that may well be true for some folks in some circumstances yet there are plenty of jobs that require doing that are not pleasant and there are always people ready willing and able to cash in given the opportunity.  The old adage where there is muck there is brass exists for a reason-though of course some of us in the muck clearing jobs do wonder where the brass is disappearing as it does not seemingly filter to lower level staff.  Wage disputes are perhaps another area that requires looking at in broader terms far to often it can seem that your particular sector is not catered for by those involved in negotiations.  For instance where I work some areas have job and finish money whereby they are paid for the time spent working until the job is finished-sounds great some might say though I am sure some among those numbers do have family and so on that they would like to spend more time with and the bi-weekly shift rotation ensures that happens-likewise I am not in such a job and finish paid role-so whilst the pay structure seemingly supports one sector that can seemingly habitually have overtime-another sector is often bereft of any ability to get extra cash and so on and I did at one point work as much overtime as possible yet things such as Working Time directive and management interference made that an unworthy activity.

So the Summer Sun is holding out in dear ol’ blighty and the Scottish games continue and I continue to wonder just how well attuned I myself am compared to those around myself-my daughter of course a typical example whereby she chooses to watch this program or that film and then I witness some related events that she gave myself clues to-though of course the truth for any individual is that it is what is going on in your own mind that is most relevant and of course how well others are bouncing off yourself in there own respective lives-I know that I did set out to be completely dull boring and uninteresting and that again came about through continuous harassment in some quarters-these days I perhaps have less need to be uninteresting dull and boring yet some of the strategies worked so well that I am torn as to whether to continue in that fashion.  The other area is of course this issue of how long will this adverse pattern continue and to be honest you simply have to place focus elsewhere when you find yourself falling into the less savoury (for yourself) patterns-when you know you have been affected by catching a bad dose of so-and-so over a number of years you simply have to use the letting go type strategies and move your own interest and focus to more life inspiring and empowering thoughts feelings and so on.  All to often people think that they can go into those areas and come out the other side when in reality you are much better off clearing them out of your system rather than battling them-that is why I am generally consistent with folks across the board in my day-to-day life because I cleared out much junk and know my own mind and refuse to return to getting drawn into nonsenses that some seemingly have vested interests in maintaining-you die of a heart attack or cancer or whatever if you want to-this guy respects himself and in so doing can better respect others keeping a mature distance from all.

Well enough from boring today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Are We There Yet?

So I am quite sure that I am not the only adult to have seen one of the Shrek Movies whereby on a long journey we had Eddie Murphy in his role as donkey asking “ARE WE THERE YET?” and that bloody awful Mike Myers fake Scottish accent saying “no donkey we are travelling FAR FAR AWAY!” and of course I think eventually he did indeed get a response of “yes we are there”

Digressing on the accents issue from the Queen’s Scottish anyone who has never heard of Rab C Nesbitt should look that particular comedy and character up as you are likely to find a more realistic set of utterings-I believe it the kind of show that Americans would require subtitles for.

So returning to the topic in hand-Shrek gave an acknowledgement that yes we are there! and that when we look at management tools is something that some of us in some quarters never seemingly ever hear-your asked to jump your supposed to ask how high yet when the opportunity’s are there for the “yes we are there” the most that we seemingly hear is the silence that descends from upon high.  If a goal is achieved (and yes I am more than happy to acknowledge that many goals are stretch goals and often beyond being achieved)-surely the opportunity for some upon high is to acknowledge or release a pressure valve of some description-I say this of course because returning to the Hitler theme-we do get the historical impression that he had surrounded himself with so many yes men and so on that eventually when faced with an overwhelming reality of defeat he fell on his own sword.

