So What Link Might A Hereford Guy Such-as Myself Have To The United States

I found myself thinking once again about this question of United States and of course anyone who has advanced with meditation will likely be able to explain to any friends colleagues seekers of knowledge and so on that our brains are very often somewhat disjointed and full of all the various types of sensory information that we have accumulated throughout our respective lifetimes and further to that the Holosync Meditation Technology can bring you to a mental place of having what might be regarded as United States.

By that I mean that everything we do in life usually has its own trance state whether it is chatting with friends or putting on the kettle or supporting your favourite team or person in your favourite sport.  Whilst we all generally (not General Lee) operate well enough it brings us back once again to the amount of repetitions of information that we have in our noggins whereby the brain can be enhanced simply through clearing out much unnecessary bumph.  That probably sounds strange yet the reality is that unless you actually try some of the types of technologies I recommend you will likely never know just exactly what I mean-and as I have repeated previously there are FREE Binaurial Beat technologies on YOUTUBE that anyone can try for themselves.  I recommend the paid products because I like the service that I get with such products and so on yet I do know that some folks struggle with the finance and using some of the freebies definitely helps though it can seem otherwise early on when you are wanting those improvements.  These things are somewhat stepping stone like in progress.

So United States led myself of course to think of Hereford Connections and everyone might like to regard themselves as having WALL like membranes throughout the brain and of course development stopped in some areas earlier than others perhaps dependant on personal experience-yet the stimulation from the technologies can if you like cut through many old mental walls and barriers and so on that many of us never realised were there-again you have to try these meditative things for yourself to realise just how much you personally might be affected.

Wall Street

So I happened to be looking at some financial related media information and noticed that there has been a Worldwide adjustment taking place in relation to Global Markets-I did of course speak of a so-called RUN quite recently and it does seem to be taking place-yet my own interest came through seeing this sign-WALL STREET actually consists of multiple street blocks yet this particular sign caught my own attention once again because of my recently speaking on the number 22 related information’s and of course the 51 might have significance for the famed Roswell Alien Landings back in 1947 around the time that both my own parents were born or conceived.

Yes so that is of course trivia for myself knowing what I know now compared to my understanding previously-we do of course not have to believe in any of these things or we can learn to use our best judgment  in our research assuming of course that you have any desire to do such research.  Many folks I am quite sure are quite content once they have started on the meditation type paths to settle for the FACE VALUE worth of any information-perhaps some have long held beliefs that can be let go of and I am sure that any of us can still pursue our own interests in beneficial ways simply respecting the right to differ with others of differing belief sets and so on.

Does Hereford Have an AREA 51 I have no knowledge of such a place yet I am sure that were I to research something would of course come into my field of conscious awareness.

Another issue that I did find myself thinking about a great deal has been RESPONSIBILITY, I know many folks are better of for having invested in the technologies I recommend and likewise I also know that CHOICE IS CHOICE and the life choices are personal-so whilst some may continue with greater awareness than before it is not for an outsider or third party such-as myself to tell folks do not break this law or that law and so on-I generally seek to live within the law of the land and that is my own choice.  All I will say is that if you have greater awareness and the abilities to generate money for yourself and so on why indulge in life choices that could later bite you in the ass so to speak-I think the need to rebel or whatever is often intrinsic in HUMAN NATURE yet all to often balance comes through thinking about superlatives such-as IF YOU CANNOT DO THE TIME DO NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. Is the offence or crime worth the longer term effects that you could end up having to deal with?

So judgement is of course personal and again we all have often broken the law simply through perhaps driving at 31 mph in a 30 zone and we pass such indiscretions of as that very word-yet again everyday someone somewhere is paying the consequence of these indiscretions so I will leave it there for now and perhaps turn to becoming a sports commentator or pundit as that is seemingly where many other peoples have turned most of there attention-I do not know how well the Ozzy’s are doing in the Commonwealth Games yet I do notice they have so far bucked the trend in Market data so perhaps that section of the Southern Hemisphere is where the focus of NOW rotations and so on is at or maybe they benefit greatly from being in the zone of ASIAN and Chinese trading zones I am not that well enough advanced to tell yet something tells myself that I will perhaps in time come to further realizations relating to Commonwealth Countries and how the Former Empire Developed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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