As I Look Down From My Place In The Sky

As I look down from my place in the sky, a minnow star who lives on the Wye, I ask those questions that go unasked, how can I live a life that is fully unmasked?

Does guilt and shame and prejudice hover, to close to truth to frequently ask?

What is being a man for all seasons? is bicentennial merely for treasons?

How can a light be allowed to shine brightly when knowing the truth could alter all reasons.

How to enlighten and learn from a river when all about us rejects true creations.

So I start writing verse’s to get the juice flowing and as often happens I run into blocks-an interesting book recommendation for those wanting to know what the last few Photoreading books have been:-I have just had a catch up session not having noticed email since the “Thinking Fast and Slow”-the books since then have been “Think Like A Freak” by the authors of freakonomics.

“The millionaire master plan” and “The path less travelled by a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher” and I must say that they have to a certain extent coincided with some of my own reading choices though again I have perhaps read materials that are similar though differing.  That might again simply be a matter of TARGET AUDIENCE-though much of the intended message perhaps comes through whatever you are reading as you progress with any of the recommended causes.

Likewise I found myself wanting to find NEW or updated mind mapping materials perhaps the edition I have is an older edition and like many a technique new insights and so on can be found and developed as you progress.  I also found myself drawn to a book on questioning techniques-something that again I questioned on my website.  The book on this occasion was called “Leading With Questions” and a new version happens to have been published -I noted that some quite high profile corporate business leaders from particular companies had been interviewed in the creation of that book-so it might serve as a good starting point for people wanting to develop the questions technique and LISTENING techniques.

a huge criticism of many a management is this one of people wanting to see and hear what they themselves expect to see and hear as opposed to what is ACTUALLY being said and so on-so that book might help folks address some of those kinds of issues.

It is on my own to get list so to speak-I generally seeking to live within my meagre budget and of course expand my awareness and knowledge teachings and so on.

I think like many a person I WISH I had come across meditation and some of the courses somewhat earlier in life-as it can feel that you’re life has gone into “DRIFT” to a certain extent-trying to change things for the better in the face of self-imposed imitations or beliefs and so on.

we do of course hear certain types of propaganda from some quarters and often reject that propaganda because we reject the source-when in reality a better approach might be to think in terms of understanding the underlying truth of the words rather than the personal interpretation.

So for instance the Heterophobic community makes a big issue of people being in closets and the cleaning there off-and you could reject that because of your rejection of paedophiles and gays and so on-a better approach might be to simply think of doing such practices as a fellow heterosexual or whatever [INSERT IDENTIFYING LABEL] you personally ascribe yourself.

That might simply entail writing your own blog or private diary or whatever though as I say the only way to perhaps improve your life’s course is to often come to terms with many an aspect you have potentially rejected through prejudice-and PREJUDICE does include so many things that you again possibly want to think in terms of CHAIN REACTIONS-Whereby your letting go of this prejudice or that prejudice leads to a deeper prejudice and to another and another.  Very often we see teachers seemingly traditionally avoiding ANGER issues and we have seen that over and over again from many modalities-though anyone who WATCHED AND WITNESSED Hell in a Hand basket blogs perhaps saw some of those neglected areas of enlightenment being addressed.  Mr Harris was perhaps heavily criticised though I personally thought he had taken a fast track approach to bringing those of us following to greater and faster levels of awareness than we might of experienced otherwise.  Plenty of triggers and knowledge from experienced meditators and so on was included therein-I still think it worthwhile returning and having another look each year-given that I seemingly run into mental blocks and have to think what would so and so do?  and of course the best people to reference and ask can be those who have already trodden there own respective versions of these so called paths to enlightenment and teachings and so on-especially if you eel you have no where else to turn and are being targeted or hammered left right and centre simply for refusing to comply with emotional blackmail and or having people lean on you.

“Lean on me” has become one of those Gospel choir type anthems over the years though one does have to remember that the term does have more SINISTER CONNOTATIONS especially for those of us in the lower echelons of society or surrounded by peoples and persons who are control freaks or are simply stirring for the IMAGE RIGHTS of being the local mob boss or gang leader and so on.  As I have progressed I have found little value in seeking that sort of image-you might say that the “lives by the sword and dies by the sword” type references have a way of coming to fruition and again you are often better of clearing all and any of those types of thinking strategy out of your system unless you are a soldier of some description-in which case of course that is a life coiceand again earning optimum strategies favourable to survival and so on are probably within your own realms of interest.

Think I shall have a Chinese meal this evening-always interested in my TICKET NUMBER-I turn it upside down and raise it to the light and read it through the back of the paper and all sorts whilst waiting-strange though true I always find myself having ah-ha’s whatever the number I receive on any given visit or moment in time.

Thank you for reading and CIAO FOR NOW 🙂


The Sun Is Out and I’ve little to say…

So as I study multiple information outlets and news exchanges it can often seem somewhat difficult knowing what areas and subjects might be relevant and useful to patterns and cycles and what might just be coincidence-How SO?

Well we have recently seen a big European Manhunt type activity for some little child requiring medical attention and much assumption was made as to his possible condition based simply on the fact that his parents are JEHOVAH’S WITNESS’ and they are perhaps best known for refusing certain types of medical care and attention usually related to blood-the religion as most of us understand it is contrary or at odds with Governmental Law or perhaps simply any Medically trained persons associated Oaths-the medical professional and training usually has a built in expectation to help those requiring treatment of some description.

I have not written that explanation very well though am sure many a person will get the gist-further to that I think I mentioned that I do have experience of having gone to a Kingdom Hall at one time-I was very young and it was just another one of those religions that the parents dabbled with during the 1970’s.  If my memory is correct the Kingdom Hall I attended was actually on Belmont Road and not all that far from where I was living at that time.

These days of course I go passed a Kingdom Hall pretty much on a daily basis during the week as part of my journey to work-they having relocated in the intervening years and built themselves a dedicated Kingdom Hall-I mention that because they were recently in my thoughts for some reason although I did not see that story about the child until yesterday-so you might say that I dismissed the thoughts relating to Jehovah’s Witness’ because of the daily work journey-when in reality they were perhaps higher in my mind for a reason and that reason perhaps being that this is one of those CYCLE POINTS that we see in relation to that particular belief system.

So what else is going on-I see George Galloway is in the news for having been assaulted and the best person to QUOTE on such an occasion is GEORGE GALLOWAY

How does it go George?  Ah YES “POOR  ME, POOR ME, POOR ME A DRINK!”

Where else? I see mention of a FATWA being issued for ISIS personnel not sure on how that is going to work.  I mean if security personnel sort out such individuals away from the public eye can they then expect to claim any associated rewards that go with FATWA?  Further study required on that one perhaps.

We are also seeing a collection of International Governmental Figures gathering in South WALES and security will of course be top of the agenda-the Welsh suffer from many an ailment and we wouldn’t want them catching anything else.