So when we acknowledge that doors are two way devices we have to also acknowledge that communication is a two way tool or device-yes I know I am known to react badly to many a communication yet that does not always mean I am not working my butt of to achieve a given goal. Far to often one or two rabble rousers are held as examples of why a group is undeserving and so on and that again takes away from those of us who consider ourselves moderates in whatever walk of life we are dealing with.  So do not over focus on the rabble rousers who want the attention unless you genuinely know that they speak for a group because all to often they are not a reflection of a group-I know that I do not speak for any group because I tend to keep myself to myself-having said that what I found interesting in a recent team or group meeting for instance was that I was pretty much the only one there who was not attacked or singled out by other colleagues letting of steam in those discussions and that for myself was a positive-yes I am sure peoples present could have faulted myself in various manners yet I was obviously further down the list of peoples gripes with one another-a low priority in the background if you like to pet annoyances that can arise within teams and groups.

So another Sunny day and I have still not decided whether to take the gambling plunge into the Commonwealth games-further to that I found myself thinking about GREHOUND RACING the traps are open and the dogs chase a stuffed rabbit around a course-I was thinking that you could of course simply go pot luck on many an event-I take the person running in trap 4-the Santa’s Little Helper Syndrome that Homer Simpson lost all the Christmas present money on.

Yes it is far to easy to fall into sentimental traps whether it is with a celebrity runner who won an Olympic medal or a medal within there own speciality-yet very often these Commonwealth games types of events are often opportunities where some youngsters start making there names and coming to the fore within sporting circles as being a name to watch and so on.

Elsewhere we have had low ranking Champions League qualifiers of course and so as always Countries with huge demographics such-as the USA have ongoing sports and peoples we have never heard of Basketball, Baseball and so on-so these things really are simply a matter of focus and of course my own study of some of these less internationally known sports is that they still generally fit the Worldwide patterns that we have to remind ourselves are always going on NOW irrespective of the DELUSION of time-we as a species invented the monitoring of time and can simply step back from being in time to being an observer OF time which was of course (I think) originally intended.

So the Story above whereby I mention that communication is a two way street can suggest that rubble has fallen on one side of many a persons street-perhaps from historical reactions and historical knowledge yet in holding onto old reconstructions you are never moving forward towards a better model of reality when one presents itself.

Of course when we fail at achieving goals we can also fall into old patterns yet in reality if you have made the investment and put the work in and carried out the expenditure and failed then you can be satisfied irrespective of external judgements that you are moving in an appropriate manner.  So for instance-you make lots of investment for one particular contract and you fail to get that contract and feel miserable and then something knew comes up that you were unaware of and your investment is greeted in the positive by your new contract seeker-those are of course the kinds of synchronicities that folks who have bought into the technologies I recommend often experience and become attuned to though again you do have to release all the old attitudes and so on-far to easy to fall into one step forward two steps back yet perseverance on the rewarding attitudes can pay dividends when you remain OPEN to these things-far to easy to rush to negatives and shut down your own ability to experience the positives.

So enough from myself for now-the daughter has stuck on THE GAME PLAN-DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON as the bloke with a daughter he never knew he had-hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So Whilst I Enjoy and Like The Commonwealth

So whilst I enjoy and like the Commonwealth and the ideas behind the Commonwealth-in terms of analysis paralysis the common wealth games is possibly the type of sporting fixture that newbies to the types of technologies I recommend should avoid-unless that is of course you are watching or have a real bona-fida expert giving you direct tips on winners and so on.

The reason I say this is because as you advance you do tend to find that all information is relevant all of the time-although of course some areas once you have done enough clearing on and so on you tend to prefer to avoid or not have any desire to return to-some folks take on board the lessons others ignore and promote there own style of rebellion-though I really do not see some types of rebellion as being particularly healthy.

So the problem of course can be that because all information is relevant you find yourself misinterpreting or misdirecting yourself as to where the information is supposed to be applied. So for instance yesterday I spoke of seeing some puppets and props at Alton Towers and of course we have props in Rugby so a Rugby fan might have had an ah-ha as I also mentioned New Zealand who are famed for there Rugby team.

