Are We There Yet?

So I am quite sure that I am not the only adult to have seen one of the Shrek Movies whereby on a long journey we had Eddie Murphy in his role as donkey asking “ARE WE THERE YET?” and that bloody awful Mike Myers fake Scottish accent saying “no donkey we are travelling FAR FAR AWAY!” and of course I think eventually he did indeed get a response of “yes we are there”

Digressing on the accents issue from the Queen’s Scottish anyone who has never heard of Rab C Nesbitt should look that particular comedy and character up as you are likely to find a more realistic set of utterings-I believe it the kind of show that Americans would require subtitles for.

So returning to the topic in hand-Shrek gave an acknowledgement that yes we are there! and that when we look at management tools is something that some of us in some quarters never seemingly ever hear-your asked to jump your supposed to ask how high yet when the opportunity’s are there for the “yes we are there” the most that we seemingly hear is the silence that descends from upon high.  If a goal is achieved (and yes I am more than happy to acknowledge that many goals are stretch goals and often beyond being achieved)-surely the opportunity for some upon high is to acknowledge or release a pressure valve of some description-I say this of course because returning to the Hitler theme-we do get the historical impression that he had surrounded himself with so many yes men and so on that eventually when faced with an overwhelming reality of defeat he fell on his own sword.

So when we acknowledge that doors are two way devices we have to also acknowledge that communication is a two way tool or device-yes I know I am known to react badly to many a communication yet that does not always mean I am not working my butt of to achieve a given goal. Far to often one or two rabble rousers are held as examples of why a group is undeserving and so on and that again takes away from those of us who consider ourselves moderates in whatever walk of life we are dealing with.  So do not over focus on the rabble rousers who want the attention unless you genuinely know that they speak for a group because all to often they are not a reflection of a group-I know that I do not speak for any group because I tend to keep myself to myself-having said that what I found interesting in a recent team or group meeting for instance was that I was pretty much the only one there who was not attacked or singled out by other colleagues letting of steam in those discussions and that for myself was a positive-yes I am sure peoples present could have faulted myself in various manners yet I was obviously further down the list of peoples gripes with one another-a low priority in the background if you like to pet annoyances that can arise within teams and groups.

So another Sunny day and I have still not decided whether to take the gambling plunge into the Commonwealth games-further to that I found myself thinking about GREHOUND RACING the traps are open and the dogs chase a stuffed rabbit around a course-I was thinking that you could of course simply go pot luck on many an event-I take the person running in trap 4-the Santa’s Little Helper Syndrome that Homer Simpson lost all the Christmas present money on.

Yes it is far to easy to fall into sentimental traps whether it is with a celebrity runner who won an Olympic medal or a medal within there own speciality-yet very often these Commonwealth games types of events are often opportunities where some youngsters start making there names and coming to the fore within sporting circles as being a name to watch and so on.

Elsewhere we have had low ranking Champions League qualifiers of course and so as always Countries with huge demographics such-as the USA have ongoing sports and peoples we have never heard of Basketball, Baseball and so on-so these things really are simply a matter of focus and of course my own study of some of these less internationally known sports is that they still generally fit the Worldwide patterns that we have to remind ourselves are always going on NOW irrespective of the DELUSION of time-we as a species invented the monitoring of time and can simply step back from being in time to being an observer OF time which was of course (I think) originally intended.

So the Story above whereby I mention that communication is a two way street can suggest that rubble has fallen on one side of many a persons street-perhaps from historical reactions and historical knowledge yet in holding onto old reconstructions you are never moving forward towards a better model of reality when one presents itself.

Of course when we fail at achieving goals we can also fall into old patterns yet in reality if you have made the investment and put the work in and carried out the expenditure and failed then you can be satisfied irrespective of external judgements that you are moving in an appropriate manner.  So for instance-you make lots of investment for one particular contract and you fail to get that contract and feel miserable and then something knew comes up that you were unaware of and your investment is greeted in the positive by your new contract seeker-those are of course the kinds of synchronicities that folks who have bought into the technologies I recommend often experience and become attuned to though again you do have to release all the old attitudes and so on-far to easy to fall into one step forward two steps back yet perseverance on the rewarding attitudes can pay dividends when you remain OPEN to these things-far to easy to rush to negatives and shut down your own ability to experience the positives.

So enough from myself for now-the daughter has stuck on THE GAME PLAN-DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON as the bloke with a daughter he never knew he had-hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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