I could of course mention EBOLA at this point-so all the news relating to Ebola has been changing what was previously known-incubation used to be a few days and death a high certainty-the present model description given is an incubation in weeks and super drug ZMAPP as a cure-so is that related to the fact that the outbreak was engineered and the strain that was released was already known to be  cured by ZMAPP?  Yes certainly strange speculation-though why would the most deadliest condition on the planet suddenly change it’s known model to MOSTLY HARMLESS-yes Hitchhikers guide characters can perhaps get a mention seeing as we are working in the realms of DON’T PANIC!

So there are many stories all vying for attention and of course any given person’s focus is going to be drawn to perhaps where they have Historically associated knowledge-I saw a headline talking of the return of X Factor-I preferred the predecessor Pop Idol in many ways though the format is of course not all that differing-I think it has been demonstrated that public support for the acts fades quite rapidly when they are not getting the associated press-that is perhaps why some of the campaigns for some people to win has not been in the shows interest-far better to support genuine talent that might actually carve out a career in the cutthroat World of Entertainment

Yes so patterns are many and cycles are many and choice is choice and I really do have those been there done that liked it loved it worn the T-SHIRT type thoughts feelings and so on going on hence the unchanging nature of this blog in many ways. 

Very short this one as my thoughts are all over the shop-I had thought about writing a piece on James Bond for some reason so that perhaps another Cycle that sprang to mind-did anyone create a sister character Jane Scond perhaps?

Yes this a shorty though I may write a more COHERENT PIECE LATER though am unsure if it will be published-I am fortunate in being able to save to draft without publishing everything that I write so why all the confusion in a confused World perhaps it is an easy condition to have. 

All very well people claiming they are benefitting society and so on though one does have to wonder at some self publicists and so on.

Enough Already!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So I Use A Title For A Piece & Fail To Mention It

Yes so I used a title for a piece and then failed to reference the title in any way-of course the title was partially tongue in cheek in questioning why are people called DEFECTORS when they switch sides and so on and likewise why are people called double agents when clearly they are still one individual-what is the meaning of the double? inference.

Yes strange thoughts though I am sure that many a reader is well accustomed to such things from myself and the problem can of course be relevance or where can I apply such thoughts and so on elsewhere in the Universe.

Another interesting thing I found myself thinking about was the so-called LAWS OF ROBOTS that we saw in I-ROBOT I think it was again by an Isaac Asimov type writer where it was speculated on programming robots to be unable to harm humans and so on.  I cannot recall all the so-called LAWS though they had been thought through and of course as our FUTURISTIC IDEAS change then surely such IDEAS about LAWS can change also-can they not?

What do I mean?  Well for instance we see a lot of futuristic ideas relating to HOLOGRAMS so what if the law of Robots was applied to Holography.  the problem of course has been that in many developments especially software-that in order to bug test and so on-back doors and short-cuts and cheats and pokes were created and very often they still exist in the final products.  Some quite obsessive folks of course tend to spend a lot of time looking for such holes in software to exploit software and so on.

So it has of course been demonstrated on many occasions that you cannot seemingly create in tact software that is protected to the extent that it cannot be hacked or cheated and so on.  Other ideas relating to such issues are the ideas relating to SELF MODIFYING CODE and patterns and so on.  Again you could in theory for instance create software and then when the software is ACTIVATED the CODES REGENERATE AND MODIFY THEMSELVES.  Sounds great you say though of course “WHAT IF’S” always appear-so what if the code has regenerated itself so cannot be hacked though likewise an original developer cannot gain access either.  Of course you might say in Science Fiction terms that is what we saw in Star Trek with Data and Law-whereby LAW was FLAWED so DATA was created and LAW perhaps escaped being shut down or however one is to describe such things.

So lots of debates occurring very often in relation to what cannot be altered at least in theory.  Many an algorithm has been developed that are regarded as self learning and so on-that being one of the strategies that Computer Scientists tried to use in creating SYSTEMS that could beat the so-called Turing Test and so on. 

So again you might say that even those IDEAS were created with the “PEOPLE LIKE ME” Syndrome at the forefront of the mind.  We have heard for instance historically how Science developed computers to play chess and carry out many an activity that a Computer Scientist or Physicist might carry out though little thought went into the Nature side of things.  No one for instance seemingly said I want a computer that is like a thug-lets get a thug in here and model him.

As progress was made of course they did start realising that the “People Like myself” model that they were operating from was FLAWED and then started to come up with more NATURAL SYSTEMS modelling the World about us and so on-asking the questions of the birds and the bees and nature in general.

For that to happen of course there had to be greater interaction across multiple SCIENCE disciplines and that as I said previously happens more in Computers perhaps than any other field-though as more and more fields realised how they could benefit from computers they all mostly opened up to seeing the possibilities and potentials-the downside being that many a computer course was perhaps reduced to being the “AND OTHER” type modules and level of Teaching.

What do I mean?

well traditionally Computer Scientist type folks came with backgrounds in advanced mathematics and physics and so on and as other fields opened up the computer knowledge was expanded though the level of teaching and so on has perhaps always been in the realms of finding an appropriate level of teaching and learning.  So an exceptionally broad and diverse area of learning and possibly too many extremes of content.  So you could do one module and think the material akin to stuff you already know and another module that places your brain in pain.

Yes you might say that the core knowledge mostly goes unchanged and the same is true for many disciplines though of course breakthroughs often come about through making changes to CORE IDEAS.  That again might be where using SHERLOCK HOLMES type thinking comes into its own.  By that I mean the ability to shut your eyes and visualize and imagine a scene in some form of ASTRAL PROJECTION.

I cannot recall the specifics though understand that as being the way that the character of Sherlock used to go about much of his DETECTIVE work-I should also mention that whilst I criticize a lot of TV I did catch some modern updated version called surprisingly “Sherlock” that the daughter watches and did think it actually rather good-so I am not all HATE TV FILM etc.  Just think that it is too easy to get sucked into watching everything for hours and hours when in percentage terms very little is of a HIGH QUALITY.

Yes another area that I did find myself thinking about writing about was Buckets and Bouquets and for the life of myself have not decided on how that can be brought to useage-buckets and bouquets had been on my mind for several days and then a Polish work colleague working some overtime who we do not often see mentioned seeing the comedy show “KEEPING UP APPEARANCES” with Polish subtitles to another English colleague-I being in the vicinity of the conversation of course thought ahhhh-that’s interesting?

So how SHARED are THOUGHTS?  and how shared are interpretations of thoughts and how shared are ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS?

I ask these questions because mentally at least I have had huge shifts and changes in my thoughts feeling and actions and reactions in recent years through my useage of Holosync and Learning Strategies Modules and meditation.  So if people come up with references and converse on matters that are in your SPHERE of THOUGHT is there any point to meditation?