So some things can seem simple at surface layer yet you have to have put the work and practice in to identifying the so-called underlying patterns-and again-following many sporting World Tours does in fact bring you into alignment with some patterns-yet as I said it really can seem to myself that analysis paralysis sets in because you can never be quite sure what others are following.

Further to that of course even direct tips about one sporting event can relate to another event going on else where that may have a very differing outcome to the one that you are personally interested in-so cross referencing can again become an area that takes you into analysis paralysis-there are of course ways to improve your own tuning and a number of the technologies I recommend of course do that-I notice that some are specific whilst others are group efforts-so whilst I bought separate courses such-as Qigong and Feng Shui and Seeds of Enlightenment when the funding was available you also have joint or group efforts such-as Sonic Access that uses or combines elements from each of the other modalities-that is not to say that means they are better so much as another effort at delivering what people might want once they have convinced themselves of the benefits of such modalities.

Swings and roundabouts of course yet the impulse to buy all the varied and assorted wonders can be resisted-I know because I did resist buying until I was able to fund many purchases and some I simply used the special offers and staggered payment plans-the pound is up against the dollar at present so it might be regarded that I am getting more for my money though of course owning courses outright without further payment obligation is (In my opinion) preferable.

So the progress is personal choice and there are of course only so many hours in the day that peoples can use to practice any given modality.

In metaphysical terms we might regard anyone with something to sell as a Christ type figure and anyone dissecting and pulling apart such purchases as an anti-Christ type figure-the problem of course can come down to one of popularity-I have not deliberately set out to become popular and do not think of myself as popular-quite the reverse in fact when you look at the History-I set out to live a quite life and found myself being continuously attacked  simply for refusing to be anything other than ~heterosexual~ there is a hard core contingency in society that seemingly needs everyone else to be something else in order for themselves to be comfortable-well you can be UNCOMFORTABLE because this guy is not changing-deal with your own issues and stop projecting them onto others-has been the message and whilst some folks in all quarters are seemingly fine with that message others are seemingly so self obsessed and so on that know amount of telling them how it is gets through to them.

So IS IT OKAY TO BE SELF INDULGENT? is another question I recently found myself asking in relation to my giving a wiki reference to a NUMBER and the ANSWER IS YES.  You have no one else to be self indulgent for you so go and check your own date of birth numbers take out the positives and reinforce the good bits where you can-I did that for my birthday day the 8th and 8 is apparently the number of Scorpio in Horoscope sequencing so my number 8 has many qualities that I can take and think of in positive terms.  Self indulgence can again be used in a positive manner of win/win for yourself and others-you look after yourself so you are better able to look after others-or you can fall into the win/lose trap whereby you need others to suffer in order for yourself to feel good about yourself.

So peel back the layers and identify the positives whatever your race colour creed sexuality and so on and buy into you because when you buy into you others will feel better about buying into you-there are always going to be peoples who need real reality to be other than what it is and if any WISDOM comes through the technologies it can be that you can change yourself through practice knowledge and experience yet influencing others is nearly always going to meet with resistance-far better to set out your stall and tell others to take it or leave it much like the average market trader in the street.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the summer-God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Happy Birthday George (Basher) Cambridge

So our young Prince George is today celebrating his first birthday and of course many a news article is giving us the what for on his first year of life.  I have of course no idea if the nickname Basher is deserved yet it is the kind of name he was given following his trip to New Zealand Wellington where he was first seen in public interacting with some of the locals and the news was very much one of a Basher type personality.

Today the 22nd July of course and the 22nd might be significant for myself in the sense that Rosey’s elder sister Daisy was born on the 22nd August and of course I have already written what I was able to recall of that story-the other significance is of course that the 22nd Regiment is considered to be stationed or based in or around the City of Hereford where I live though of course-judging from what we see in books and so on-not a huge amount of time is spent in the region the differing teams and groups rotating assorted Worldwide duties and so on-I recall some TV program years ago with that former Eastender’s bloke that suggested they simply sit around waiting for calls to come in like International rescue 5-4-3-2-1 THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO and whizz off to the new action story each week-I have know idea if that is true yet it does not really fit with the books we read or indeed the way the British Military operates-though I am sure anyone would fancy some Sunny Island Location base and a Lady Penelope / Parker contact in London.

