Is Chapman Pincher The Missing Link?

So like many other folks I like to have a look of some description at daily headlines and on multiple media services and today a name that repeatedly occurred as somewhat standout from the usual selection of peoples was a chap by the name of Chapman Pincher-so I read a little on one site and then see him referenced elsewhere and of course he is famous in an area that I have actually studied in a great deal in recent years JOURNALISM and so I am thinking that he is getting perhaps a greater level of tribute than the many other thousands of former journalists that I have never heard off who die and so on.

So like one or two other deaths that have been somewhat highlighted in my World View I think that this guy is definitely worth doing some further research on and I go to Amazon type in his name and a couple of well affordable books pop up and I buy them.

So result?  His estate perhaps gets some further funding for the lifestyle he has perhaps afforded them-you get to call myself an Ambulance Chaser or however one is to describe people who follow the Obituaries and I get to read some truly awesome books that would likely have normally slipped under my radar unnoticed.

Yes I photoread the first book and did previews and post views yet could not put it down every page is like a NAME DROPPER zone of tid bit’s of information’s and AH-HA’s that has my own mind linking things to my already well extended database of knowledge.  I spoke recently of Tom Clancy who was of course a fiction writer yet when you read this guy’s real life stories and so on one cannot help to think he is perhaps one of those missing gems that brings your own so-called knowledge into a broader field of awareness’.

I have done the so-called super read and so on and was so impressed that I dropped into regular fashion on page after page so for myself as I say a great contribution to some journalistic views on some major events of the last Century exceptionally well connected from the Royals through the Military to GCHQ and Dignitaries and people from around the World beyond-how much is fact and fiction is of course debatable yet anyone who loves detective espionage and so on could do no worse than to give this well tribute guys works (based on some real life goings on-whatever the angle or perception) a read through.

So I was so impressed I wrote another 2nd blog two days in a row of course that is of course because I could actually just write and write and write yet do like to impress that how much is worthy of reading and how much is simply detritus is of course dependant on whether you like some really great and stimulating works to pass the time with.

Thanks for taking the time to read my articles and HASTA LA VISTA BABY 🙂

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