Dr Who On The Rack

So of course the not so little one is somewhat of a fan of Dr Who and informs myself that she is a Whovian-to which I reply you’ve never used a vacuum in your life such is her aversion to the basics of household chores-however that is all of course a digression from my originally intended piece-so where was I-ah yes-Dr Who on the Rack!

Rose asked myself to find some clips of the forthcoming series EIGHT (ARRGHHHH) with the NEW DR and whilst many exist on-line I found that they had mostly been taken from official sources so simply went to the BBC DR WHO site and first up was this series of clips http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p023lcbh

The first clip of course being the Dr sat on the roof of the Tardis (Perhaps in the Vaccuum of SPACE) in a MEDITATION pose-that for myself of course was COOL-some might recall that when I released the new version of my http://www.silvertoevelocity.com last year I had included a small poetry challenge

So do you wish upon a Star, One day I may know of Who you are, Until that day presents itself…

Of course Bill Harris on his blog did not publish the New Website Until the EVE of the DR WHO-DAY OF THE DOCTOR-special that had been long awaited by Whovians such-as my daughter Rose who upon seeing the new clip passed his meditation pose of as he being allowed to be nuts cos he’s the Dr. (Dave=humph)

So another interesting clip was of course one with the VOICE OF DAVROS (Creator of Daleks) which was (I am speculating) from some LAST TIME WAR sequence.

Anyway yes so there has been a steady build up of images and so on for the forthcoming series-though given the actor Peter Capaldi’s previous TV ROLES many a funny has been put together elsewhere-he having played some exceptionally foul mouthed characters during his career-the title was going to ask where the Tardis lightbulb was or some other such naughty yet I thought better of it given that you never know who you are being read by at any given time e it now or a future now when someone else has stumbled upon the blog.

So returning to the Numbers thing my daughter mother’s name is actually KATE and before we were together and so on it did not even occur to myself that is represented perhaps as an intermixed alpha numerical sequence 11 08 (11=K, 8=H) again bringing us back to my own birthday numbers and how they were switched in the Tarot by A E Waite and further more her eldest son GEORGE was if I recall correctly born on 11 08 .

So lots of little connections that life the Universe and everything had managed to mix up in confused ways that in retrospect and meditation are quite easy to separate out into AH-HA’s and so on.

Of course that is for myself and herself historical past and so on and not relevant to present lives and so on-yet such historical working things out can of course improve how you go about life the universe and so on now in the sense that most folks want to come to terms with past events in order to move forward with greater clarity awareness and positive life expectancies and so on-rather than constantly falling into negativity spirals etc.  So of course many people of my age group or category generally have a few so-called EX’s that trigger various reactions and going through such mental catalogues of such people can of course lead to even further realizations and clarity-though again it might for some people be easy and others not so easy dependant on how much investment (as it were) was placed in such relationships-THE TAKING SOMEONE FOR GRANTED ASPECT-is played out by many a person of all stripes far more than is often realized until they are not there any more or indeed have changed from the person you knew at that time-I say this because we often hear of childhood sweethearts getting together in later life and sometimes it works out and other times is does not-ROSE TINTED GLASSES is a well worn route yet there is know harm as long as you are aware or have done appropriate research to have the clarity or know where you want to change parts of your life or actions and behaviours-of course some folks come out with You cannot teach an old dog new tricks-I say explore that IDEA and see if it is true because my own experience is very much that the saying is FALSE. many an older generation person took up some of the modalities I recommend and you can see how they have changed as much as some like to act otherwise-I think of course stepping stones to new behaviours can be just as good as the clean sweep and choice is choice.  The ABRUPT option can work for folks perhaps who feel they are on the BRINK or whatever-perhaps more motivated.  Each again of course wants to seek to bring the best attributes to the fore-yet knowing what those are can take time to develop.

So I put this word RACK in the title and nothing to be confused about IRAQ or CAR TRACK or RACE TRACK or being STRETCHED ON THE RACK by the SPANISH INQUISITION.

Yes there is a song called AMAZING GRACE though of course that might have a negative impact on peoples health and so on were you to do as I said in my earlier post and REVERSE the letters and so on-likewise understanding where your own triggers are from and what are not your own triggers are from is also important-some people say that if I cannot escape IMPERMANENCE then I may as well stay the same and that is RIDICULOUS it is the same as saying there is zero link between PAEDOPHILES and peoples SEX obsessions and so on-far better to meditate and clear the crap out your own SYSTEM then when such people continue you can be assured that you (whatever your own preferences) go mostly unaffected by EXTREMISM-many a person HIDES extremism behind alleged JOKES and HUMOUR and that is in spite of the MAJOR CASES such-as JIMMY SAVILLE and ROLF HARRIS that we have been subjected too-that is why you are often better simply opting for the Police option in harassment cases and continuous baiting and so on-my own AWARENESS generally shows that the minority groups are mostly better behaved than ALLEGED non-minority groups though of course that can change from MOB/MAFIA/AREA workforce/team/group and so on-so whilst know absolutes exist you can generally pin point the really HARDCORE people who need time with a GULLOTINE or waking up next to a HORSES HEAD.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

PS Anyone Who has practiced Thinking Wearing A CAP or having a point of light behind head for some modalities that POINT IS REGARDED AS THE EIGHTH CHAKRA

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