So like all folks we simply link information from our respective knowledge base-some will seem quite straight forward and obvious and other bits are attained through lateral thinking so for some my mentioning the Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds might make folks think of ~Helicopters or indeed some other TV series that he was responsible for-I do recall many years ago visiting Alton Towers and they did at one time have many of the puppets and props from that particular series on display though I think I have since seen them elsewhere.

So returning to 22 the obvious thing to do is WIKI and what a huge amount of irrelevant information that might become relevant to the appropriate set of eyes

Where else have my thoughts turned well I have seemingly found myself thinking about TATTOO’S, tattoo’s have been given all sorts of significance over the years and the meaning that an owner of a particular tattoo has may be very different from the view given by third parties viewers of such Tattoo’s-I believe Adolf Hitler’s SS troops or at least higher ranks had SS Tattoo’s somewhere about there personage-though of course it is quite easy to cover one tattoo with another as many a person has done over the years-a tattoo given in youth does not always fit with the middle aged image that many a person seeks to project.

I for instance had a Scorpion tattoo on my inner arm and whilst for myself it was simply my Horoscope or Star Sign I have heard all sorts of weird claims relating to that tattoo over the years-my daughter was not particularly keen on it when she was younger and I simply decided to have some other art around it to lessen the  striking ness of the single Tattoo in keeping with that theme I had an EAGLE and a DOVE added those are in HOROSCOPE FOLKLORE akin to the STAGES of DEVELOPMENT-I am not sure how the metamorphosis is supposed to occur yet it was a theme or overall arc and I chose to go with that theme and arc-are there any other significances-well again that is dependant on the MIND of the BEHOLDER of course yet the EAGLE is used quite a lot through out the World as a simple for this, that or the other and likewise the DOVE also including more RELIGIOUS symbolism-the Dove of course said to have returned to Noah’s family with foliage of some kind demonstrating that the flood water was receding-and of course later Jesus was given Dove type symbolism in the new Testament.

So having done the meditation and learning would I still have the same Tattoo’s and so on knowing what I now know and so on-well I think there are better areas of life the Universe and Everything to give one’s attention to-so whilst I have not always thought through properly about longer term consequences and what others might think-are those things that important? they can seem important when you are given to over focussing on the external opinions and so on yet in reality we are each unique individual’s and can respect ourselves and own choices irrespective of people wanting something to latch onto to attack oneself with.

The simplest of Solutions is often to roll ones eyes and tell folks to grow the **** up.  So The World is still in turmoil though of course how we relate and interact and so on is of course down to one’s own life experience and focus-I think I said before that the best way can be to turn your back on all the negativity and negativity inducing peoples and all the rest of it-of course that can be harder in some environments where some folks seemingly have a vested interest in other’s suffering-yet if you go into victim roles that is your choice-far better to ask yourself the question Why am I reacting like a victim to this person or this action or this scenario?

Turn your thoughts around to a more balanced or dispassionate or step back from the centre of the Story Window to a viewer of the Story window.  Sounds strange yet it is a stage that you can go through-so early on with meditation I wanted to bring all those long lost disowned thoughts feelings and so on back into my range of conscious awareness and then LET THEM GO-and as I progressed I found that new layers of long lost disowned thoughts feelings and so on would come up and again I just learned to let them go and so on-I said I like Qigong and that I suffered a pain free year and that was as a result of continuously repeating these kinds of processes on masse I say on masse of course because I learned and integrated multiple thinking strategies and modalities such as tapping to do that-I have been suffering with some shoulder blade pain the last few days and again I am simply going to continue with the releasing modalities until whatever the cause or old STORY or cause is let go of-the problem can of course be that we are not always sure of cause and effect yet in truth the more I have trusted my intuition and releasing capabilities the further I feel I have cleared out many an unnecessary Heartache or pain or however one is to describe such things.

