Who’s Story/Script Is It Anyway

So we have peeled back story after story or script after script within our own lives and found ourselves with huge levels of inconsistencies in our lives or the lives of others around ourselves and wondering what is truth and what is false and what is Karma related and so on and so forth.

Some ask for instance why was I so adversely effected by a relatively small incident in my life from 23 years ago-when lots of people get arrested or asked to help the Police with there enquiries and for myself I think it was the most simple of facts of other events that happened during those circumstances.

So imagine if you will that your name is John Smith and your at home sat in your favourite chair listening to some tunes on the radio-you glance at the clock that reminds you it is 2:30 pm in the afternoon-just then the radio goes to a news bulletin and the news bulletin has a report saying that someone with the your name John Smith has been arrested and charged for these-list of offences-wow glad its not me you perhaps think-then a paper is popped through your door and you go to fetch the paper and see an article in the corner and again you see a similar written up article about the arrest and charges of this person with your name John Smith.

The door bell goes, you glance at the clock that now says 2:35 pm and you go of to answer the door-Hello sir says the Police Officer is John Smith home-I have a warrant here for his arrest.

So if people wonder whether I am guilty or innocent (because CV suggest ARREST & SACK = GUILT) it does not matter because as in the case above all these sorts of things occurred whereby MEDIA reports had already been rushed out pre-scripted and then a great deal of effort went into making reality fit the script and all the timings were out of sync-so whilst a mass populace was given one set of information via the various media-reality (in my circumstance) did not fit the script-so were anyone to  check court records from that time you would not find any for myself.  What does that mean?  Well if charges were real then there will be a court record-you will not find any for this Dave because this Dave has never set foot within a million miles of any courthouse-and that is called a FACT.  So whether I was caught up in some overspill of some criminal Masterminds script or caught up in some overspill Police Officer’s upholding the law script I was simply as was suggested by the recent title post Collateral Damage or small fry to other peoples in positions of power SCRIPTS & STORY’S.

So I may have written on this topic previously yet I found myself once again thinking about an old movie that I saw many years ago called THE WRAITH and the film was seemingly very much about an EVENGING ANGEL kind of story whereby a guy is killed by a gang whose leader fancies the guys girlfriend-and a little while after a so-called THE WRAITH character appears who gradually eliminates the members of the gang. The wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wraith

Shows that it was in fact a regular popcorn run of the mill movie rather than a blockbuster though it did have some what were great at that time car racing sequences and so on-this film perhaps setting a standard that films such-as Fast and Furious later copied and so on.

So that is what happens in movies whereby guys & gals see a film with some great sequences and later when in the movie business themselves ask how can I take that sequence I loved as a teenager and improve upon it for the cinema goers now-and sometimes they manage to improve upon ideas and other times they flop.  We saw a return to classic Trojan War type film materials in recent years and in box office terms they were  FLOPS-yet they probably will gradually get a return via video and on line rental and so on-so whilst everyone wants immediate profit and return results now few boast of on going profits from films made 10, 20, 30 years ago and so on although in fact when you think about it-the entire WALT DISNEY EMPIRE is built predominantly on some really ancient and old movies that nearly every generation has found appeal in-in some fashion.

Star Wars also has the most classic of Scripts whereby we had Darth Vader telling OB1 Kenobi That “Now I Am The Master” and so on and in working life terms you might liken such things to a former new starter/apprentice  being trained by someone and then later going on to excel or go past the mark set by the trainer at that time.  I can see where in my own working life I have perhaps acted in the fashion of Darth towards people or persons who trained myself and likewise where others have perhaps acted in the fashion of Darth towards myself.  In retrospect I personally do not want anyone who I have trained (for instance) to fail(when I trained people I took pride in the training I was doing)  though likewise it can probably be difficult for themselves when they see myself failing, though really if they want to adopt a professional attitude towards things then that is an unhealthy distraction for them (as it was for myself in the past), So we all of us can fall into similar cycles and sequences of mental traps yet when we identify or talk about such things or write about them as I have done here then we are perhaps better able to move forward from those kinds of pitfalls. look for the redemptions rather than the otherwise so to speak-what set of values do you want to live your life by and so on-it is all to easy to fall into the pit whereby everyone can say for instance that Dave is TWO-FACED when in reality I have simply been unable to juggle to many competing ideologies and simply shut up shop as a result.

a cycle I have seemingly repeated on multiple occasions and I think Bill Harris spoke of this kind of action whereby he said “your in a boat with a leak what are you going to do about it?” some of us bail the water out as fast as we can, some of us seek to plug the leak and so on.

So do we know our own limitations? Do we know where our own responsibilities begin and end? do we know what actions are serving ourselves and the wider community? Do we know what actions are counter productive in our lives and the lives of others we have influenced?

Yes whilst it is easy to call people names and so on it is far more difficult to rectify those inconsistencies  when they are identified within ourselves.  that is why I keep saying simply take and treat people at face value-you try to do right by folks and sometimes end up not doing right by yourself.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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