So I Spoke Yesterday About Over Abundance

So I spoke yesterday about over abundance of particular star signs in particular jobs and can well imagine one or two individuals rushing to our famed river in Egypt or even sniggering at what they might regard as there own cleverness or success if you are among those peoples-the problem of course can be one whereby there are plenty of peoples who do not necessarily fit so simply in that kind of selection process and again this takes us into the realms of broadness of awareness of differing aspects-what I like about some of the Oriental and Eastern teachings is that there are plenty of differing aspects that can be taken into consideration. So whilst Western papers tend towards the most simplest of Horoscope-deeper study into multiple aspects such-as Numerology and Tarot and so on can pay dividends in giving you a truer picture than a given individual might give themselves.

I have generally found through my own studies of such matters some of the (for lack of better explanations) reasons why I am well skilled in some areas and not so skilled in others for instance-it can be all to easy instance for there to be differing Energy polarities in differing peoples and indeed the environments or areas of environments that they find themselves in-so you could take a manager who has done all the courses and has A grade references and several years experience and they move into a job or work area that they’re own energy field is incompatible with and long term exposure to such circumstances can of course have detrimental effects.

The best Solution for myself for instance has simply been to learn about such matters meditate regularly and raise my own energy shields (so to speak) to a level whereby I am in states of flow and can generally go unaffected by some of the more harmful (to myself) areas of environments that I find myself in.  Again the problem for many folks is of course-AWARENESS-whereby la-di-da thoughts about such phenomena are dismissed and RATIONAL explanations sought and very often the rational or LOGICAL explanations (and I am someone who excels in logic) do not fully cut the mustard.

Of course the Scientific Hypothesis method is about studying all aspects of a hypothesis until you narrow down such search criteria to the only explanations you have left-of course the learning strategies teachings do show that much SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT has been made simply through the appliance of the Scientific Method to what were previously considered as the la-di-da why does some old hag putting moss on peoples wounds cause the wounds to heal? and of course such thoughts led to penicillin being discovered within the chemical composition of moss.

So The best of both Worlds theory is to not dismiss the la-di-da outright just merely seek to narrow down and identify the knowledge within the la-di-da and give an explanation in the Scientific method-of course you do not even have to do this if you love your la-di-da modalities and life yet given the Societal Religion of Science you can be better seeking to work within current World View than not-though of course most independently successful folks started out as being regarded as the so called anti-thesis to the status quo’s.

So of course the problem for folks at large can be that few have beliefs in “ENERGIES” and even with meditation and so on it can take a year or two simply to really get centred and balanced and to a level whereby you go unaffected and when you multiply this by the amount or quantity of peoples you have in some environments then it can become nightmarish-whereby one person is deeply adversely affected in a particular room or work area whilst others can pass unfazed and so on-so this is of course another explanation for some of the causes of sickness and ill health and so on.

I think in peoples terms the more you have people who are actively meditating and doing such courses the more that they as a collective can overcome any ENERGY obstacles that may have previously among the UNAWARE been highly detrimental.

And again in wanting to MAINTAIN A SOLUTION FOCUS it is not simply good enough to give an explanation of the wrong type of people in the wrong jobs or imbalances in ENERGIES because we do of course have to work with the people and resources ALREADY at our disposal and I think and believe that shifts into such strategies has been taking place in some environments that I find myself in-so what might be the next set of Solutions for CONSOLIDATING CURRENT PROGRESS and shifting/gearing towards achieving the next set of hoops that we are expected to jump through might be a question that some managers have to answer when it comes to contractual progress and so on.

Well enough for today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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