How Can We “Iron Out The Rough Spots”

This of course the name of what is likely now referred to as an old song from the classic Paul Young Album “No Parlez” that was a big hit during the 1980’s and the reason I bring this album up is because in terms of track titles and so on it actually addresses a number of interrelated topics and issues that anyone may be able to relate to in relation to enlightenment teachings and so on.

So the title track “No Parlez” might be considered in relation to Cognitive Dissonance-what does that mean?  Well for instance I have been thinking about many of the topics that have been brought up in recent years and also wondering about the circumstances that have led to many issues vanishing by the wayside and I came to the conclusion that whilst cognitive dissonance is something that can affect all of us-it is less effective when you are not working in your primary speaking and thinking language.

So I as an English man am more likely to suffer this condition from being around and reading and so on with other English-If I were in France then that being a secondary language would less likely effect myself-though of course you have to assume a version of cognitive dissonance exists for most nationals in there own respective primary language.

So a positive then might spring to mind that many of the positive changes in my work environment (for example) are in fact because of the influx of foreign workers who are unaffected by Historical English related causes of assorted conditions.

We can of course refer to assorted questioning techniques whenever we bring any topic up perhaps the simplest being the “Is it True?” and a turn around promoted by Byron Katie.

Further to that we because people are wondering why I have on occasion referred  to FIRE FIGHTING many might wonder what ALTERNATIVES are and the simplest that I can think in TERMINLOGY terms is think FEEDBACK RESPONSE.

So I started in a work Environment and the environment was seemingly constantly running through FIRE FIGHTING sequences of cause and effect-we can of course ask is it true for these thought and I know that many suggestions I made over the years came about in one form or another even though they may well have been shared thoughts and ideas as opposed to being pure Davisms. 

So High turnover of staffing levels versus stable knowledgeable staff – what excuse story for failure does having a high turnover of staff give us? what excuse story for failure does having a stable crew give us?

easy of course to come up with answers and as always many answers might seem as being somewhere in-between yet my own experience in multiple work environment is that in prosperity terms you actually want a more stable knowledgeable crew who can grow develop and adapt to requirements-in strategy terms you want a strategy that removes excuses (from any PARADIGM) to bring us to an optimised point of success.

So a High turnover staff keeps us in Fire fighting Crisis modes and an excuse that no-on has the experience and so on and so on.

A Stable knowledgeable crew can become bloated and fat and set in there ways having the experience yet not the motivation and so on.

An all male crew will be more prone to misbehaviours and one-up man ship generally can get out of hand unless checks and balances are introduced, in a mixed crew the female presence can often bring about improved behaviour in the males simply through there presence. And of course  you can get mixtures from department to department also-an all girl crew in one area and all boy crew in another and so on-the problem then can become one where in a big store or factory where these kinds of mixtures exist is that SPIKES type behaviours will keep on reappearing, from my own WITNESSING I tend to see more SPIKE type behaviour in one sex crews.

What are spikes?  Well they are those “going beyond the norm of acceptable interactions” so a guy or women from a one sex crew is more likely to cause a spike among a mixed crew.


Well the mixed crew GENERALLY requires that both sexes respect a certain level of social behaviour and interaction (though you do of course get the odd egotist who does not respect these kinds of norms)

In The One sex crew (be it male or female) more RAUCIOUS or EXTREME kinds of banter and so on are likely and again that can overspill in “SHARED AREAS” where multiple crews are using “SHARED FACILTIES” and again we have to ask our IS IT TRUE? Questions.


Through out the year (in my place of work for instance) we have visiting auditors from CLIENT firms come and inspect and reassure themselves that we are abiding by some set criteria that they provide in order to maintain some level of service that they can then boast of or use to REASSURE they’re own knock on CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS. In many ways the staff in a factory (for instance) may well be the people at the other end of the FACTORY CLIENTS own reassurance scale-so that is where positivity loops come in-whereby your level of QUALITY OF FACTORY CLIENT can be used as a GAUGE OR MEASUREMENT as to your own progress and direction

Using a FEEDBACK RESPONSE mechanism we can say that THEY “THE CUSTOMER/CLIENT” provides a checklist of areas that they upon INSPECTION feel that you need to improve upon in order to continue in a RELATIONSHIP of some description.

These things can very often be AKIN TO A DRIVING TEST whereby lots of little spotted errors lead to overall failure or strike outs and so on. 

So you again as a MANAGER for instance (though I am not) can seek to instil a level of RESPONSIBILITY within the STAFF for whom you directly have responsibility for.  When the checklist is given none of those at management levels want there designated area to be the one with the biggest group of failings.

So I recently spoke of a WOBBLE and what that means is that the CHOICE might be between going on as has always gone on for many years (FIRE FIGHTING) (IN MY OPINION) or revert to LEVEL HEADED (FEEDBACK RESPONSE).

And where the HEAD TO TOE philosophy comes in is one of SHARED CULTURE AND IDENTITY and YES it can seem that many FEEDBACK “faults” are for the most seemingly stupidest of things yet they do require a response because in my YEARS OF RETAIL the optimum teaching EVEN IF YOU WANT TO RIP THERE HEADS OF IS THAT

“THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”  I spoke before about my choosing work away from having to deal with customer/clients because it can again take its toll yet in truth you want the business /clients /customers you have to seek to meet the feedback requirements that they are providing.

Many ways exist in which these things can be done and many of us have over the years become set in our STRATEGIES yet as I have continued in peeling back the layers of STORIES that I encounter the more I find that I wonder why we did not make this change or that change previously-and yes I do contrary to perhaps popular belief think that line management and chains of command and respect and so on are important-if those individuals are as willing to shift and change towards gearing toward success as I am because I really do TIRE of HEARING same old same old EXCUSES.

I think it was Eminem who put these kinds of mental thinking into action best entertainment wise with his ONE SHOT, ONE OPPORTUNITY are you up to grabbing it

and of course that for a sports person might be each and every race they participate in, A film actor EACH role they portray, so you can use that philosophy as an overall ARC or DAY-TO-DAY.

What are the STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITES that I could be using to further my cause, or work cause, or life cause


thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂 

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