There Is Something About Thomas

So there I was earlier in the week wondering where next I could turn my attention and although I grew up in Hereford and learned local history via school visits and so on during my younger years I thought I would retrace my steps and go through some of those areas again-wiki has some interesting snippets for at a glance type information and whilst some was quite amusing (for corporation managers and historical colonel names)-I did find further information that might be regarded as upsetting for some others-of course how we any of us relate to data and information is of course personal choice yet it can also perhaps put some peoples mind at ease as to possible cause and effect and so on of some of the events that have occurred in some peoples and families lives.

Further to that I found myself returning to this name Tom-I spoke previously about a guy named Tom who gave myself a job and I also spoke of the musical Tommy and of course-soldiers were often during the last Century referred to as Tommy’s that being the name of a particular rifle or gun that they were issued with.

This time around I found a mention of the author Tom Clancy-I have seen films and video games based around his work yet never actually read any of his books-I did mention or parody the hunt for red October some time ago and of course Tom Clancy died towards the end of 2013.

I looked through and read some summaries of his stories and the arcs and so on and found them quite interesting in the sense that all the MAJOR POWERS seem to be acting out his written works-these things are of course dependant on your own knowledge base and where your attention has been placed and how advanced you are in terms of awareness yet some of the actions and themes are seemingly unmistakable-so whilst not many are that interested in his style of espionage thrillers and so on an overview could well be worth having a look at.

Further to that another Thomas that sprang to mind was Thomas the tank engine-though thankfully that did not hang around and I moved onto Thomas Aquinas-Thomas Aquinas was a theologian and his teachings and influence are still regarded as highly influential in relation to the Catholic Faith-I found his works for free and some quite cheap on kindle and he was perhaps a very worth while person to read though the collection is not small and if I was not photoreading I would have likely ran from the task-I found myself looking further on subjects that his works provoked within my own mindset-so anyway that is an option for folks wanting to better understand Religious Theology as opposed to other doctrines.

This weekend has also seen Rose arrive here in Hereford for the summer and as always it has for myself been a long day of travelling on the railways-whilst getting to my destination was quite straight forward-the return was not so simple British rail seemingly deciding to drop some spanners in this one of the busiest weekends of the year by not running to the regular timetables-I had to change trains and plan on the hop so to speak to return and even with my long time experience and knowledge of the routes a whole hour was added to the return journey.

Dave is not amused.

So I will perhaps leave it there for today and will be back soon enough on another area that keeps returning ACCURACY why do some posts seemingly hit the bullseye whilst others are all over the shop-I do seemingly sometimes flit in and out of the so-called zone when sometimes it would be quite nice to feel like I am always there or thereabouts-HOW CAN I TRUST MY OWN ACCURACY? AND WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE MY OWN ACCURACY?

Another pattern that some may have or may not of noticed is that Dutch Success in Sporting terms is often followed by Dutch tragedy elsewhere shortly thereafter-I have seen the pattern in historical books as well as more recent news of the last few years-much like a boat sinking somewhere when the pirate captain is at sea.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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