Brain Entroublement

So of course some of the technologies I recommend have assorted versions of what are described as Brain Entrainment and if we are looking at so-called games of Black and White or at the other coin side then what would you describe the alternate?

Whilst I have given the title “brain entroublement” that is not necessarily true for all people all of the time of course because many of us have lived lives totally footloose and fancy free or without any kinds of negative (to your own mental World & Life) trauma whatsoever-so you then have to ask what are the circumstances that bring about brain entroublement?

Well actually in retrospect you do not necessarily have to do that because it might well be suggested that when you go looking for such things you are only going to find them and from my own research and so on into ENLIGHTENMENT the deeper you have fallen into any DEVIATION from whatever any norm is for yourself the more difficult it may well become for yourself to get yourself back on track (so to speak) as to life direction and health wealth family & friends and all the rest of it.

So I just used the word NORM and of course you then have to study a little as to what any STANDARD NORM IS? and what any STANDARD DEVIATION FROM THE NORM IS?  The problem then becomes one in which who decides what the NORMS actually are.

Why do I say that?

Well you can take any new product or idea on the market and say that it is at present a standard deviation from the norm and then at some point in the idea or products lifecycle it transcends from being a standard deviation from the norm to the norm. (although some products simply fail or do not catch on whatsoever often falling into historical anecdotes and trivial pursuit question answers).

This principle can be applied to everything from a hairspray or toothpaste to a motorcar or mobile device and so on, they all start out with what might be described as Standard Deviation from the Normal Expectation of Society prior to gradually working there respective ways into being the Normal or even aspirational in some cases.

We also have associated costs as to who can afford many a favourite technology-whereby early adopters tend to have more cash available for luxury toys and so on and in the case of motor cars for instance lots of what are now taken as standard features started of life as supercar or luxury car bells and whistles.  Many a modern vehicle has standard features such-as air conditioning and adjustable seats and so on that just a few short years ago were considered as extravagant (I can still wind down a window for that one and some hard breaking will take care of the other).

So all these little things  when looked upon independently or brought together as a collective can perhaps be used as a personal guide to what your own norms are-do you follow the aspiration trail or do you dismiss the aspiration trail or do you have the aspiration yet find it easy to let go when things do not work out quite as you planned or intended?

Likewise in working life you might expect that NORMS exist for where you work for instance I spoke previously about working for the NHS and when I worked for the NHS PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY was among the TOP of the working life list of things to ACHIEVE.  Some perhaps wonder why I say that and quite simply I have not worked anywhere else that has ever taken privacy and confidentiality as seriously-many a place or environment I have worked at or been in regularly (higher education) seemingly has get out of jail mentalities of those rules are for other people or persons-and that of course can work for or against you.  If you know that any environment does not respect privacy and confidentiality then you are not necessarily going to inform them of ill health and so on-this happened a few short years ago where a work colleague of my self had CANCER and she was terrified of informing the employer simply because privacy and confidentiality did not seemingly exist in the environment-I have spoken on FEEDBACK AND RESPONSE and if you inform someone of SENSITIVE (to yourself) material and then the feedback comes back to you via third party gossip and so on then clearly things might be described as being amiss.

Again you do have to be sensible because ill-health can cause people to become troubled anyway and innocuous gossip about or around a similar subject to your own fears can trigger you into a belief that privacy and confidentiality is not being respected when in reality it could simply be a case of SYNCHRONICITY and folks talking of some other individual who is not so sensitive about the particular topic that you have anxieties around.

So finding entroublement’s then might not be that difficult identiy those areas that you have negatively held beliefs about and test them?  Go and tell your boss you have flobbygerts syndrome and see if it comes back to yourself via gossip.  (Yes I made that one up yet the testing principle is sound) you can remove your negatively held beliefs or seek to hold those not abiding by National Law to account.

Well that went on and on but yes you want to get into aspirational psychologically uplifting cycles whereby anything you say and do triggers those aspects within others-so in team motivation a little competition and one up man-ship is not all bad-you merely have to understand that some areas or topics are best left at the so called gates because in any given group you are going to get a cross-section of a bakers dozen standard deviations from the NORM.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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