It Is Probably Not Relevant

So because I have tried out so many differing LS modalities-some perhaps wonder which ones (modalities) I am going over and over again the most and really it is not that simple because some are seemingly more ongoing than others-having said that I do seemingly find myself returning for instance to Qigong quite a bit in listening to meditations and so on and Photoreading is clearly ongoing anyway-so there does seem to be an ELEMENT of having favourites within the modalities and of course being aware of that I do also go back to some of those that clearly have contributed in a positive manner even though they tend to make myself roll my eyes. 

So I like Qigong, I like Photoreading, I like Feng Shui, I like Genius Code, I like most of the courses I purchased-in fact the courses I was most disappointed in were perhaps the Success, Abundance and Money related courses and that does of course bug or annoy myself especially as they are perhaps the areas where most folks perhaps want greater achievement. 

So some things I liked instantly and others grew on myself overtime and others have seemingly avoided all attempts to get on or along with, it may of course simply be the surrounding “MYSTIQUE” of the non-Americans that holds great appeal yet it is something that needs addressing-do I have anti-American thoughts, feelings and prejudices that make it difficult to like personalities such-as Mr Vitale and Mr Canfield.  Perhaps the hard core American Showbiz lacks a substance that I simply expect to get when buying these types of courses-so one cannot doubt the individuals success-yet from a LEARNING POINT OF VIEW they are not refreshing my appetite or taste-bud’s.

Each to there own of course and I can say that I have grown up and liked many American show business type people Oprah and so on-though of course I was not buying a product merely contributing a viewing statistic and that perhaps is the dividing line-whereby I bought products based in a trust in The Company’s previously bought products and then found that some purchases did not fit my own expectation or perhaps Englishness.

So that is if you like a personal overview and it is probably not in alignment with the views of others-I do often seemingly find myself as the one being out on a limb yet that is not such a bad thing given some of the things that have gone on over the years.

We are also of course creeping slowly towards the big Summer Holiday’s and my not so little one has already started a pre-listing of things I can expect to find myself spending money on-that of course reliant on my not being hit by a bus or however one is expected to describe out-of-the-ordinary events.

This week is also seeing the Farnborough Air Show and having spoken of Norwich a day or two previous I thought I would look at the map and see what dot to dot or point to point might occur so of course that is just a lateral thinking manoeuvre Ease Coast to South Coast and seeing where the next major Point within my own circumference of what catches my UK attention will be a curiosity-I tend to rush to WIKI for most town references as they tend to have semi decent write-up following a fairly straight forwards little piece on background and so on.

So completely bland boring and in need of something new and exciting to catch my attention

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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