Enough from myself for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Stalkers Among Us

enSo of course I used to regularly use Facebook once upon a time though unfortunately I added a wide variety of peoples of all stripes to my Facebook Friends lists and further to that I found myself on the receiving end of what I regard as less than wholesome feedback in my day-to-day life.  I personally do not care if others are this label or that label and so on-that is there own life choice and as long as I or indeed my daughter are not being harmed I have little interest in adding to prejudices.

Having said that I did consider at one point forming a Facebook group called “Stalkers Among Us” the reason being that it is quite clear that some folks never learn and are only ever interested in being unpleasant and spreading malicious falsehoods hence my repeated saying “Put up or shut up” further to that of course I generally stopped using Facebook-I get Email saying I have notifications and I go and acknowledge the notifications yet apart from that I generally do not interact or visit or view the present newsfeed-not very clever on my part perhaps because many folks on my list are generally decent enough peoples anyways irrespective of nationality & sexuality and other nonsenses that the troublemakers like to keep peoples focus on-so the reason I say this is quite simply that I withdrew if you like to writing on this blog page-and again this blog can of course be accessed via Facebook.

However this blog is monitored by a wider spectrum of peoples and it really is not in the interests of peoples to spread unpleasant or malicious falsehoods because quite simply you can be traced!

So yes by all means read and interpret information to your own requirements-by all means purchase the product recommendations-yet if you do that and continue to spread unpleasant and malicious nonsense about myself then you can expect at some time to pay the consequences.

As I have said previously I have zero interest in debating issues that I have long since moved on from such things really are tiresome and a distraction that perhaps contributes to the lack of ACCURACY that I spoke of yesterday-so those that want to learn strategies and improve accuracy and there financial income are welcome whilst others that have less savoury motives are invited to “do one” or correct the falsehoods you have been spreading before the law catches up with you.

So Accuracy-I spoke recently on this and about finding ways to improve accuracy and quite simply one of the ways to do that is “DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS” so someone calls you a label of some description and you look it up and you either RELATE to the label or otherwise-some people try to claim that some of the most sickening and malicious labels are not meant in that fashion-I do of course not know what goes on in other peoples minds yet the DICTIONARY is a REFLECTION of SOCIETAL MEANING so peoples claiming otherwise are clearly lacking alignment with Society and that again leads to inaccuracy.

The other major cause of inaccuracy is of course the so-called Roman Calendar that might be described as being somewhat stuck in time from the period that it was introduced and really is not a reflection of even what might be regarded as Modern Science-that is in relation to Physics and the motion of the Stars and Planets and so on-I think I said previously on this topic how if a calendar were to be created today it might well be very differing from the Roman Design.

Another area is of course in relation to understanding of numbers and alphabets and so on-quite simply multiple systems exist and it is far to easy to interpret one as being data belonging to one system when it is in fact another.

For instance years ago I learned some computer programming languages that were HEXADECIMAL based (16) and you had 0 through 9 as expected then 10 would be represented by A, 11 by B, 12 by C, 13 by D, 14 by E, 15 by F,  GIVING YOU 16 values that you are able to use as single digit representations for the programming language.

That is of course the way things have been worked out for many years whereby what started as being represented as 0 or 1  in the most simple of machine code became ever more complicated and macros were gradually created taking you further and further away from the base operands-these days of course just about anyone can create websites and so on that are effectively ready made sets of macros that carry out all the assorted mathematical and logical functioning-I spoke of logic previously and that again was another set of machine functions AND, OR gates and so on.

