Of Course There Is A level Of Truth

Of course when we see some of the mini wars that I spoke of previously we are often given theories as to underlying motives and so-called vested interests and so on-I think that some of those issues are clearly true yet that does not necessarily mean that the appropriate course of action is not being taken.

For instance we keep hearing about OIL being a major factor in many a dispute-Countries that have oil versus Countries that want oil or at least a guarantee of supply and each and every time a dispute occurs we often hear that so-and-so (Politician) is on the board of X who have diverse business interests including some obscure oil venture that most of us up until that point have never heard of.

The problem of course for anyone interested in SHARES is of course that many like to have a broad range of shares and many a Portfolio is spread over a wide range of Companies-if one market sector is adversely affected by Politics, War and so on you want to generally know that your other shares in other sectors will remain profitable or remain unchanged -the truth of course is that when we look at the History of crashes very few if any areas do remain unaffected many a documented crash shows that the so-called very rich or aware very often start out quietly moving money into gold or some other areas that generally hold there value for whatever reasons of there own-then some commentator notes that they (the elites) are doing this and very often everyone piles into the idea that they KNOW something and these kinds of actions are often the cause of the stampede that causes crashes in differing markets.  Everyone buys into the thought that the rich know something when very often they are simply following there own intention.

Many computer systems have been introduced to reduce so-called RUNS yet in truth I am quite sure that the right set of circumstances will bring about similar market crashes and so on irrespective of the best laid plans of planners.  Quite simply until MARKETS are running 24 Hours a day in a physical sense you will carry on seeing DOMINO effects whereby a Market closes down in New York and Japan then goes into meltdown and then Dubai or Delhi or whatever particular markets you are monitoring. 

So returning to some of the wars we see-I notice that as always Israel is criticized for wanting to stop rockets being fired at them and those poor defenceless Hamas Militants have built themselves some Vietnamese style rabbit runs.  Whilst the Vietcong used rabbit runs in a highly effective fashion I am not sure if anyone can do the same-though it can of course be noted that the Historical Christians were said to have done the same when evading persecution from the Romans.

So yes it is virtually impossible living in a CONNECTED World to not find that some peoples and companies have vested interests in activities such-as OIL.  If it was good enough for Popeye and Bluto to squabble over then why would Countries not do the same.

So I have also seen this week that UK growth forecasts are being given positive spins and I cannot help think where is all this industry and so on taking place?  I notice also that local news is also giving positive spin on employment figures.

Yes the generational thing still perhaps exists in the sense that I spoke of my Great Grandmother and her exceptionally large family-and of course that generation figured that given disease and life expectancy and so on that the best remedy was lots of children.  From within my generation from the 80’s school leavers many peoples were very much opposed to ever having children-so we see all these complaints about foreign workers and so on yet in truth given the reluctance of many peoples to having children it is of no surprise when companies and so on are reduced to having to import workers-especially when  many a modern school leaver and TV FILM VIDEO GAME aficionado is given to believe that they will walk into the best jobs and that money is easy and so on-that may well be true for some folks in some circumstances yet there are plenty of jobs that require doing that are not pleasant and there are always people ready willing and able to cash in given the opportunity.  The old adage where there is muck there is brass exists for a reason-though of course some of us in the muck clearing jobs do wonder where the brass is disappearing as it does not seemingly filter to lower level staff.  Wage disputes are perhaps another area that requires looking at in broader terms far to often it can seem that your particular sector is not catered for by those involved in negotiations.  For instance where I work some areas have job and finish money whereby they are paid for the time spent working until the job is finished-sounds great some might say though I am sure some among those numbers do have family and so on that they would like to spend more time with and the bi-weekly shift rotation ensures that happens-likewise I am not in such a job and finish paid role-so whilst the pay structure seemingly supports one sector that can seemingly habitually have overtime-another sector is often bereft of any ability to get extra cash and so on and I did at one point work as much overtime as possible yet things such as Working Time directive and management interference made that an unworthy activity.

So the Summer Sun is holding out in dear ol’ blighty and the Scottish games continue and I continue to wonder just how well attuned I myself am compared to those around myself-my daughter of course a typical example whereby she chooses to watch this program or that film and then I witness some related events that she gave myself clues to-though of course the truth for any individual is that it is what is going on in your own mind that is most relevant and of course how well others are bouncing off yourself in there own respective lives-I know that I did set out to be completely dull boring and uninteresting and that again came about through continuous harassment in some quarters-these days I perhaps have less need to be uninteresting dull and boring yet some of the strategies worked so well that I am torn as to whether to continue in that fashion.  The other area is of course this issue of how long will this adverse pattern continue and to be honest you simply have to place focus elsewhere when you find yourself falling into the less savoury (for yourself) patterns-when you know you have been affected by catching a bad dose of so-and-so over a number of years you simply have to use the letting go type strategies and move your own interest and focus to more life inspiring and empowering thoughts feelings and so on.  All to often people think that they can go into those areas and come out the other side when in reality you are much better off clearing them out of your system rather than battling them-that is why I am generally consistent with folks across the board in my day-to-day life because I cleared out much junk and know my own mind and refuse to return to getting drawn into nonsenses that some seemingly have vested interests in maintaining-you die of a heart attack or cancer or whatever if you want to-this guy respects himself and in so doing can better respect others keeping a mature distance from all.

Well enough from boring today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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