Again all I would say is that conversation and thoughts and feelings that may have HISTORICALLY CAUSED YOU PAIN of some description-may no longer be triggered if you yourself have raised your Threshold and released associate or repressed issues that you had in your bodysphere or however such things are to be described.

Another interesting STAGE that I found myself experiencing was that whilst I was very much about releasing and letting go many an undesirable thought feeling attitude as the reorganisation has continue I do sometimes feel that I am once again accumulating materials though again it is perhaps being carried out in the manner taught by learning strategies that is about putting information in in a manner whereby you can get it out again quickly and efficiently and so on-so the brain perhaps developing into a dendrite jungle of links and communications and so on-I am not sure if it is just a stage you go through though as I say I have found it d be very differing to how the brain was operating when I originally started doing all the learnings and so on.  The other issue is of course the one of communication between hemispheres whereby do I naturally effortlessly and easily understand what information is coming from where and how it is best used and so on.  Do these things really matter that great a deal.

So a reversal of information interchange perhaps where the threshold was raised through emptying and now information is being sorted and assessed and stored in a fashion that makes it useable and so on.  Strange how such things work and of course one does still have that curiosity as to what I can expect to experience NEXT?  Am I the end product of a Bill Harris or Paul Scheele demonstrating the non-existence of a CHRIST Figure or what?  Yes I know names are shared and links exist and so on though I am curious about what is HEREDITARY and what is LEARNED and what were CHILDHOOD wishes and so on.  Does the Brain body still have the ability to carry on particular functions and so on long after a wish was made?  Can we all expect to suffer through having made some childhood wish to be able to use the FORCE or be like Superman or X bloke of the telly and so on.

So many debates to be had not only perhaps with others but with oneself and more on that separating WHEAT from CHAFF exercises perhaps-if existence is futile you will be assimilated and become part of the Borg collective.

So all beliefs can be tested until you really are pushing up the COFFIN LID and saying I vant to bite your neck.  So Dracula another character I saw a lot of as a child seemingly drawn as I was to many Hammer house of Horror type films and scary stories. 

I see that a Terrorist alert is happening in the UK though again the problem is always going to be related to where any of us is placing our attention at.  For most of us perhaps it is far to easy to dismiss such things as not being real when in fact you can argue that all threats are real just as are the PATTERNS and CYCLES that I seek to impart and teach to folks.  So in all likely hood we will remain at the higher level until inteliigence agencies are able to say that some travellers have been picked up for questioning and so on.  Though let us not forget that the most recent threats came from UNKNOWN TERROR CELLS travelling South on the trains and so on. 


So in Britain we of course had to deal with the IRA threat for many years and that was perhaps relating to a STATE and RELIGIOUS argument over ownership of a Country and so on and somewhat isolated in the same fashion as Basque terrorism is mostly within the Spanish bask region.

The Present so-called ISIS or Muslim type threat is greater because they are not seemingly working from a place of having to keep anyone happy-so the IRA to a certain extent had to keep the local support and Catholic population happy in order to operate-the Problem with fancifully named ideologues such-as Al Queda and now ISIS or whatever variant is being used is that not having to keep any politicians or vested interests happy means they perhaps have greater freedom to TERRORISE than not.

These things are debatable-though my own thoughts are of course that greater numbers of Police on the streets will do little to prevent such activities from REAL terrorists although it might quell trouble from the local estate yobs and BULLSHIT JENKINS’ type peoples and persons.

So we all have the ability to DETECT and BE FREE AGENTS as opposed to belonging to any given faction or ideologue-though that may not be the best remedy for everyone I have over the longer term found it to be healthier than being tied to some absolutist doctrine that is like a STRAIGHTJACKET.

Yes so once again just writing and writing and I will of course observe what happens and so on though as I say I think that when TERRORISTS strike we will all rue the day that we failed to consider that the threat is REAL.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

I Am Not A Collabotraiter I Am A Defector

So Friday being as it was an early work day for oneself I once again found myself somewhat short of time in making a small gap in my day to write an article-and of course life can become so hectic that we keep on going in the same fashion for days weeks years until some incident or accident causes us to have to think or soul search our deeper values and those cavities and crevices and inner recesses that have great big “NO MANS LAND” “KEEP OUT” type signs & protocols within our heads.

Approaching as we are the 31st August and it being just a day a way you might of course see some REMEMBERING DIANA materials perhaps appearing in some quarters-THE DAY THAT SOMEONE DIED-often reminding some of us of how we wished our lives had taken differing courses and actions and so on-for myself of course the day always takes myself back to the circumstances as described here

So for the female population she was perhaps in the realms of living the dream-having gone from Fairy Tale Princess to Mother and Campaigning to raise awareness on various issues and lending her profile to charities and so on-and for blokes she was perhaps in the What Princess’ are supposed to be like realms in carrying out those kinds of activities-and of course when your in the Celebrity Realm whether through birth or inheritance or marriage then there is perhaps greater pressures and greater falls from grace to be seen and the Royals whatever anyone’s opinion is are of course family’s like everyone else-so I myself was clearly from my own thoughts and actions thinking of her in better terms perhaps than most of Society was-my own recall and memory was that the AFTER DEATH mourning and so on did not match the PRE DEATH British Societal Opinion-WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES-I know it is regarded as bad form to speak ill of the deceased though I can speak ill of the living and for myself Society went very much into the realms of CROCODILE TEARS. 

I perhaps had a more balanced before and after opinion or view in thinking that Charles had generally acted with quiet dignity and so on throughout all the mudslinging and so on that was generated after they separated-You do have to remind yourself that THIS MARRIED WOMEN publically cavorted with multiple FILM STARS AND SINGERS and all the rest of it during the marriage-so Britain perhaps has a strange way of deciding what is and what is not acceptable from the differing sex’s irrespective that the same hurts and ill feelings and jealousies and so on can be generated. 

So I in my own mind at least preferred to think of both Charles and Diana in better light of reality than was given by mass public opinion and my action in associating her with a small child in CRITICAL condition at Great Ormond Street Hospital reflected that TRUTH of my own mind.

So The reason I bring that up of course is because I have found myself very much thinking about SAINTS-know not the football club or Simon Templar but those that the Church has decreed as being worthy of honouring in such fashion. I include the wiki so folks have some idea of the expected traditional requirements.

Now of course SAINTHOOD has a number of names associated with it we here of Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Francis, and so on-so I was very much in DECIPHERING MODE in the relational realms in seeking to gain greater clarity on MAPPING and how the early church had chosen particular peoples and names and of course how many a CITY or TOWN or DISTRICT was MAPPED out with DIFFERING Churches given as locations to particular Saints names-does the map generally fit all Cities for instance?

