Does The Par 4 really Open Doors

So of course once you have entered into the spirit of writing and writing and writing your thoughts can actually begin to unravel themselves though I do find that the assistance of the various modalities I have bought and paid and purchased also helps a great deal.

The ability of course to translate information from FREQUENCY to FREQUENCY can actually dictate the thoughts and feelings and realizations and so on-I think that is why some of the separating out colours type modalities such-as Spiritual Codes and Aura seeing and Seeds of Enlightenment help a great deal-you can for instance find that the triggers are not necessarily where you think they are coming from-so you might well be balanced at your 4th and 5th and 6th Chakras and find that difficulties are coming from your 2nd and 7th Chakras and so on or vice-versa many a person of course thinks that 7 is Heaven yet the reality from my own study is that H is often on the other side of how you translate G and that of course is why I criticise some kinds of baiting because quite simply people are being shut down to real reality rather than opened up to real reality.  Yes people of all stripes can be using the modalities yet when people are shut down then the ILL Health’s can set in and that can lead to GROUPS of people even those thinking they are having a bit of fun experiencing sickness disease and all the other so-called negatives.  Why play into the BODILY EGO close-downs that some people profit from in truly negative ways especially when there really are experiences that go beyond so-called Human Sexuality Issues and so on-someone perhaps at one PROGRESSION of Society thought that was the so-called top position yet anyone who has continued study knows full well that those claims are Baloney.  So yes have choice though do not pretend to have the only choice when all options have clearly not been put to any real subjective thinking and testing.

So par four in Gold is of course easier than a par 1,2 or 3 though it can still be down to personal experience of how you go into any CHALLENGE.  The idea of having a clean sweep or RESET for each and every LEVEL and visualizing yourself carrying out such things really does work though of course you have to grown into your NEW REPETIONS and adjust accordingly with each GAME OR HOLE OR SET WITHIN ANY MATCH or type of game that you are FOCUSSING YOUR SKILLS UPON.

Yes the skills are always transferable among differing areas of life though due to sectorizations and compartmentalization many a person has hidden away long lost so-called self-sabotage type behaviours that require bringing to the light of awareness prior to a decision being taken on PERSONAL next best course of action and how any such ACTION relates to the ENVIRONMENT you find yourself in as opposed to how others interpret such things-so those with AWARENESS AND KNOWLEDGE and FLEXIBILITY to FACE CHALLENGES are perhaps better positioned to prosper through the POWER of INTENTION than those who simply fall into the RESTING ON THEIR LAURALS TRAP.

EVERYTHING IS IN CONSTANT FLUX and SETTING YOUR OWN PLANS AND ENSURING THAT THEY ARE IN ALIGNMENT WITH GREATER REALITIES can be difficult early on yet perseverance and staying as true as you can to INTEGRITY and so on in the LONGER TERM can REAP Rewards THAT SHORT TERM PANIC BASED BEHAVIOUR does not so always be aware of TIME and that you really are not the ONLY ONE who has studied and put in the work and done the courses and MEDITATIONS and so on.

So FOUR IN A DAY and THE POWER OF FIVE can set the stride should I so desire to CONTINUE in such a VANE be it weather or bodily the COMPASS SPINS in directions unknown will Dave ever write a best selling tome.

Bye Bye 🙂

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