I Am Not Saying That He Is Unucky But In The Lucky Dip He Drew Salem

So of course everyone has there own voice and how you speak and how you hear can make a huge difference-for instance years ago there used to be a TV advert for a particular brand of Recording Tape and the tagline “At least that’s what I think he said but I need to hear it on an” Wake up in de morning.

So of course when we are young we often do voices and mimic such things and many carry on with such caricature into later life and in modelling terms you might say that people higher up respective business ladders can like it or be flattered when others seek to model themselves on such people-of course these things can be positive or negative depending on how seriously you take such matters-all to often you do not see the true nature of some individuals until after the horse has bolted-whereby you find yourself gradually descending into behaviours and patterns that are the anti-thesis of what was your young and idealistic enthusiasm and so on that led you down particular paths.

So where else-well I have found myself recently thinking a great deal about an old Bob Marley song called “Buffalo Soldier” that used to be a regular tune on a duke box in a pub that I spent a lot of my time in. The tune has be popping in and out of my awareness for a week or two now so I decided that I would look it up and of course THERE IS SOME RELATED HISTORICAL INFORMATION on WIKI as to the US Indian Wars during the 1800’s and the Regiments that came to be known as Buffalo Soldiers.

So yesterday I mentioned General Lee and he again was if I recall correctly a Confederate General from around the same time period and not just the name of the car in the Dukes Of Hazard-I loved that TV program as a kid though I do not think the more recent film came anywhere near doing the series justice.

Where else? well I spoke of a possible Hereford AREA 51 and after a quick google maps search found that Hereford like my work peg number is actually on the 52 Parallel-so that took myself back into degrees and numbers and so on.

What is the big issue surrounding numbers?  Well we do not in day-to-day terms think of ZERO 0 as a Number yet in order to make many a math algorithm work it has been used in such fashion-we do not begin days or the week or the days of the month with zero either do we?  So lots of these little adjustments are required to get to a point of understanding how any given set of numbers is to be used appropriately.

For instance I mentioned the TAROT and that SYSTEM USES ZERO as the number of THE FOOL in The Major Arcania whereby if I wanted to see the VIII 8 card I would find STRENGTH when the ACTUAL LITERAL 8th CARD IS THE CHARIOT.

So I have not fully understood this disparity and then made calculations based in the wrong number set if you like. I am quite sure I am not the only person to have difficulties with some of the mathematics related to whether we use Zero or not.  I think in COMPASS terms you are better of seeking to have zero or at least keep in mind that THE ZERO DISCREPANCY can change any dataset by huge amounts-even when FLOATING POINT mathematics has been introduced a discrepancy can often be found to the Nth Degree.

I also previously mentioned that the two brain hemispheres might be regarded as operating in differing fashion and your ability to retune both hemispheres can have a huge bearing once again on the success of any given dataset of calculations.

That is some basic on math yet the issue can of course simply be that many a HISTORICAL Longitude and Latitude may have been calculated inappropriately so whilst I have not done the work at the present time I will be looking more closely at such mathematical figures and of course many tribes type peoples that calculated through instinct looking at stars or water patterns from boats were said to be far more accurate in natural ability than you perhaps get from satellites and so on-We do have to remember that TV Weather patterns are using BEST SEARCH and MATCH type algorithms based in previous data and a new dataset is constantly being reformulated yet someone somewhere has to decide as to some CUTTOFF point whereby in order to make or meet a deadline you have to demonstrate where the present RESULTS ARE AT.

So of course that brings us again to issues of TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY whereby irrespective of historical issues in your World or Mental Map you want to take the courses of action that might be regarded as paths of least resistance to achieving goals or stepping stones in an as accurate fashion as is possible and you want to develop the confidence and belief that you are able to do that-when you see the best cycles and the detrimental cycles you do wonder why some what might be regarded as negative cycles are returned to-of course it is easy for someone such-as myself who has perhaps had some statistical analysis type training and experience to say that yet far to often the so-called sub-humans (whether through racism or particular prejudices held in the noggin) are dismissed as not worthy of being listened to.  I found myself speaking to various peoples in recent days that I have not normally had conversations with and found them to be highly informative so I overcame if you like some of my own experiential prejudice simply through communicating with peoples of differing data sets.

I think the underlying fears worries and so on relating to CHANGE have been handled quite well in some environments that I have found myself in though of course such PROCESSES are not without some frictions as many habitual behaviours and practices are being let go off-the willingness of individuals to support change processes can perhaps have a major bearing on there own levels of success and the first place of responsibility that anyone looks to for guidance can also have bearing in such issues.

So Reggae Music and Zero Number Discrepancies are where I am seemingly at-Reggae of course related far more to the CARRIBEAN than  the Australasia that I spoke of previously so perhaps wider and broader knowledge and ideas are happening CONCURRENTLY among the assorted KNOWLEDGE BASES that we all have and use as we go about our daily lives.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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