What do I mean by that?  If you take a given Centerpointe within a City such-as London and then look at Church locations surrounding that Centerpointe are they mapped out in the same fashion from district to district (for instance) so is Francis always North, Peter West, Paul South and so on.  The other issue is of course that we have some relational PHRASES ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL, two little dickie birds sitting in a tree.

Of course society has long since moved away from many of the doctrines and ideas set-up by the Church though to my mind many Churches and Diocese and so on still exist and can of course be used by anyone to perhaps work out greater clarity and awareness and so on-that might again of course be in the realms of the BACK TO BASICS that I spoke of previously.

When your in a confused landscape it can possibly help to find ways and means to re-centre or re-coordinate according to your present level of awareness and knowledge-having the ability to return yourself to a centerpointe perhaps.

So I mentioned MAPPING and again as I have advanced I have found that the shape shifting Intelligence ideas do come into there own though the homework in many ways does of course have to be done and maintaining some level of faith and hope that any blind spot that you think you have at present is perhaps illusory.

So what characters within your own life do you have those signs up and around, I mentioned the deaths of course of multiple family elders during this blog though I am perhaps not of a generation that remembers where I was the day JFK died or Elvis died and so on-I mention that of course because I know full well where I was when Diana died and was trying to figure out the difference’s in thoughts feelings and attitudes-we have had multiple other famed peoples die in the intervening years since and again I have not had the same kinds of reaction-I was a big Queen fan though when Freddie died did not wish his spirit to anyone and likewise Michael Jackson.

How can I distinguish between CELEBRATED CHARACTERS and PERSONALTIES and the INFLUENCE or thoughts and feelings and actions and reactions that they may or may not cause myself to take?

I mentioned Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting married and again that relationship came about we were told through his having to split up from Jennifer Aniston (popular coffee shop FRIENDS comedy actress), and so on-so again relationships are often buried for most of us non-celebrities though having such exposure publically seemingly comes with its own set of rules and troubles and tribulations. Best Wishes to Angelina and Brad and the Children, they have seemingly stood the test of time in the meantime have they not?  ICONS AND SO ON TO A GENERATION.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Despecialising Collabotraitors

So here I am minding my own business when I get a top tip that I’m Vanilla and another top tip that Yahoo has better headlines with impact that make people want to open the lynx and I think to myself WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. 

So I go and have a look at Yahoo to see what all the fuss is about and it’s Headlines simply failed to grab my interest in the manner that I was told they would-WHAT?  You need Headlines that grab peoples interest and makes them want to open the links was the recommendation and yes I am sure that news links and stories on Simon Cowell and Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster type headlines does grabs peoples attention though that market is already catered for and somewhat OVERSATURATED (In My Opinion).

Top news of the day is that the Jolie Pitts have married in France and you cannot get a copy of the 7 academy award winning Star Wars 1977 ORIGINAL version for love nor money.  So does it matter if a particular market spot is already saturated to death?  Well the interesting thing for myself in that respect is of course that I grew up in the Country of the red top newspapers such-as The Sun and Daily Mirror and Star and we have perhaps had a tradition of celebrating the Unique Selling Point of such gutter rags-I call them gutter rags though when you look at International SITES THAT GRAB ATTENTION you do find that The MODEL proffered by the Red Top Press is the MODEL of choice for many a person.

So I spoke on the fact that I own another site that I have not really utilised or built up in any fashion and of course I was tinkering-so whilst this blog site can remain predominantly as it is there is of course little harm in my setting my other site up in a differing fashion or CRITERIA MODEL.  The question then perhaps comes from asking those questions on WHO ARE MY TARGET AUDIENCE?  The problem is of course that many of us would like to create our own TV channel full of those things that hold most appeal to us personally-and you can of course with modern gadgets ACHIEVE that-the problem then being that you MAY NO LONGER HAVE YOUR FINGER ON THE PULSE.

So for instance I am not one of the so-called SCHOOLING ELITES that doors open to in terms of jobs in the UNITED KINGDOM.  I notice that is another story that is presently in the EYE OF SCRUTINY.  Does it matter?  Well I guess that if you want a top public life job you have to go to the PEOPLE LIKE ME SCHOOLS that people in such roles have a tradition of having gone too.  Whilst a School Name might open doors-that makes the assumption that the rest of us have any interest in such roles and so on. 

The problem for myself perhaps being that I am somewhat of an inbetweener-I think anyone who works hard and so on and goes for promotion and jobs and so on should be given the opportunity if that is what they want.  Likewise I am an inbetweener in the SOCIETAL REALMS.

What Societal Realms?  Well you could for instance stick a sports channel or NEWS channel on a TV and probably not hear a word of complaint or criticism  from myself even though I am not a big follower of sports and News and watch little TV.  Likewise if you stick a channel on with Jeremy Kyle and Big Brother and Coronation Street on you would likely find myself trashing the TV or topping myself.  So whilst I am of the background of council estates and the so called class that those shows are supposed to represent and target-given the ZERO APPEAL that the trash has for myself I am UNREPRESENTED.

You can of course assume that if I think the shows are TRASH that the viewers are TRASH ALSO?  I do not think that at all though I can see how such conclusions are drawn or created.  Likewise it might be easy to think that I have aspirations to Elitism and following show or TV materials that such people might follow-though again I find that even those kinds of materials fail to HOLD ANY APPEAL.  So the realms of the Beatles KNOW WHERE MAN perhaps.

Yes boring and uninteresting as I might be that can in and of itself hold appeal when you are surrounded by actors and manipulators and twisted sisters on a daily basis.  I think I spoke previously on the iea that all sides can be your best side though you could of course plunge into the realms of SIMPLE PLAIN HONESTY and NOT HAVING ANY SIDES.

Yes WOW all that text to simply say I LIKE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT GOT ANY SIDES? What might I mean by that?  Well obviously living in a World where an angle is expected of everyone simply NOT HAVING ANY SIDES or ULTERIOR MOTIVES and so on can be a HUGE RELEASE and a BREATH OF FRESH AIR IN AND OF ITSELF.

So of course the only way to not have any sides and live a simple honest existence is to be that in many ways though of course having to defend against THE DARK ARTS type peoples is unhelpful and again the DARK ARTS can come in many ways shapes and sizes-you cannot claim that they do not when people use materials here to try to bash myself over the head with.

For instance I have gradually been changing the so-called patterns and cycles that I experience and that can be hard when you are EXISTING AROUND an UNCHANGED SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES-so is my requiring the occasional kick up the backside the same as needing to be hunted? Is admittance of awareness of your own present cycles reason to be targeted by external forces?  who themselves have they’re own respective issues that should be addressed.

So it is all well and good trying to bash Dave for having HIGHS and LOWS and PEAKS and TROUGHS though it can clearly be demonstrated that anyone who claims they have not is probably being dishonest to those they are telling it too and even worse dishonest with themselves.

