Hallowed Be Thy Name

So of course I have seen headlines related to the retrovirus known as EBOLA and found myself thinking about that particular word a great deal-I did years ago read a book that was very much about that particular virus and how it first came to attention so to speak of the West-unlike its colleague in the retrovirus World AIDS-EBOLA is far more deadly and has a tiny incubation period-you get it and your most of the way to the funeral parlour before anyone can say Bob’s your uncle with a diagnosis.

However that is not my own interest-I think I have written previously on this virus and I think it perhaps this time around has had me doing the word play and of course the title-we take a well known sentence and then speed it up or sound it out backwards and EBOLA backwards is ALOBE hence my title-however further playing around can give you many differing triggers in differing directions of awareness or thought play-so the Earth is of course considered a GLOBE and if you imagine the GLOBE is surrounded by ATMOSPHERE and so on then that could be called ALOBE and of course we have our EAR LOBE’S so further explorations.


You can of course do a BREAKDOWN whereby you break the word into individual letters and then go of on tangents for each letter EBOLA E=ETERNAL, B=BODY, O=OF, L=LOVING, A=ANGELS.

or you can break it up in nonlinear fashion and intermix the alphanumerical so 05 02 15 12 01

I actually find this particular number sequence quite interesting though of course trying to explain that to anyone could be somewhat difficult as could the rapid death effect that the virus has on people.  I entered the number as a set of COORDINATES in Google Maps to see what I would see and all that I could see was the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC so it seems that the Virus was simply named after the LOCATION COORDINATES that the virus ORIGINATED.  POSSIBLY?

I say possibly of course because we any of us with names could translate them into a number form and then enter them as coordinates in a map search though of course some names may present problems-far easier to use complete forename and surname type combinations though again it is just a simple game play to see what comes up-as we all know it can be far to easy to rush to positives in denial of the most obvious or likewise rush to negatives in denial of the most obvious.

So that again perhaps a repeat of one or two things I have spoken on previously yet you do have to a certain extent work with information available than not.

Where else has my attention been well I spoke of the dead journalist yesterday and so on yet his colleagues continue like the dedicated pro’s that they are.  Yes of course when you have a living of some description to make-it can be good to remind yourself that the World does not stop turning when any individual one of us wants to get off or however particular events in folks’ lives are described.

In meditative terms I have been concentrating on improvement of various SENSES so one day I might study related to SOUND, Another day I might study related to SIGHT and so on that is not absolute of course because most modalities themselves combine more than one sensory modality yet there are ways to decide among them which are those tht you need to focus on at the present time and of course as we are developing greater sensory acuity and intuition then it can do no harm to go pot luck as part of your exporations.

Yes the intention and purpose you are following is important yet regularly using exercising routines of various sorts is again a way of stretching beyond limiting beliefs and encouraging brain plasticity if you have not experienced those kinds of changes already.

Possibly another post later, the body is grumbling for food.

CIAO for NOW 🙂

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