Stalkers Among Us

enSo of course I used to regularly use Facebook once upon a time though unfortunately I added a wide variety of peoples of all stripes to my Facebook Friends lists and further to that I found myself on the receiving end of what I regard as less than wholesome feedback in my day-to-day life.  I personally do not care if others are this label or that label and so on-that is there own life choice and as long as I or indeed my daughter are not being harmed I have little interest in adding to prejudices.

Having said that I did consider at one point forming a Facebook group called “Stalkers Among Us” the reason being that it is quite clear that some folks never learn and are only ever interested in being unpleasant and spreading malicious falsehoods hence my repeated saying “Put up or shut up” further to that of course I generally stopped using Facebook-I get Email saying I have notifications and I go and acknowledge the notifications yet apart from that I generally do not interact or visit or view the present newsfeed-not very clever on my part perhaps because many folks on my list are generally decent enough peoples anyways irrespective of nationality & sexuality and other nonsenses that the troublemakers like to keep peoples focus on-so the reason I say this is quite simply that I withdrew if you like to writing on this blog page-and again this blog can of course be accessed via Facebook.

However this blog is monitored by a wider spectrum of peoples and it really is not in the interests of peoples to spread unpleasant or malicious falsehoods because quite simply you can be traced!

So yes by all means read and interpret information to your own requirements-by all means purchase the product recommendations-yet if you do that and continue to spread unpleasant and malicious nonsense about myself then you can expect at some time to pay the consequences.

As I have said previously I have zero interest in debating issues that I have long since moved on from such things really are tiresome and a distraction that perhaps contributes to the lack of ACCURACY that I spoke of yesterday-so those that want to learn strategies and improve accuracy and there financial income are welcome whilst others that have less savoury motives are invited to “do one” or correct the falsehoods you have been spreading before the law catches up with you.

So Accuracy-I spoke recently on this and about finding ways to improve accuracy and quite simply one of the ways to do that is “DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS” so someone calls you a label of some description and you look it up and you either RELATE to the label or otherwise-some people try to claim that some of the most sickening and malicious labels are not meant in that fashion-I do of course not know what goes on in other peoples minds yet the DICTIONARY is a REFLECTION of SOCIETAL MEANING so peoples claiming otherwise are clearly lacking alignment with Society and that again leads to inaccuracy.

The other major cause of inaccuracy is of course the so-called Roman Calendar that might be described as being somewhat stuck in time from the period that it was introduced and really is not a reflection of even what might be regarded as Modern Science-that is in relation to Physics and the motion of the Stars and Planets and so on-I think I said previously on this topic how if a calendar were to be created today it might well be very differing from the Roman Design.

Another area is of course in relation to understanding of numbers and alphabets and so on-quite simply multiple systems exist and it is far to easy to interpret one as being data belonging to one system when it is in fact another.

For instance years ago I learned some computer programming languages that were HEXADECIMAL based (16) and you had 0 through 9 as expected then 10 would be represented by A, 11 by B, 12 by C, 13 by D, 14 by E, 15 by F,  GIVING YOU 16 values that you are able to use as single digit representations for the programming language.

That is of course the way things have been worked out for many years whereby what started as being represented as 0 or 1  in the most simple of machine code became ever more complicated and macros were gradually created taking you further and further away from the base operands-these days of course just about anyone can create websites and so on that are effectively ready made sets of macros that carry out all the assorted mathematical and logical functioning-I spoke of logic previously and that again was another set of machine functions AND, OR gates and so on.

So lots of little things can act as distractions to accuracy and lots of little pieces of knowledge and strategies can improve your accuracy and so on-I say that of course because it is not always obvious that differing courses complement each other-yet overtime I have found that most of the courses I have bought and/or purchased have improved some aspect that I had previously failed to take into consideration.

The other option is of course-if you are gambling for instance to simply concentrate on one or two favoured sports-it really is far to easy to go of on all kinds of laterals and find yourself lost in analysis paralysis-so keep it simple choose a sport such-as tennis or formula one and concentrate on learning knowledge about that one sport and then as your success increases you can perhaps move to multiple sports-though my own research suggests that in keeping things simple you can become frustrated at the so called slower growth or slower achievement-if you know who the top sports people or seeds are in a given sport for instance Tennis then you can generally think it safe that they will make it through first and second rounds of touring events-the bookies know this too yet many folks try to beat the odds and favourites are favourites after all for a reason-so yes lower returns perhaps but also safer ones.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

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