So why the title?  well many a sales blurb will tell you about how SPECIAL the new version is over thee old version and I saw that word in an ARTICLE whereby they the people involved regarded themselves as DESPECIALISING a product they iked that newer versions of had been specialised-kind of perhaps a BACK TO BASICS attitude.

So someone love the original Mini though does not necessarily like the current Mini.  That perhaps possibly Rose tinted glasses or simply recognising something for what it was as being of a particular time period and so on-much like many an 80’s favoured TV show has been ruined by a modern film and so on.  The cast and crew and time of your life are perhaps what gave you the associated emotions and so on and trying to RECREATE those things very often des not work for many a person-though perhaps can at least trigger memory or however you are supposed to think of such things.

if you are a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE what would the contents of your ENVELOPE look like and feel like and yada yada yada.

What else?  Well COLLABOTRAITERS was one of those words that sprang to mind as being a word that requires EXISTENCE even if know use currently exists.

So what might a collabotraiter be in your life?  I know from my own study and so on that it could perhaps be a word used in relation to INTELLIGENCE GATHERING or EVEN brain hemispheres-perhaps one hemisphere is a collabotraitor to the other hemisphere.

Yes why do we not have more references to COLLABOTRAITORS?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

There Is Clearly More Space In The Sink

So of course I mentioned recently that we are seeing a lot of so-called Cliff references and going back to the time period that I was interacting with Bill Harris on his blog-a common theme that he maintained and repeated during those blogs was that the car has already gone over the cliff.

So obviously I have continued with my Holosync usage in the meanwhile and perhaps a number of meanings for what was being said and discussed on the Holosync blog was or has been beginning to make itself known-by that I mean that the long term users within those interactions perhaps had greater awareness than anything short term or NEWBIES such-as myself had.

So we have seen a million and one CLIFF references and I thought well actually there is room for more that have gone unmentioned.  so we have heard on Cliff Richard and Max Clifford and I mentioned Caliphrates and California I also mentioned Kate Bush and she of course wrote or sang some song about Wuthering Heights and HEATHCLIFFE hence her mention not being in vane.  Another is of course Peter Sutcliffe that has managed to escape inclusion upto the present time and I cannot of course mention the local regimental hero’s without giving a nod or reference to Peter Ratcliffe-he another of those former though perhaps less well known former SAS authors.

One can probably do a search and find a million Cliff related peoples and persons though I do hope that people can see how some of those already mentioned are quite well known.

So I also mentioned recently the SNP’s Salmond bloke and of course when I contextualize my writings another link that came through that was of course Satanic Verses author Salmon Rushdie he who famously had a Fatwah? issued for the books publication-he managing to upset his fellow muslims in some fashion-although in all honesty he is another of those characters that was perhaps famous for upsetting people rather than because his publication was any good.  he perhaps being one of those authors who was lauded left right and centre and then you try to read his stuff and think-what the hell is the fuss about.

So working in the Fowl Factory material of course one cannot go for many years without hearing about some National Salmonella scandal of some description-though my own thoughts are generally that if people cook any bug ridden meat correctly you will kill the so-called killer bugs and bacteria and despite what the press say-those who work in some of the producer environments do actually seek to reduce contaminants and cross contamination and so on.  It is in fact one of those high on the list  “what more can we do?” issues that is always there in the background and when you consider the outcry to number of birds killed you do wonder what all the fuss is about.

Damaging press is of course damaging press irrespective of the industry or profession that you are working in and it is far to easy for public opinion to be given Scare stories that do not take into consideration all the effort that has already gone into reducing some issues.

So I did wonder at what place in all the so-called cycles we are at and I think much of the problem OR knowledge could well be based in this balance of the sexes-we do of course traditionally at least have these figures of having a higher female population than a male population and of course that could well relate to who is controlling differing Countries and nations and so on-we see some nations over the years have taken action rightly or wrongly to remove the having children incentive.  So China had a one child per family for many years.  Some Muslim Nations and India type places have a preference for male heirs and so on.  S lots of differing nations have differing ideas as to what is best and most appropriate for they themselves and they’re own peoples and of course we also have the uncontrollable realms-many former Colonial Countries in Africa and so on who when left to they’re own own devices fell back into old tribal wars and rivalries and you might of course point a finger at Eastern Europe in that respect.  How quickly did Bosna-Serbia and so on return to “Historical Squabbles” as soon as the Jackboot was removed.  So whilst everyone complains about “COMMUNSIM” and Russian Heavy Handedness and the old Style Nazi type regimes we have seen multiple instances where we in the West have probably later thought-Hmmn perhaps those folks actually need a Jackbooted heavy handedness given that they clearly cannot or will not listen to reason without one.

Will Scotland fall into the same fashion that we know from History?  that is of course another debate to be had-all well and good not liking the Southerners though when you are not fighting them you will be squabbling and fighting with the neighbours.  So region by region of the World as we know it (if it was not already) when looked at from the position of Witness or Observer is becoming fragmented and insular and returning to tribalism and the same perhaps said of generational “Where we live or grew up estates” attitudes.

What else well I do keep mentioning Hereford and was thinking about the map issue in the sense that I mentioned St Peters Square and got to think about locations of Crosses around the City and the so-called meaning that they might be given-considering that Hereford is a Cathedral City and much of the layout of the city came about through the ideas relating to LAY LINES and MERIDIANS and so on-is it relevant?

Well an obvious thing for many a person is to take local knowledge and simply SCALE it up to NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL or likewise take INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL and SCALE it down to your City or Town or Estate and so on.  So what information might I get from visiting the CATHEDRAL with a COMPASS for instance-would that confirm my belief in the Churches usage of LA-DI-DA teachings?

Likewise most Cities and Towns have multiple grid Quantrants and those quadrants are again SCALEABLEdepnding on how much research and what knowledge base you yourself are working from.

The best practice I have found seems to be to reduce every little bit or section of knowledge into a COHESIVE set of best practice.  So we can all attune to Musical Scale-we can all attune to colour charts and compass points-we can all attune to SCALE-we can all learn the best questioning practices and so on.

The problem often as I said previously for many a person being that we were trying to pour water into an already perhaps overflowing cup and in all likelihood that cup has not benefitted or serves us as much as we would have liked it to.  So Solutions are empty the glass or make the glass bigger or get multiple glasses.  So lots of differing ways of resolving various conflicting ideas into some forms of workable COHESION.

An area I have of course not mentioned a great deal recently is this DREAM ISSUE.  I know that historically I recommended WRITING THE WAVE as a book that has a number of modalities that can help with creative thinking and so on and I also mentioned some people who have spoken of DREAMS-we have of course famous DREAM speeches such-as Martin Luther and we have also seen in the PC SOFTWARE realms products Such-as DREAMWEAVER so the idea of taking and weaving dreams into workable solutions and awareness is not all that new though of course many a person wants that section of life t change and not this other section over here.

