So Whilst I Enjoy and Like The Commonwealth

So whilst I enjoy and like the Commonwealth and the ideas behind the Commonwealth-in terms of analysis paralysis the common wealth games is possibly the type of sporting fixture that newbies to the types of technologies I recommend should avoid-unless that is of course you are watching or have a real bona-fida expert giving you direct tips on winners and so on.

The reason I say this is because as you advance you do tend to find that all information is relevant all of the time-although of course some areas once you have done enough clearing on and so on you tend to prefer to avoid or not have any desire to return to-some folks take on board the lessons others ignore and promote there own style of rebellion-though I really do not see some types of rebellion as being particularly healthy.

So the problem of course can be that because all information is relevant you find yourself misinterpreting or misdirecting yourself as to where the information is supposed to be applied. So for instance yesterday I spoke of seeing some puppets and props at Alton Towers and of course we have props in Rugby so a Rugby fan might have had an ah-ha as I also mentioned New Zealand who are famed for there Rugby team.

So some things can seem simple at surface layer yet you have to have put the work and practice in to identifying the so-called underlying patterns-and again-following many sporting World Tours does in fact bring you into alignment with some patterns-yet as I said it really can seem to myself that analysis paralysis sets in because you can never be quite sure what others are following.

Further to that of course even direct tips about one sporting event can relate to another event going on else where that may have a very differing outcome to the one that you are personally interested in-so cross referencing can again become an area that takes you into analysis paralysis-there are of course ways to improve your own tuning and a number of the technologies I recommend of course do that-I notice that some are specific whilst others are group efforts-so whilst I bought separate courses such-as Qigong and Feng Shui and Seeds of Enlightenment when the funding was available you also have joint or group efforts such-as Sonic Access that uses or combines elements from each of the other modalities-that is not to say that means they are better so much as another effort at delivering what people might want once they have convinced themselves of the benefits of such modalities.

Swings and roundabouts of course yet the impulse to buy all the varied and assorted wonders can be resisted-I know because I did resist buying until I was able to fund many purchases and some I simply used the special offers and staggered payment plans-the pound is up against the dollar at present so it might be regarded that I am getting more for my money though of course owning courses outright without further payment obligation is (In my opinion) preferable.

So the progress is personal choice and there are of course only so many hours in the day that peoples can use to practice any given modality.

In metaphysical terms we might regard anyone with something to sell as a Christ type figure and anyone dissecting and pulling apart such purchases as an anti-Christ type figure-the problem of course can come down to one of popularity-I have not deliberately set out to become popular and do not think of myself as popular-quite the reverse in fact when you look at the History-I set out to live a quite life and found myself being continuously attacked  simply for refusing to be anything other than ~heterosexual~ there is a hard core contingency in society that seemingly needs everyone else to be something else in order for themselves to be comfortable-well you can be UNCOMFORTABLE because this guy is not changing-deal with your own issues and stop projecting them onto others-has been the message and whilst some folks in all quarters are seemingly fine with that message others are seemingly so self obsessed and so on that know amount of telling them how it is gets through to them.

So IS IT OKAY TO BE SELF INDULGENT? is another question I recently found myself asking in relation to my giving a wiki reference to a NUMBER and the ANSWER IS YES.  You have no one else to be self indulgent for you so go and check your own date of birth numbers take out the positives and reinforce the good bits where you can-I did that for my birthday day the 8th and 8 is apparently the number of Scorpio in Horoscope sequencing so my number 8 has many qualities that I can take and think of in positive terms.  Self indulgence can again be used in a positive manner of win/win for yourself and others-you look after yourself so you are better able to look after others-or you can fall into the win/lose trap whereby you need others to suffer in order for yourself to feel good about yourself.

So peel back the layers and identify the positives whatever your race colour creed sexuality and so on and buy into you because when you buy into you others will feel better about buying into you-there are always going to be peoples who need real reality to be other than what it is and if any WISDOM comes through the technologies it can be that you can change yourself through practice knowledge and experience yet influencing others is nearly always going to meet with resistance-far better to set out your stall and tell others to take it or leave it much like the average market trader in the street.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the summer-God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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