WhenThe Fifth Excalibur Apocalypse Rises

So recent research for myself led to looking once again at how one is supposed to develop prophesy and the ability to translate among assorted information’s into one all encompassing workable solution and very often again when you put the work in you tend to find that these same things have been done over and over again although of course how we individually view these things and how we interpret such things always comes  down to individual knowledge skill and ability and practice. and where you yourself find yourself within any given set of life choices-so a police officer might require differing information to a private detective or international spy-I mention that of course simply because the last Century saw “The Cambridge Four” people working as a spy ring for the Soviet Union and great speculation occurred on the so-called identity of The Fifth man.

So for instance in the apocalyptic bible book of Daniel we are told that 4 World kingdoms will be replaced by a 5th and when we look at the United Kingdom comprising of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we can see that the United Kingdom fits the bill quite neatly in interpretation although of course the breakaway plans of Scotland could well jeopardise that view although again when we chunk down into regions we can see the same sort of patterns going on-some seemingly fit such scaling quite neatly whilst others clearly require some rethinking or dismissing from our current criteria.

You might in fact think that whilst all information is valid to someone somewhere the criteria has to be worked appropriately into the restraints and conditions of your own life whether that is working life or personal life or social life and so on.

So why the weird title?

Well because I have spent inordinate amounts of time working on prophecy and so on I have of course looked at some of the classics such-as Nostradamus and many of the so-called classics simply go outright for the most seemingly outrageous and apocalyptic of Extremism and in many ways that is what comedy is often about-whereby everything is often simply exaggerated examples of the most stupidest things that we may or may not be able to fully relate to-The Comedy Fawlty Towers or indeed the Reginald Perrin  type dramas were an example of the conditions and confines that we sometimes find ourselves in and that inner need or requirement to get whatever the LAW or OBEDIENCE is out of ones SYSTEM-this might be simply not following the routine that you have lived your life by for X years for instance-for a Catholic that might simply be not eating Fish on a Friday or whatever yet deciding what are the good practice routines are and what are those that will Karma bite you are highly debatable depending on whether you are looking to the external or internal.  So for instance you might argue that all men have a map of how women are supposed to be and all women have a map of how men are supposed to be and very likely they also have a COMPOSITE MODEL of these things whereby the best or most desired attributes are searched for and if you cannot find them you simply go for the practice of redesigning the one you presently have-and then once you have redesigned your current model you find that they are no longer the person you fell in love with or whatever and this is perhaps one of the reasons why Divorce and so on and single parenthood have become so popular because to many folks are seeking to REDESIGN THE EXTERNAL without considering that it might be they themselves that requires REDESIGNING INTERNALLY-so that again brings us back to choice and so on and saying these sorts of things might seem stupid to some yet in reality when they go unsaid nobody LEARNS anything because ASSUMPTION is that everyone knows whatever is being spoken of.

That again comes down to willingness to listen and of course I spoke yesterday of 3 Monkey’s yet if you were to look them up you would likely find REFERENCE TO “3 WISE MONKEYS” the problem and reason I left out the word WISE is that all to often most people are not operating from a place of WISDOM when they go into such modes.

So Excalibur of course the legendary weapon of King Arthur and the sword in the stone legend was of course one of only the rightful heir to the throne could pull the Sword From The Stone and someone carrying out that activity successfully might be regarded as an Apocalypse to the present occupier of the throne.

So I was thinking that in many ways we each of us could change the QUESTION “WHO IS THE FIFTH MAN?” To a STATEMENT “WHO IS THE FIFTH MAN!”  and of course when we look at languages and where emphasis is placed in speech patterns and so on we learn to distinguish how others think and so on-so for instance I work with international colleagues some have learned English to the DEGREE that they incorporate English patternage when they speak perhaps through practice and regularly being around English speakers though likewise I also have colleagues who speak English yet seemingly retain the patterns of there own mother tongue and I am sure these kinds of anomalies are also seen in reverse so even if we take away or SUBTRACT the LANGUAGE we STILL have patterns going on that might be regarded as where everyone in THINKING TERMS needs to be the level they are working at-and of course that is exactly what happens in Orchestral Music perhaps where it can be demonstrated that we through international relations and so on already have most information required within our noggins and it is merely the confidence or belief that lets us down-so you can get a gist for sound, you can get a gist for sight, you can get a gist for practice makes perfect.

So anyway I thought I might simply go into all that ye olde Merlin type prophecy type writings for a bit of self entertainment and to help with expanding the knowledge or thinking base and so on and the poetry that I used to write quite often did in fact contain many of the kinds of patterns that folks want to learn or think about and so on.

When The Fifth Excalibur Apocalypse Rises, Who will defend the Throne, from the Compass points of North and South and The West call East there home, there is a knowledge base in books that tells it like it is-only those who do the work can target spots on thrones, we use our tools and practice and still its never enough as someone somewhere else will say the Poker Game is Bluff-a coloured emerald painted gold and jewels shined and buffed and still the hammer begins to fall on now when money is stuff.

See easy and crap and little to pay attention to yet it is simply a mechanism for clearing and getting things out of ones SYSTEM-so at one stage I started simply with study of Hypnosis and went to poetry and then onto Meditation and more study and other learnings and teachings whilst meditating and really they say you go up to the top of the mountain and then you return to the base and it can seem like the mountain is infinite in height as opposed to those measurable mountains on Earth Everest and Kilimanjaro and so on so who decides where the top of your own challenge and mountain is and who decides when you are ready to return with your wisdoms and learnings and teachings-everything goes in cycles and some seemingly are worthwhile activities whilst others are seemingly simple distractions and much like this small quiet hidden away blog much is simply blah blah blah blah blah.

Thank you fore reading, God Bless and Be Well the 5th man is calling inscribed in a bell, a whistled attention a startling alarm and all man can do to escape from ones cell.  🙂

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