So lots of little things can act as distractions to accuracy and lots of little pieces of knowledge and strategies can improve your accuracy and so on-I say that of course because it is not always obvious that differing courses complement each other-yet overtime I have found that most of the courses I have bought and/or purchased have improved some aspect that I had previously failed to take into consideration.

The other option is of course-if you are gambling for instance to simply concentrate on one or two favoured sports-it really is far to easy to go of on all kinds of laterals and find yourself lost in analysis paralysis-so keep it simple choose a sport such-as tennis or formula one and concentrate on learning knowledge about that one sport and then as your success increases you can perhaps move to multiple sports-though my own research suggests that in keeping things simple you can become frustrated at the so called slower growth or slower achievement-if you know who the top sports people or seeds are in a given sport for instance Tennis then you can generally think it safe that they will make it through first and second rounds of touring events-the bookies know this too yet many folks try to beat the odds and favourites are favourites after all for a reason-so yes lower returns perhaps but also safer ones.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

There Is Something About Thomas

So there I was earlier in the week wondering where next I could turn my attention and although I grew up in Hereford and learned local history via school visits and so on during my younger years I thought I would retrace my steps and go through some of those areas again-wiki has some interesting snippets for at a glance type information and whilst some was quite amusing (for corporation managers and historical colonel names)-I did find further information that might be regarded as upsetting for some others-of course how we any of us relate to data and information is of course personal choice yet it can also perhaps put some peoples mind at ease as to possible cause and effect and so on of some of the events that have occurred in some peoples and families lives.

Further to that I found myself returning to this name Tom-I spoke previously about a guy named Tom who gave myself a job and I also spoke of the musical Tommy and of course-soldiers were often during the last Century referred to as Tommy’s that being the name of a particular rifle or gun that they were issued with.

This time around I found a mention of the author Tom Clancy-I have seen films and video games based around his work yet never actually read any of his books-I did mention or parody the hunt for red October some time ago and of course Tom Clancy died towards the end of 2013.

I looked through and read some summaries of his stories and the arcs and so on and found them quite interesting in the sense that all the MAJOR POWERS seem to be acting out his written works-these things are of course dependant on your own knowledge base and where your attention has been placed and how advanced you are in terms of awareness yet some of the actions and themes are seemingly unmistakable-so whilst not many are that interested in his style of espionage thrillers and so on an overview could well be worth having a look at.

Further to that another Thomas that sprang to mind was Thomas the tank engine-though thankfully that did not hang around and I moved onto Thomas Aquinas-Thomas Aquinas was a theologian and his teachings and influence are still regarded as highly influential in relation to the Catholic Faith-I found his works for free and some quite cheap on kindle and he was perhaps a very worth while person to read though the collection is not small and if I was not photoreading I would have likely ran from the task-I found myself looking further on subjects that his works provoked within my own mindset-so anyway that is an option for folks wanting to better understand Religious Theology as opposed to other doctrines.

This weekend has also seen Rose arrive here in Hereford for the summer and as always it has for myself been a long day of travelling on the railways-whilst getting to my destination was quite straight forward-the return was not so simple British rail seemingly deciding to drop some spanners in this one of the busiest weekends of the year by not running to the regular timetables-I had to change trains and plan on the hop so to speak to return and even with my long time experience and knowledge of the routes a whole hour was added to the return journey.

Dave is not amused.

So I will perhaps leave it there for today and will be back soon enough on another area that keeps returning ACCURACY why do some posts seemingly hit the bullseye whilst others are all over the shop-I do seemingly sometimes flit in and out of the so-called zone when sometimes it would be quite nice to feel like I am always there or thereabouts-HOW CAN I TRUST MY OWN ACCURACY? AND WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE MY OWN ACCURACY?

Another pattern that some may have or may not of noticed is that Dutch Success in Sporting terms is often followed by Dutch tragedy elsewhere shortly thereafter-I have seen the pattern in historical books as well as more recent news of the last few years-much like a boat sinking somewhere when the pirate captain is at sea.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