Dear Dave

Dear Dave

I do not fully understand what you are saying-if the supermarkets as you say employed butchers, bakers and grocers then where is the problem at surely the skill set has simply been transferred to the working populations within those environments and the progress made is as you yourself say “nothing to get angry or upset about!”


Hi Bongo

Well initially that seemed very true in the sense that the skill set merely transferred to the supermarkets and so on yet as time went by and the competition butchers, bakers, grocers disappeared from the high street a new phase occurred within the supermarkets whereby they gradually began running down many “In-House” and “In-Store” professions-and started pushing those aspects of the business out to third party suppliers.  So whilst we see glorious technicolor adverts boasting of everything under one roof-what they do not necessarily tell you is that the service end of the market place is where there own usage of a number of former professions (not all) has mostly been concentrated; for instance when I first worked in a supermarket butchery department (as one of my rotations)-they still had butchers chopping up the animals (in-store) and so on yet a couple of years later that had completely vanished (at that time) and many store operatives whilst perhaps knowledgeable about there own counter services are not necessarily actually knowledgeable about the profession and actual full hands on aspects of those kinds of Business’s because those aspects were pushed further down the supply chain in a somewhat SCALES OF PRODUCTION type action whereby they probably decided it was cheaper to buy from third party wholesalers or specialists in particular areas than to employ real qualified and trained in a profession professionals.

So the reality is that the bigger get bigger by reducing costs and driving the competition out of business (in some ways) however it might also be noted that the strategy taken by some of the Supermarkets 20+ years ago in carrying out such actions can bite them in the ass NOW so to speak because they are not necessarily going to want to return to employing real life professionals with associated costs whether through training and experience and so on and that means when the WHOLESALERS and SPECIALIZED suppliers step up there own game and get there own respective houses in order-so to speak-they can to a certain extent not be held to ransom by some of the more outrageous bargaining strategies of the Supermarkets.  They would not look very good to customers if a regularly found item in most competitors stores is not on their stores shelves  That again can come down to staying on the right side of win/win strategies and so on and if a Company has to run itself to the wire of bankruptcy to please retail sellers and so on then you are surely not operating in win/win zones-you are operating in win/lose zones.  As long as you maintain a disciplined spending plan and budget and training staff and so on irrespective of AWARENESS you cannot have any reason to be passing on SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS to employees. (In My Opinion).

Yes a middle of the night special and once again just airing of thoughts relating to some issues that have been jingling around the item within the skull.

Another area I will perhaps look more closely and pay attention to  is this issue of VOWELS AND CONSONANTS-how many words in day to day life have you ever considered running the Vowels Through and then seeing if it is a real word or if it is something missing that could exist at an appropriate time.


I do these kinds of basic things because I do find that many a word not in one language exists in another and likewise when you listen to FAST FINISH type recordings regularly enough you can come to find that YOU KNOW FAR MORE THAN YOU THINK!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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