So if the CAR has already driven over or off the CLIFF?  what is the next stage or step of development in RECOGNISING that that is what has happened?  I ask that of course because many of us want to rationalise all the life errors and so on that we have felt that we have had.  We do often hear that knowledge is the booby though one does wonder how can that be when clearly those with knowledge seemingly have more prosperous lives than those of us without such knowledge’s.  I myself of course am still somewhat confused as to my UNDERSTANDNG of HOW DOES MONEY WORK?  Yes I see people say all you need is a WARE or PRODUCT that you can cell whether that is information or a teaching modality of some description.

The problem of course for myself being too many fingers in too many pies-does that have to be a problem?  Well it comes down to the TRUSTING of ones own thoughts feelings and judgement and of course when you have little trust in externals then the inabiltity  to TRUST internals either might be regarded as the impossible position where the only option is DEATH.  So many making the DEATH decision is having already gone off the Cliff.  Likewise that might be the extreme of the extreme for some folks though when you stack up the Positives versus the Negatives in your life it can be an easy choice.  Some people in some quarters as I have spoken previously keep SKEWERING THE LANDSCAPE.  So where once some black and white type choices were quite obvious-those with VESTED INTERESTS in the skewering will not give up-even though it could well be in there own interest.

So I see Child abuse is once again in the news and of curse I spoke on how many of these things are scaleable and transferable although we see differing statistics from region to region when we look at the overall picture then surely there must be some going on in some fashion that can POTENTIALLY be IDENTIFIED whether that is within your Community or city/Town etc. or Place of work or indeed family.

Well enough for myself to be getting on with-plenty of what is the view like from the bottom of the cliff questions to be asked assuming one survived the fall-not to sure on any of these things anymore given the teachings and meditation and life course and direction choices-what did I choose for myself and what was imposed by external vested interests?

Also of curse I spoke of wheel chairs and wheels and of course each generation has had prams and push chairs for the youngsters in recent years-so that perhaps another of those take something you have for one generation and apply it to a differing generation type of results.  Not sure if that is where the wheel chair materials stuff is from within my own knowledge base and of course memories from early childhood are questionable -possibly far to easy to go into what have been described as FALSE REPRESSED MEMORY SYNDROME and of course if anyone can OVER-MEDITATE then I perhaps fall into that category-of not having flowed the instructions to the letter of the law.

So where else can I turn my own attention and who and where can I turn for choices that do not include DEATH?

I see some jobs I might have been interested in have appeared on the board at my place of work-A STRANGE THOUGH TRUE ANECDOTE-is that I often find myself in trouble in HR prior to such jobs appearing on the board so CAUSE and EFFECT politics can be demonstrated if not proven and that is where keeping your own diaries and so on can pay dividends in seeing patterns and behaviours and so on of differing peoples SQUABBLES and EMPIRE BUILDING.  Whilst higher management may not object to myself applying for such positions it does of course not help my cause to have been hauled in for disciplinary action-though it might of course help others who have not been hauled in for discipline-so that is another EXPLORATION for the powers that be to become AWARE of. 

I can well imagine that differing group politics has taken place and I have identified the MAIN CONTENDERS on multiple occasions as predominantly 3 Historical Groups and FACTIONS  that keep reappearing over and over again-despite efforts of senior personal to better get along and so on.

If you’re gonna die-die with your boots on sang IRON MAIDEN and of course many a work environment has employees wearing boots of some description or another.

I’d like to go in and declare myself as SWITZERLAND though I do seemingly keep finding that vested interests will not let myself do that-so what can I do other than DIE? HMMN

Now one area I have not mentioned in relation to writing is and so on is of course NOR and that again is something that will keep on reappearing over and over as people do research and so on-so all these little tid bits that a Whovian might call SPOILERS though how spoiled anyone is in life roles is perhaps again open to DEBATE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂




So as is very often the case at this time of year-the daughter went for one of her annual Big Hair Days.  I say one off of course because I do seem to find that it is on her so-called “Hereford List” I guess when you visit places often enough even those time periods can fall into routines of one description or another.

So hairdresser appointment at one St Peters Square for the afternoon and guess who gets to pay-obviously a simply cut is never enough in this day and age for most teens and I am somewhat well versed in having those “HOW MUCH” moments-though in all honesty I have generally always come away feeling that value for a quality cut or service was provided.

So she has her hair colouring and washing and straightening and cutting and I have to find things to do.  On this occasion I began reading some of the magazines provided-thankfully they have a mixture on this occasion-some car magazine called EVO that I’ve never heard of and that more generically known Good Housekeeping.

So not wanting to plough slowly through the magazines I give them all a quick photoread through and in all honesty they were somewhat uninspiring-nothing that someone who has reached my sort of age group has not seen a million times before. The car magazine full of wish list motors and comparisons-the vehicles very often same or similarly modelled to what has gone before.  They also has some sketched out “cars of the future” type materials and again I thought well you can make that shape and body-shell now-so again sketches by designers with little interest in the engineering that goes on underneath.

The housekeeping magazine faired little better and possibly for similar reasons-very little actual Housekeeping related material in the magazine-a few interviews with celebrities and of course the typical for women’s magazines “how I overcame my HRT side effects” or some such type stories.

So I then went for a walk and popped into a couple of the charity type shops further down the street-whilst they are generally full of clothes I generally have a quick scan of book shelves and so on.  I visited a shop that I had popped into on the weekend-I had picked up a couple of books thinking I fancied reading them and then decided to wait and see if they held appeal.  So today I visit again and the books I fancied reading are still in place where I had left them.  Today however other books must have been bought or purchased because there looked to be various new titles that had appeared on the shelves-multiple Andy McNab books appeared for instance-so I’m not the only one who tired of the Nick Stone materials then.

Of course choice is choice and having cleared out so much mental flotsam and jetsam the decision on direction that you want to take and so on can be all important.  So do I want to read CAR Magazines or SPORTS Magazines and so on.  Again whilst many of those types of materials obviously hold readerships in some quarters and perhaps have pass through readerships at Dentists and so on-the amount of “Shrug your shoulders” contents is usually very high and again they can keep you thinking of things you want in the future though making that future NOW is perhaps where everyone wants to get themselves.

So I returned to Hairdresser empty handed and waited patiently for hair to be finished.  I also paid whilst waiting and again that is quite convenient in the sense that a set price was given and it was relatively quiet so no queuing later should trade have picked up.  Some small talk with the staff on duty and one mentioned that they have had some turnover of staff during the last year though they are one again in team building mode and so on.

