Another Day Another Dollar

So the information we hold in our Noggins is often all we need to know and in many an example it merely needs some level of reorganisation such as that stimulated by assisted meditations recommended on my website.

The beliefs that any of us hold can of course be used in a positive manner to support your life or indeed in a negative fashion whereby repetitions of failed thinking strategies can accumulate overtime until your in the deepest pits of unhelpful beliefs and the DENIAL OF WHAT IS MOST OBVIOUS.

We very often in this day and age of modern science hear folks talk and speak of BELIEVING IS SEEING suggesting that they only believe in anything that can be quantifiably measured and likewise when we look to many Religious Factions they are very much centered in a belief of some external being called GOD or Jesus or Mohammed or who ever.  That is why I recommend the technologies that I do-simply initially to see that absolutely everyone with zero exception is whether they like it or not part and parcel of any ECOSYSTEM that they find themselves in and that is measurable as is the effect that any individual can have within any given ecosystem.

So the introduction to the game of black and white (for myself is akin to the game of pool whereby everyone wants to pot or sink the eight ball).  For myself of course I might consider myself as being the 8 ball given my own data set and so on-and further to that because of the so-called association of my name to Jesus (yes I know these things have been studied and are not strictly true) far to many people react to myself in what might be described as being CRUCIFICTION terms-whereby instead of opting for the return with angels type thinking everyone rushes to the CRUCIFY ME option whereby that in the meditative terms might be regarded as seeking to ALLEVIATE THERE OWN SUFFERING by trying to make Dave S Perkins suffer.

Yes I know that in many ways things have changed greatly around myself and I do need to show greater levels of gratitude to those who have assisted myself from all nationalities and quarters and contributed to leading the way-yet it must be noted that many folks still live in complete OBLIVION to the forces and AWARENESS that is being brought to there respective attention.

Everybody can TUNE IN TO NOW simply through the realisation that ALL IS NOW and WILL ALWAYS BE NOW and that reconstructions of the past or future constructions are all carried out in the so-called NOWZONE.

So there are books and recommended reading on the Holosync Blog and there are courses from Learning Strategies that can ATTUNE folks to the greater abilities and powers contained within themselves.

The most basic of teaching that I am able to carry out for instance is that information here can simply be re-looked at with a FRESH set of EYES and broken up, read word by word as is it written or you can follow sections up, down, left right simply look at the information in the corners or EMBOLDENED text and so on-all information is relevant all of the time and it is up to us as individuals as to how that information is processed-coming here and stalking myself and then promoting negatives about myself is not very clever on some peoples parts-likewise these things have been gone over again and again in various areas of life-in financial terms every decision that anyone makes at any time is a gamble between 1 or 2 or more choices and likewise getting to a point where you can know that on the deepest level of your being does require some regular attention and practice.  However I am quite sure that many folks have benefitted from the longer term modalities that we as a group of peoples wanting answers have sought.

So the simplest methods can be to go it alone and buy the modalities and technologies yet in reality it is far better when you have a group of folks that you can benefit with (In my opinion) yes some things can only ever be achieved by going it alone yet everyone has attributes and abilities that they can gain or become greater attuned too and that alone can be worth the short term expenditure distress-should you be some one like myself who found the spending side of things somewhat distressful.

However again many a thought feeling and so on can be let go of and when you do such things we very often find that long term health issues can melt away and likewise the self advancement is choice-I have worked for many Companies over the years and am quite sure that many of the founders of such companies have come to various levels of awareness and then sought to bring there staff to awareness-however my experience also shows that many a staff member at all levels also lives in constant states of resistance to that reality that the employer seeks to bring them too.

Can these things be handled differently-yes I think they can-some cycles benefit everyone where some other cycles and choices taken perhaps need to be relooked at-identifying where SABOTAGE is originating within a Company for instance-we sometimes have senior managers who are responsible for multiple areas and sometimes an action taken to remedy one issue has a knock on or detrimental effect elsewhere-I have seen the same cycle repeated multiple times in recent years for instance in relation to BINS-and I am quite sure that things would be better if a new Solution can be found for the issue of BINS-I wont go into detail here yet the pattern and action taken is one I have seen on multiple occasions and might be regarded as old guard thinking strategies having a negative impact on new guard thinking strategies that the vast majority of people have been in Flow with.

Another issue that needs looking at is of course the issue of BURNING BRIDGES of course we all have a bridge of our nose and I can still recall the foul stench that embraced myself upon the initial tour that I had with present employer-however within weeks I was acclimatised and am generally oblivious to such smells now-a few years ago I gave up drinking milk and again if you give up drinking milk for a week or two and then start again you will be shocked at just how horrible DAIRY products actually smell and so on.

So another BURNING BRIDGES is of course the one we hear of in relation to scorched earth withdrawal policies of retreating armies-whereby in order to stop or slow advancement those in retreat destroy infrastructure and so on-and of course the same attitude and policy can seemingly be seen in many a Business.  Why do I say this?  Well I keep HEARING (AS AN EXAMPLE) that a number of quite senior managers all spent time as HYGIENE MANAGERS yet since my own employment within the Company I have found that no one from the rank and file ever seemingly escapes HYGIENE by that I mean that all pathways and so on for self advancement are seemingly CLOSED-so the question I then have to ask is WAS THIS A DELIBERATE POLICY BY THESE SENIOR MANAGERS shutting doors or burning bridges as they themselves advanced or simply other folks closing doors to people advancing from Hygiene through PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE of those senior managers?

No I am not stirring or trying to cause trouble yet there are clear patterns of behaviour that are seemingly detrimental to anyone wanting advancement from the lesser known areas of business’ people working nights and out in the styx and so on.

So again is the HR policy one that supports all areas and peoples or merely one that supports the current set of incumbents at the expense of anyone younger better able or however one wishes to describe such things-again perhaps some new thinking has to take place in these kinds of areas especially if you are wanting to bring fresh thinking and air into how the Company or Business is run.

Just sounding off and nothing to get het up about and as always information in one area of life can be applied elsewhere you simply have to learn to watch listen learn and enjoy being NOW.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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