And Now From Norwich It’s The Quiz Of The Week

So how big a deal is PEER PRESSURE and why do the best laid plans of mice and men crumble so rapidly in differing areas and environments and so on.

Very often it usually comes about through thinking that if we stick this strong or troublesome personality from this area in another area they will fall into line with the new group-yet in reality we all to often see the reverse happening whereby some individuals within the new group have been waiting for the opportunity to be naughty or break rules and they move into alignment with the strong or troublesome personality-whereby instead of benefitting from the best or better quality attributes they may have it ends up with the worse attributes all coming to the fore-again this can be seen when you move from mixed sex groups to single sex groups whereby the conform to norms balance goes out of the window and everyone gets dragged down by the new all male or all female dynamic and the usual nonsenses that go hand in hand with those dynamics.

These are patterns that have been studied over and over again and some people develop the awareness to see such patterns and dynamics and others think that they are not to be taken seriously until of course it is your own neck or job or income that is on the line at which point suddenly everyone goes into river in Egypt D’Nile mode that they were the ones that created or contributed to the decline in standards or behaviours or whatever area of analysis you are looking at.

So the big final day has arrived for Football Fans and has it not been an exceptionally long month when you have no team in the event to support-there are of course many other sports that have continued to go about there World Tours seemingly unnoticed apart of course from the regular followers of such sports and again that is simply a matter of focus and continued dedicated following until you can up your confidence and awareness and so on in your ability to translate feedback into RESULTS.

Again the belief and trust in your own internal map comes about through regular practice study and so on and the problem for many is of course that in many ways we have to live life externally referenced and when you get the so-called negative peer pressures constantly or continuously going on as described above-then the best option can seem to be to simply withdraw-not compete and so on-HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL perhaps being the message of the 3 Monkeys and of course the song I spoke of yesterday Pinball Wizard from Tommy.

If competing means getting drawn into negative cycles then the best option really can be to shut up shop-especially when you are a few years older and wiser and have been around the block and know that the popular negativity routes lead to tragedy and that tragedy can take many forms be it your health or an ongoing death wish or however such things manifest in your own World and life and the environments that you find yourself in.

So the title was a popular broadcast announcement from my childhood that popped into my head just prior to sitting down to write today’s blog article and I have know idea where it came from or what it can mean-I cannot even remember the name of the quiz or the compere who spoke those words so I may well look them up and see if any lateral thinking clues come up and so on-always worth following a new lead or thought and seeing if any value exists in the jigsaw piece.

Short and Sweet For Today I think

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well whatever belief system you use to live your life by 🙂

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