Those again are common type generational activities that you can see in some trades and types of business’.  One groups lives go separate ways and another group comes in and starts over as though they are reinventing the wheel though of course anyone who stays put whilst such activities are happening perhaps has a better idea of what they would like to see now as opposed to what has gone on in the past and so on.

So daughter happy with new haircut and styling though given the type of hair she has I am not sure how long the styling will remain intact-she has the type of hair that makes its own styling decisions and whilst she has all the usual type straightener gadgets and so on though he battle will know doubt continue through out most of her life short of opting for Sinead O’ Conner drastic shaves-though of course doing such things for yourself is often not the same as a hairdresser and the gossip and chit chat and so on.

So what else is happening-well I see Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are both now seeking seats in the next parliament.  Both of course famous for Jeremy Clarkson LOVEABLE BUFFOON type behaviours.  The problem perhaps being that they could well end up holding the Country to ransom in some fashion or other.

That’s all folks 🙂

Star Trekkin Across The Universe-Only Going Forward…

Yes I do not know where that old tune came from though it was definitely in my own head as I awoke earlier.  I guess that song is an example of compressed and speeded up sound though perhaps not as useful or enlightening as some of the courses I recommend.

This week has seen some great build up to a Scottish Referendum Debate that I believe took place sometime yesterday evening.  My only real observation was that every time I saw a reference to the debate-I could not help have a BLACKADDER chuckle.  Yes another “You could not make it up”-the one fellow of course named Darling-and I was almost tempted to find a TV and watch to see if Salmond kept calling Darling Darling.  Blackadder a popular UK comedy from a few years ago for those who are unsure of the reference-the comedy did actually have many name related and wordplay jokes through out the various series set during various time periods.

So Salmond of course a strange name perhaps to want to play about with in the sense that you could rush for the Salmon (fish) option or rush for the Almond (nut) option in how you think of why’s-should such a though occur.

Just one of those things of course where Scotland of course is generally regarded as being famous for its Salmon-just as is the river Wye here in Hereford-though in all honesty I think you tend to see far less of them now than perhaps when I was a youngster.  The almond is of course a nut and the origin SURPRISE SURPRISE of Almonds was THE MIDDLE EAST-so there is perhaps a Scottish Jihadist after all-although I notice in my research they are also spoken of in India-as I say my own knowledge came up with thinking it was an ARABIC NUT and then double checked with a quick internet search.  I think I used to eat DATES as well when I was younger and again they are generally regarded as being from the Middle East.

So all that just because some Scottish bloke from the SNP has a name that can be played with-well apparently he won the debate though of course-you might say the impression I have is that both sides are heavily relying on FEAR even though my own thoughts are that SCOTLAND will vote for independence.  I am possibly wrong though given the long history of Anti-English Anti-British sentiment that comes Down from the North-one would think the result an already FOREGONE CONCLUSION.  A bit like the DEATH PENALTY DEBATE that the UK population is denied whereby every survey ever conducted since we gave up the death penalty has voted for the return of the DEATH PENALTY.

So all this dragging along over some long term debate that one generally thinks is a foregone conclusion assuming of course that pollsters are getting genuine responses from the people they question and so on.  I of course can also recall reading the Jocks and the Geordies in the Beano comic as a kid two gangs usually having a fight of some description-I throw that in of course because I mentioned DURHAM in the title a few days ago and that is up in that NORTH EASTERLY section whereby a halt to a Scottish Army advance was made (do not quote myself) just one of those tid bits that came up during research.

So do we need Scotland and will the break up of the Union be all that bad?  Well I think that whilst the Scottish people are well known for fighting ability and hard drinking I am not so sure on the Sailing-I mention that because they do seem to continuously speak of OWNING NORTH SEA OIL and that is FALSE-much as we in the UK like to claim North Sea oil preserves and so on-quite a lot of the assorted oil fields are actually INTERNATIONAL WATERS and whilst most Countries usually have a vested interest in owning they’re own coastal waters-to say that water beyond those is your is up for debate.

The same debate is being had f course in THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS at present whereby CHINA has claimed Oceanic waterways and so on that other Countries regard as they’re own in INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

So plenty to do on the RELATIONAL THINKING STRATEGIES.  My return to work was of course uninteresting as is many a job when you have carried out a role for so many years-and they apparently passed an Audit without myself being involved so I feel SOB SOB surplus to requirements.  Of course the truth is no matter how much anyone invests in work or job and so on generally with Multi Nationals and so on NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN…

I have to take a sojourn at present though perhaps another piece later depending on that ticking thing.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 🙂




So many trades and jobs do of course still manage to maintain traditional Bank Holiday Holidays whilst other companies have managed to wrestle such Holidays away from the staff-very often fooling idiots at the negotiation table with short term incentive when many an older structure was already the better deal for the staff-these kinds of changes have happened across British Society where Pensions and so on have been traded away.  

Is there a way out of such one-sided and one-dimensional approaches to the current practices and changes that are taking place in an environment near you?

So what resolutions can you make as a resolution to yourself on a bank holiday-I did of course suggest that you can likely get to a point where every day should be a day for making new resolutions-like wise I also said there is a monster for every day of the week and of course the problem with my recent mentioning of words such-as CEASAR is that they are predominantly male and masculine whereas other words that I have used have both masculine and feminine equivalents-EMPEROR and EMPERESS perhaps  being the most obvious when we come to the equivalences of Czar and Czarina-likewise in my study of languages I have generally found that many nations split language into masculine and feminine whilst English does not-and that can of course perhaps be a source of confusion for some folks and not for others.  By that I mean that an International coming to the UK might hear words and phrases that for there own language is of the other denominational meaning and likewise English speakers are not necessarily as flexible of tongue to be able to pick up on some of the nuances of differing languages and sounds and so on.

So how can I fix such issues?  The most obvious is of course to practice and retune yourself to musical scales and so on that are pretty much the same across nations and likewise clear out historical confusions of past misunderstandings and so on.  As much as I would like t promote ideas such-as You only get out what you put into an activity-I have in Honesty mostly found such ideas to not be true-by that I mean you can carry an activity out until you are red in the face and have no progress.

Is there a difference to be made that can change everything-well self honesty does seem to be pretty high on the list and consistency and so on and again they are things that require some work and repetition and some might say discipline.  Maintaining your own focus of course when others often have ulterior or vested interests in not changing can be somewhat traumatic perhaps for some folks.

When you change your view and angle and perceptions and awareness and so on you gain greater insight into how differing people tick and so on and likewise that is not necessarily judgement as being able to simply point out where ERRORS are HAPPENING or however one would desire to describe such things.  The self questioning can become natural and as easy as externally referencing though again many people are already within positions of there life up to the present time where past decisions can seem like they are all binding and non-negotiable-failure to re-examine or re-interpret some thoughts and decisions made without awareness can perhaps HAUNT you the most.

