Wow Dreaming Too

So of course I have generally long complained of not having a very good recall of dreams-yet today I found myself remembering the dream on the way out of sleep although it did not seem particularly strange or dreamlike.  The underlying thread or theme seemed to be one whereby I was collecting car related parking violation tickets and so on-by that I mean that I was being given and issued tickets left right and centre for car related law violations-I have not at present sought to link it to any where else in my life though of course it might be suggested that I once again seemingly found myself in the role of VICTIM to other people working from a particular mandate whereby they were acting in the role of victim to myself-and the issuing of tickets was the ACTION that was going to deal with my so-called violations.

That is as basic as I can seemingly bring the dream to-though I am sure that other little details not included here will perhaps come to the fore and I will have some ah-ha of this description or another-I should also of course note that I have received Email relating to a Genius Code Fest and of course as is often the case-I Dave S Perkins have already bought paid and purchased the course way back when-I mention the course of course because IMAGE STREAMING is a form of dreaming perhaps and a system that is used within that course to get folks into dream like states and get the imaginations going-I as a youngster seemingly had little problem with dreaming and so on yet as I have said previously-during a time period in my life where I was seemingly only ever having nightmares-I set myself the task to stop dreaming and was somewhat successful in the sense at least that I was no longer recalling or physically remembering them-now of course I have spent a couple of years trying to kick start the IMAGE STREAM SYSTEM OR DREAM SYSTEM back online so to speak because in writing terms I feel like a writer without imagination-the ability to sit and visualize and know that that is what you are doing in a controlled fashion is exceptionally useful-I think the problem for many of us who have had “Dream Issues”-I know that I am not the only person to have had such issues-is that separating the DREAM REALITY FROM REAL REALITY can be a seemingly HAZARDOUS PROCESS-especially if you find yourself in the so-called nightmare realms-how that happened I am unsure as I did of course have all the winning and success type dreams at one time also-at some point some event of some description or perhaps the types of food I was eating changed the content-I mention that of course because we are often told not to eat this that or the other food at bedtime and one can wonder whether they are old wives tales.

Further to that I found my LA-DI-DA Health and Safety being violated this morning-HOW SO?  Well I grew up and around peoples who promoted a well known OLD WIVES TALE that it is UNLUCKY TO CROSS PEOPLE ON A STAIRS-my place of work was conducting a people flow trial that enforced the breaking of this POPULAR Hand-me-down OLD WIVES TALE.  Whilst I came through the trial experience so far unscathed-I do have concerns relating to any long term planned implementation as do colleagues-hence the TRIAL-small details such as lack of guide banisters meant that anyone going in one particular direction had nothing to get a grip on-and when you combine that with most folks carrying bags or uniform then it might be suggested that CONGESTION could become HAZARDOUS-I stopped to allow a colleague to pass myself-yet had I had colleagues charging down behind myself I could well imagine an accident occurring-yes the trial was a trial and was monitored yet as the guy in the Darth Vader suite once declared “I WONT BE THERE WHEN YOU CROSS THE ROAD SO ALWAYS USED THE GREEN CROSS CODE!”-the same chap of course being the Green Cross Code Man who actually visited my school when I was a youngster and lifted various youngsters up into the air two at a time sat on his hands. LITTLE BIT OF TRIVIA 🙂

Now further to that I did find myself being interacted with this morning on the way home from work “WHATS GOING ON GRRR? WHO VIOLATED THE SCOWL ZONE” lol

Yes a couple travelling in a car slowed and asked something along the lines of “YOUNG MAN,” nope wrong.

OKAY start again ” Excuse me fella-could you give myself directions to ROSS ON WYE” of course not a destination that I am familiar with though I do know the general local map and geography-so my directions were wrong in measurement terms when it came to distances-suggesting a 100 metres as being 200 (2:1 ratio brain perhaps) yet the actual directions I gave and landmarks to look out for (River Bridge, Asda, multiple roundabouts) were enough I am sure to keep the driver and company happy and achieve there destination-I was quite sure that given the closeness of the main road that once they were on the Carriageway most small settlements and Herefordshire ENCLAVES are well SIGNPOSTED, so lousy instructions that I was not expecting to have to think about yet I did not send them to Leominster.

Where else-well when I was still a youngster I did know another family and guy in that family worked at that time for Bulmers and further to that he worked as a chemist in the PECTIN  industry.  I mention that because PECTIN is a natural component of apples and so on that has found use as a replacement for crushed animal bones being used as the GLUE in SWEETS and so on-I mention that because I have found PECTIN coming to my attention in writings and so on that I have seen.  So a little more trivia and TRAFFIC FLOW being a major going on at the PRESENT TIME.  I probably should not boast of such things yet when I did my ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING COURSE many years ago I did actually as part of that course have to CREATE TRAFFIC LIGHTS-not only that-I also had to program them to work in an efficient manner-OH JOY-it can be quite simply yet you do find that many a small detail relating to such activities does go unnoticed by the public at large until you yourself have to carry out such PROCESSES.  Even the seemingly most simply of things have been looked at and MADE EASY.

Enough little details for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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