I Once Met A Woman Who Changed The Shape Of My Form

The title of course somewhat tongue in cheek in the sense that none of us who are ALIVE today could exist today were it not for male & female breeding and of course how much within any given individual is down to GENES and DNA and how much is down to INHERITANCE within those PARAMETERS is DEBATABLE.

I say these things are debatable of course because when we are conceived and so on many of these things are seemingly down to BELIEF.  We all of us I am quite sure have met peoples who are seemingly very differing in appearance to the Parents and even when DNA tests are made we find that the data is CORRECT-SO HOW CAN THIS BE?

That question of cause takes us back to the BELIEF PARAMETERS whereby what you believe can become self-fulfilling prophecy.  So you perhaps were insecure at school or never got picked for the sports teams and so on and you leave and go on to become a so-called GYM FREAK.

I have met and or know many people who took these kinds of actions whereby they suddenly shot up in height and bulked up accordingly with the exercise and eating that they were carrying out and of course my generation had some very famous examples to follow-Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and so on.  Many people bought into the ENERGY foods and so on to complement the PHYSICAL  regimes that they were putting themselves through and I also know from my own studies for instance that even in those types of regimes you can have PEAKS and TROUGHS whereby you mix up the types of exercises (Cardiovascular/Weights) and eating that you are carrying out in order to meet particular targets and so on.  Current Footballers for instance are likely gearing themselves for the short term new League season and Athletes are gearing themselves towards a longer target 2 years away in the Olympics.

So belief really can dictate everything and how open you are to working towards or understanding your own peaks and troughs can make a HUGE difference.

I have spoken on the IDEA that ALL IS ENERGY and very often we are very much closed down to this IDEA or the idea gets MISREPRESENTED in many fashions-How many MARRIED MEN AND WOMEN like to test the IDEA for instance that they are still attractive and so on to people or persons other than the one that they are supposed to be COMMITED TOO?  Likewise we see the same attitude in people who SWORE to never MARRY as though they have given themselves a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”.

Having studied and-or having had personal experience of many of these LIFESTYLE CHOICE SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS one cannot help think that you are far better of having a TOTAL LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER “CLEANSWEEP” and starting over from the “ALL IS ENERGY PARADIGM” and that of course can still take several years to accomplish.

So one take up meditation and get those aspects of your life style choices that you have RUN AWAY from into your CONSCIOUS  AWARENESS and re question the STRATEGY that was taken that led to those (very often) EXTREMIST decisions.

To find a regular Meditative VISUALIZATION practice that leads you towards the “IVE GOT NO STRINGS” song of Pinocchio-the strings might of course be regarded as the OLD PARADIGM whereby when we know or consider that the AIR is like WATER then the AIR that we breath and all vibrations and molecules and atoms and so on within it is connected-however you can still clear many a REACTIVE BEHAVIOUR and so on from your own system and then create rewarding thoughts feelings and patterns and so on-so that you are not reacting in EXTREMIST manner or fashion to many a KNOCK ON effect started elsewhere by an unaware person.

Sounds easy yet all you have to do in many a case or example is follow the IS IT TRUE? type questioning-so a colleague (for example) creates a vicious circle whereby they do not like Dave S Perkins and you are intimidated or believe that you have to not like Dave S Perkins either and then you find evidence to help you support that belief or make yourself congruent with that belief-yet in reality CONGRUENCE WITH UNIVERSAL ENERGY AND FLOW should be more important to anyone than CONGRUENCE with this person or that person and yes I include myself Dave S Perkins with that PARADIGM.

I consider myself to have broken free from many of these VICIOUS CIRCLE type behaviours and patterns and unfortunately many an environment seemingly attracts the very types of peoples that can cause and create the so-called vicious circles-and or peoples who continuously bite when baited-again far better to create non-vicious circles whereby we change to looking for the positive attributes that any given individual might have-that can enable you to open up or loosen the grip of particular patterns/behaviours prior to then fully letting go of such thoughts behaviours feelings and so on.

These things have to continuously be questioned over and over again-I have often found myself thinking and falling into a trap whereby one vicious circle is considered better than another vicious circle-yet-you really are better seeking to get your own SYSTEMS into the ALL IS ENERGY PARADIGM and repeatedly imagining CLEARING or burning up the so-called DARK ENERGY out of your own WORLDVIEW.

So you can of course find many a differing course-yet I do find many a repetition of IDEA or repetition of particular EFFECTS-so you can develop (for instance) a SEQUENCE or meditations that you run through for each day of the week or each Season or DESIGN according to your own CURRENT KNOWLEDGE and the GOAL that you yourself are working towards.

Yes there are many theories and teachings yet you can be quite pragmatic in decision and choices.

Now some may wonder why I spoke on the TAROT and A E WAITE-well he designed a DECK or SUITE or CARDS and then CHANGED positions of particular CARDS-he famously swapped the position of cards 8 (VIII) and 11 (XI) (STRENGTH/JUSTICE) and of course many that came after followed the change he made-some debate has also occurred on the reasoning behind such a change.

Yet all such debates are INNER THINKING and AWARENESS DEVELOPMENT and for any TOOL you want to use such things by seeking to understand and bring your own IDEAS into a positive or life enhancing or empowered reasoning.

So for myself if folks were to ask myself I was born on the 8th Day of the 11th Month and in UK terms we write that as DD/MM/YYYY (DD=Day Number, MM=Month Number, YYYY=Year Number) whereby if we were born and raised in the UNITED STATES we would write that as MM/DD/YYYY.

So of course that change works well for myself given that both the 8 and 11 are within my own personal set of DATA yet the change on his part could simply have been because he also has 8 within his OWN NAME and was indulging himself towards seeking beneficial or positives within his own sphere of teaching and influence.

As I said above you are OVERALL as a GOAL or STEPPING STONE AIM wanting GREATER CONGRUENCE with UNIVERSAL ENERGY ATTRIBUTES AND VALUES rather than not though many of the tools available can of course be used in beneficial ways towards the GREATER ACHIEVEMENT goal.  You might say that early on in my return to work and hereford (for whatever reason) I fell into MADNESS type thinking because I was unable to loosen the grip or turn on and off the INTERCONNECTNESS that we all have and was somewhat surrounded by VICIOUS CIRCLES-so Identify where the madness or detrimental beliefs are within your own SPHERE and seek to gradually reacquaint or REBUILD yourself in such a fashion that you are able toBE IN FLOW yet have some say or control over the EFFECTS that the INTERCONNECTNESS has over your own behaviours patterns and strategies and so on.

Not sure why I have returned and repeated much what I have said elsewhere before yet repetition is of course another type of tool towards FREEDOM.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 🙂

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