So What Is About Scars?

So of course like many other people I find myself getting mail from this expert or that expert on how you can create your own business from scratch even when you have zero business knowledge or experience or may not even know what your own best skills and personal passions actually are.

And further to that following the so-called enticement trail we often are led towards words such-as Scarcity and the IDEA that we as individuals are living from SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Of course anyone who has taken up meditation will understand that these particular teachers are gearing folks towards the idea that TIME ITSELF is the only REAL RESOURCE that anyone is TRADING and DEALING with-yes we of course want food and some business’ are always going to be needed or required despite many peoples within said companies claiming otherwise.

So for instance Supermarkets years ago went through a PHASE where they very much bought into the ALL-IN-ONE Supermarkets and they actually to make that work employed peoples from those INDUSTRIES-real life Butchers Bakers Grocers and so on were employed.  The problem of course was that as these folks closed there own small shops and so on-the family business type tradition went out of the window along with many of the skills of those kinds of particular trades and associated apprenticeships.

Likewise councils gradually slowed in giving planning permission for the Large Superstores as NIMBY campaigns complained of eye sores on our Green and Pleasant Land.

Another area this type of thinking has occurred is of course Nuclear Power Plants and Large Scale Abattoirs and of course if you KNOW that you as a Company are going to have difficulty getting modern day planning permission for your Store or Power Plant or Abattoir then their is a great deal of RATIONALIZATION in buying existing places that already have some level of infrastructure and local History and so on.

So when I year after year hear that the Company is dying and in poverty and it is only this segment that makes money or is profitable I have to ask the question WHERE IS THE SCARCITY MINDSET being generated & delivered from when all things considered the reality is very much the opposite.  Many a politician perhaps wants to be in control of what is deemed Profitable or financially viable yet all to often too much Credence is given to those sections over other sections that could in all honesty have greater overall influence in the course that the overall Business Plan is working towards.

So of course I have multiple SCARS about my personage and of course when I was younger enjoyed watching so-called SCARY Movies and so on.  Does having carried out those activities make myself more geared towards having a SCARCITY Mindset or CONSCIOUSNESS?

Whilst I understand the principle that you can say and speak anything and find an audience who is likely willing and able to buy whatever it is that you are offering-ACTUALLY getting to a place where you are able to carry this out with a long term goal and plan does seem to be EVASIVE or ELUSIVE so I once again go on searching and questing for that one extra piece of the jigsaw or stone that I have yet to have taken into consideration in my learnings and teachings.

Can I remove the SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS or do I have to simply find a SCARCITY belief and then dissect it beyond belief or test the scarcity belief against some 6-step formula that many a Business generator has already formulated if I will just pend this money with them for there time.

Yes the selling of information’s and the so-called SERVICE SECTOR AND RETAIL SECTORS that are perhaps regarded as being at the TERTIARY end of the (PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY) spheres of powers have been where the United Kingdom has been working towards for many years and all anyone really has to do apparently is find a NICHE of your own that you are able to develop and build upon.

This is a somewhat puzzled and uncoordinated blog piece like many others previously yet it always helps to put thoughts down on paper and then do some witnessing and so on and ask those questions HOW CAN I TURN THIS SCARCITY CONSCIOUS INTO A VIABLE PROSPEROUS SOLUTION?

Wow two blogs in a day I must be mad


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