I see many an expert say write down your goals in an envelope and stick them in a draw for a year and then at the end of the year see how life is compared to the goals and again I am sure I have done such activities in the past and not seemingly budged an inch-so what areas of my life am I failing to address that is resulting in the failure of these goals?

How can I address the goals with the knowledge and learnings I have now?  How can I benefit from having purchased this course and that course?  How can I benefit from integrating the teachings and learnings into my life? How can I know that my biases are working in the successful manner that I desire?  So apparently


Self questioning and answering sessions can be used though of course the ANSWERS can often come in mysterious ways-these things are perhaps dependant on how open you as an individual are to shapeshifting intelligence and being able to have some FLOW in your decision making and life course and so on. 


There Are Of Course Other Links


So of course once you have become well versed in the following of trails you do tend to find that they pop up all over the place and the reason I mention that is because it would be very easy for people to think that I simply pick and choose those that are most obvious.  Richard Attenborough of course famously played the money man Hammond in Jurassic Park who create the technology and brought the Dinosaurs back.  Hammond was also of course the name of another Top Gear presenter that I spoke of recently and if memory serves correctly he actually lives in the Herefordshire region.

So lots of little triggers and ah-ha’s and the more you see them and so on the more you can write for instance and have references and catalogue and all the rest of it. Another interesting thing for myself was that Auto Trader Magazine according to the gadget carried out a SURVEY among its readership of favourite vehicles from the movies.

Nothing strange about that and I myself have written about a few-what was strange however was that Disney’s “HERBIE” was in the No.1 Position.  The Original Herbie “THE LOVE BUG” films appeared during the 70’s of course though an updated version appeared in recent years.  So I had or generally assumed that AUTO TRADER was predominantly a MALE type magazine preserve where the survey result suggests that the opposite is true-a number of popular to boys vehicles were left out and the survey result looks to have been the choices that you might expect from a women or female readership.

So that probably falls into the knowing your audience realms-whereby perhaps women readers are simply more likely to fill out survey forms and answer questionnaire’s that many a bloke would not unless there is of course some kind of INCENTIVE.

Many a survey will say we will enter you into our prize draw if you answer a few questions and the reality as we all know that some competitions are going to be more popular than others.  I see some popular food manufacturers often boast of large numbers of winners for draws and so on such-as “more than a million prizes, up for grabs” and the reality is that they probably sell that amount of crisps or sweets or pop per day-so when you see such PROPAGANDA you do have to think in terms of RATIO’S (In my Opinion).

What else is going on?  Well I had considered getting an Application form to join RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) though I probably have the wrong pedigree for such an organisation.  Yes many of the complaints about British Film and so on over the years has often been that many of the Royal or Official Chartered Organisations are somewhat geared towards particular sectors of Society and performance.  Having said that I find little to complain about when we see so much dross getting onto TV and so on these days.

The move towards “REALITY” shows and so on simply coming about because they are regarded as cheap.  So there has been a “RATINGS” based shift towards not making quality shows instead filling screens with all to familiar types that you meet at the shops and precincts and malls anyway. 

The problem being that TV/FILM used to be about stretching imaginations and giving inspiration and now its simply like day-to-day life.  I am fortunate that I stopped watching the TV stuff years ago in many ways-mostly through work hours and the kinds of show I used to watch were all late evening-so once you have BROKEN A HABIT and I include turning the TV/RADIO and so on ON as a habit you do often find that once your new regime is in place that you do not actually miss such things as much as you might imagine.  I never thought as a kid that I would stop watching TV though in reality I have watched very little for quite a few years now.

So I also noticed that a lot of HERO materials have been coming at myself left write and centre.  whilst movies such-as X-men did not exist when I was a kid I did have one or two annuals of such characters.  I mentioned the game Elite the other day and anyone who pays attention to the details of names and so on can likely learn a lot from such a game-many of the ships were named or given snake names-Cobra, Viper, Anaconda and so on and likewise there was a JAMESTOWN on many of the planets.  Jamestown perhaps in historical terms the name of early United States settlements-so the Cambridge guy’s who developed the original game were quite clearly up on there own research and knowledge base and so on.  So I mentin that because the new trailer had the name XAVIER. 

XAVIER of course being the given name of Picard oops sorry the name of wheel chair bound professor X of X-Men fame.  So again we have further links to explore-wheel chairs keep appearing I saw in Richard Attenborough’s Obituary’s that he had spent a few years in a wheel chair.  So that links with perhaps some of the links such-as Davros from Dr Who and Stephen Hawking and so on.  As well of course as the spinning big wheels and so on.  Perhaps I have some WHEEL related issues in the non-conscious that is seeking to make itself known in some fashion.  I cannot think of any wheel chair bound related issues in my own life apart from of course having to use one after waking up in hospital and so on-so unsure as to links though something is perhaps on the EDGE OF MY TONGUE AT THE TIP OF MY MEMORY.

So that is perhaps where combining ideas can work better than simply writing-by that I mean that I can pull a pad out and do some doodling or drawing and see what surfaces in the VISUAL realms as opposed to over reliance on this written format.

Well back to work today and an opportunity perhaps to see some of the changes that have been taking place in my absence. I am sure that they will be gearing themselves by NOW to “IRONING OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS” though of course the good old days is never far from some individuals thoughts and processes.  ~ I liked it when they used whips and chains and came dishonest as standard.  All this Human Rights stuff gets on my nerves blah blah blah.

Yes of course human rights is not something that many a company takes into consideration the phrase of course usually relating to some far off distant political landscape at the United Nations and so on.  Though it is perhaps surprising how many a company would do well to familiarise themselves with some of the International Laws and so on.  As many a company law or practice originated in some of those kinds of Global Laws-CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN of course can perhaps be the attitude to take with many a rumour or gossip or whatever.

How many times do we hear 2nd or 3rd or 4th party CHINESE WHISPER when simply going to ORIGIN OR SOURCE cuts out many an unnecessary debate or query and all the rest of such things.  Of course some folks in some roles get tired of TALKING TO BRICK WALLS or indeed perhaps think that KNOWLEDGEIS POWER and many a piece of information is REGARDED as being NEED TO KNOW.

The problem with NEED TO KNOW of course can be that it can be a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD.  how many times have I come across folks referencing materials here as though I am having ago at themselves or a mate of theirs when in reality I have little or know knowledge of what is going on in many a person life.

Yes I am not making that up I really do sometimes find that ASSUMPTIONS are made that I am on FACEBOOK 24 HOURS A DAY SPYING ON EVERYONE when in reality I perhaps acknowledge a notification once a week or every few days.  So once I was hooked up and plugged in all the time and now I am perhaps the opposite in the sense that I have gone in differing directions to many a person that I had on the friends list and so on.

Enough for today though BEWARE OF THE FALSE PROPHETS unless you can pinpoint and detail information as 100% accurate and GENUINE and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