So You Leave The Pub Assured That

So you leave the pub assured that you are well under your 30 pint sobriety limit and the World about you disagrees pulling you in this direction and that direction and of course the effects are put down to lack of sobriety.


Standing on the spot you shut your eyes and spin around rapidly twenty times and then open your eyes and seek to remain steady and of course the unsteadiness is put down to dizziness.

So what if in both of these types of examples another explanation can be proffered whereby in the case of the alcohol your usual being somewhat sensory shutdown has been neutralized and you really are being pulled around by ENERGY that your senses have opened up to.

In the dizziness example once again your bodies attempts to restore its own sensory norm has been OUTRUN and once again you are being pulled around by ENERGY that your senses have opened up to.

The reason I proffer these explanations is of course that it is very easy to rush to well used and documented reasoning’s as to cause and effect the most popular of course being those given by Scientists in explanation of Gravity and so on.

The problem of course for anyone such-as myself who has regularly sat quite motionless and meditated for any period of time is that those sensory opening ups can be experienced through meditation and courses such-as the Aura Seeing and the SCIENTIFIC explanations do not really cut the mustard when you have those kinds of experiences in meditative states.

So where am I at in my thinking-well I am coming more and more into alignment with the Synergetic reasoning’s whereby both Religious and Scientific Explanations are correct to the extent of current research and the only question then is one of whether the UNIVERSE really is NEUTRAL or indeed if the so-called ENERGY that we are all apart of and contained within and so on has INTELLIGENCE.  Of course the tradition of God as some old geezer with a beard does not really work and neither do the hard core atheistic scientific explanations-yet those are things of course that you have to progress towards realizing as you go further into the realms of Meditation and having your own EXPERIENCIAL EVIDENCE and so on.

The other problem of course is that there are so many masters and so many modalities that you really could simply spend your life in study as a learner or pupil without ever deciding that you yourself  would like to become a teaching master to your own pupils.  Of course as has also been stated the technologies such-as binaurial beats and so on can quite rapidly change the way you think feel and act within your map of reality and changes that often took years in traditional meditational methodologies can occur quite quickly within months.  I have also found on multiple occasions that I thought I had pretty much peaked only to find that peaking is again usually simply a choice or a plateaux rather than some absolute and quantifiably reached point of Enlightenment.

So I found myself speaking of Tarot a lot recently and of course A E Waite who created the most popular deck of his ERA did not really give much in the way of explanation despite the well known amount of research he carried out in creating the deck-very much perhaps encouraging the users of his deck to come to there own inner awareness and so on-these days of course you cannot escape in-depth explanations on usage and a million bells and whistles as to explanations pretty much crowding out (in my opinion) the self development and/or awareness that simply staring at the cards might bring you too-I mentioned aura seeing and again many traditional methods are simply about staring at particular shapes and so on-again I have done many of these things in the past yet it has only been since using Holosync that I really have been able to develop and or demonstrate any believable and presentable skills at such things.

This morning was quite cloudy and overcast where I live and I was prepared for the stormy day only for the cloud to move on and the not so little one to start declaring superlatives such-as you scream I scream we all scream for Ice Scream-the strange thing of course is that no matter how much the older favoured brands have dropped into budget price I still seem to be paying for the nose for the latest versions and recipes-hmmn

Oh well thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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