So Who Foolishly Ignored The Instructions

So of course ignoring the instructions whether it is for building a DIY Wardrobe or table or taking up meditation or some new computer software does seemingly have a long history in my life-I am unsure where I first developed the ability to ignore the instructions yet I must admit that in positive spin terms it can be something I excel at.  Of course percentage wise there have been occasion where I have eventually turned to the recommended instructions for this that or the other activity.

The problem of course with many a purchase in this day and age is that the modern instructions are somewhat limited-you get a small bag with 50 Language Quick start guides and little else and that of course is perhaps a backwards step whereby they have gone from telling you exactly what you need to do-to excluding you from the process or demanding that you download the full guide by joining the “ONLINE” community of users and plough through the million and one questions already answered until you find the one relating to your particular query-likewise automated telephone systems based in how long they can play pass the parcel and keep you from doing what very often was once a quick and easy two minute telephone call.

Yes many a modern super duper system makes life easier for the SELLER yet fails to accommodate the public-of course some companies have grown so large so quickly that they often have not had much choice other than to call in BodgIt and Leggit Professionals in the arena of “Customer Service Delivery Systems” who themselves got lucky early on with some simple system that has since been expanded into some unwieldy beast of a system that again does not fulfil anyone’s wants needs and desires.

Of course I come from a generation that put money into phone machines and wanted to get the most out of the couple of minutes such vast expenditure entitled myself to-these days you need far more than patience in many areas of life simply for the motivation to actually attempt to contact the company-the dread that can be induced from having to go online or contact a company is surprisingly high and of course even worse is the knowledge that if you do eventually get to a human on the other end of the system-they very often know less than yourself simply operating from pre-scripted computer screen step by step guides and so on.

So why this subject and title NOW-well of course I am well known to have generally ignored the instructions for meditation-twenty years to achieve the full flowering levels-ARE YOU CRAZY?

Of course the reality is that you are often told to use your own discernment and judgment as to when you are ready to progress and even with that I did find that I did not really slow down until I was well into the Purification levels and of course the other courses and programs I was doing were perhaps not being given full attention to instructions either.

So the reason I speak on this is that I recently bought myself some new footwear and the footwear effectively changed my posture or stance and so on and with it induced pain that I thought I was well rid of-what can I do about this I thought and then I get mail about WALKABOUT ZONE and of course the reality about that particular course is that it has been put together for people who want to listen to Paraliminal’s on the move or go so to speak and further to that includes corrective information for improving your posture and stance and so on-the theory being that again bringing yourself to a corrected breathing and stance and posture can actually reduce many of those small aches and pains and so on by quite a large percentage.

So the reality Is of course that DAVE S PERKINS ignored instructions and for the first couple of years of meditation and paraliminal courses could very often be seen with headphones in listening and learning and meditating ON THE GO.

So would Dave by a course that he has already done in many ways?  Yes of course I bloody would it has been designed for purpose and likewise if I am to ignore that design then I have to sit and listen to it whilst meditating and doing nothing else.

So my own interest is of course because I recommended that folks learn to SING and that was partly because of the BREATHING that many a singing course teaches-multiple meditation courses also recommend particular breathing strategies.  So here is a course that combines correct breathing with walking and thinking and the WALKING part explains about improving your stance and posture and so on-I did of course work for the The Foot Health Service and contributed to setting up the Podiatric Surgery Service in Herefordshire many years ago so in many ways I already had much information already in my noggin-although in truth following the death accident and relearning to walk I have never been able to correct my posture and so on.

So will this course do what I have previously been unable to accomplish?  Well I will give it a go at some point yet I do not hold much hope because quite simply the damage to my lower limb was such that I had to change posture and so on simply to move without daily pain-the bone regrowth and damaged ligaments and muscles and tendons and flesh damage has never really been fully fixed though of course the body has done its best.  So another area that went with that was that for many years I generally had to buy and live life in BOOTS they gave support to my lower leg that is not there with shoes and trainers and so on.  Yes I can and do wear these other footwear yet the reality is that the more I use them the seemingly less comfort I find myself in.  So new footwear and pain yet the reality is perhaps that the pain is caused by my leaving it far to long between purchase of new footwear and the old damage perhaps needs to be exercised out of my system.

So do I want a course that already accommodates what I have already in many ways done?  well the truth is of course that many of the courses are like that-however these things can be hard to see when you have not had real mental clarity and so on for many years.  So yes buy the courses some parts might be new to you other parts might be repetitions yet I do find that OPENING UP the so-called SPIRITUAL realms and LA-DI-DA modalities has been generally more beneficial to myself than the more regular Business type modalities.

I think following that accident I was told buy a walking stick avoid contact sports and manual labour and I very much followed a great deal of that advice throwing myself into the more cerebral realms of wanting or desiring qualifications and desk type jobs.  The last few years has demonstrated that I can of course do manual labour also though having done desk work and manual labour I would prefer perhaps a happy medium rather than continuing from one seeming extreme to another. 

Will Dave ever return to a desk job?  Well I do of course have choice just a pity perhaps that others also have choice and seemingly delight in favouritism of people like me syndrome.  Yes I had a long think about many an issue and that is the number one issue that people have to constantly seek to bring to a point of balance more so perhaps than many other.  I could well imagine if I were working in a HR department for instance that I would find many an employer has bought into to many detrimental aspects of people like me syndrome.  That could simple be to many AIR signs in management roles or to many EARTH signs or to many WATER signs or to many FIRE signs. Yes I  even suspect that folks within HR have actually contributed towards some of these kinds of issues.  That is not to say that having an abundance of any group is a bad thing merely that in measurement terms equilibrium and complementary skills are required and people like me syndrome (IN Whatever set of parameters you are measuring) can be the kind of creeping ISSUE that will appear again and again until someone highlights such issues and takes them into GREATER consideration than they perhaps are being given at present-even if they can seem somewhat LA-DI-DA.

Well soon be time for myself to have a walkabout.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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