How Can I Reach A Point Of Certainty In Prediction

This of course one of those areas of life that perhaps has to be worked at-and from my own experience actually becomes less important as you progress anyway.

Yes it is easy to say that and so on yet in truth the further I have progressed with meditation and so on the less importance I have seemingly given to EXTERNALLY REFERENCED desired outcomes.  What does that mean-well it does seemingly come down to what many of the teachers say and that is of course usually relates to your internal map of the World and how you think and how you feel and how you act in accordance with your Map.

As I have progressed with meditation and old behaviours and thoughts and feelings fell away likewise too the way I have gone about experiencing life has changed.

So yesterday was a little tongue in cheek suggesting that Germany winning the World Cup in the Final against Argentina was a foregone conclusion-in retrospect I should of course state that apart from studying assorted book resources and so on I have not got a clue what is actually going to happen and that any predictions given in that fashion is akin to PUNDITRY-we have likely seen pundits and commentators for each and every match this World Cup (a colleague mentioned that both BBC and ITV are covering the Final) so each and every person at some level of they’re being might be regarded as a PUNDIT in some area of expertise within there life. (Everyone’s an expert-too many chiefs and not enough Indians syndrome).

So yes I meditate regularly-I have studied many recommended reading lists-I have followed the regular teachings and expert recommendations from those who have gone before and all these little practices when brought together can contribute to stacking the odds in my own favour when it comes to the decisions and choices-I am sure in reality I still have a way to go in my studies and development and so on yet as I have said multiple times how I think feel and act and so on is very differing from just a few short years ago-far more belief and trust in my own Internal Map has come about in many ways through those assorted practices.

So some folks want change without ever actually changing-and others want change and actually take the necessary steps to bring about deeper levels of awareness and change in there own lives and the lives of family and friends and so on-can the stupidest of annoyances be completely avoided-well it does seem that those that have become there own bosses of course have greater flexibility than those of us who work for others-however internal flexibility of your own mind and so on can give you improved thoughts and feelings and so on irrespective of what is going on in the World about yourself-some issues we seemingly cling to over and over again yet even some of the most dreadful circumstances can be found to have some lesson or learning within them and of course ACTUALLY learning the lesson as opposed to giving lip service to the lesson is another of those learnings.

So the Brazilian Earthquake of 2014 huh Wow pity they could not of played the final somewhere else and the FIFA panel result was a disgrace everyone knew that the other were the better side. 

Yes okay Argentina you can have the bloody Falklands just be sure you lose on Sunday okay? deal? ummnn

Don’t cry for me Argentina the truth is blah blah blah blah blah

Well really can a European team do what has never been done before and win a World Cup in South America-records are of course there to be broken just a pity really that it is the wrong teams-most neutrals would probably prefer Holland versus Brazil on the previous night to the final and who can blame them in terms of entertainment value-not that the others have not entertained because they have-they simply do not always get spoken of in those terms and of course just like opinions-they are often not worth the air they are spoken in to.

Well enough from Dave for today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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