The Power OF Free So Pronounced In Three

So when we look to this blog I have sometimes written one a day other times written twice an day and rarely invoked THE POWER OF THREE dun-dun-daaaah.

So this piece to keep it simple I found myself thinking about PLANES, TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES and further to that how Historically we have named such CRAFT.

So we still generally have a NAME THE SHIP ceremony for ships yet as is often the IDEA of PROGRESS these things have been often removed from people so where once Steam Engines had names such-as THE ROCKET these days they have great long series of numbers that are meaningless beyond the most diehard of Train Fans-of course car and automobile companies also still NAME particular cars and models though often they are somewhat generic and lacking in the SPIRIT of how such things have been Historically done-far more RELIANCE is placed in COMPANY NAME that BRAND NAME for instance I WANT A FERRARI/PORSCHE/LAMBOURGINI/BMW/MERCEDES Et cetera.

Ship builders perhaps have no such luck of people buying into there names.  So some folks of course enter into the spirit of naming things by giving Cars pet names.  However that is often of course personal to them and does not extend beyond perhaps immediate friends and family knowing of such “pet names” and monikers.

So of course again when we look to success and so on many folks generally have NICKNAMES attributed them-some can perhaps be more popular than others-these things can very much depend on how long you have been known from such a moniker yet all to often some folks again opt for less than savoury options when seeking to influence and such BRANDING of course is dependant on any given recipient KNOWING that a BRANDING is INTENDED as UNSAVOURY or whatever there is little value in many of these things because all to often you are again simply muddying the waters of some peoples lives and so on.

So I was wondering why for instance some families and religious traditions have huge great long sets of names whilst others do not-for instance Royal Family’s often have multiple names and in ISLAM you often see huge combinations of multiple names of course many a name never gets used for instance I spoke of my daughter and her name to myself was GWANWYN ROSE PERKINS though she informs myself that it is GWANWYN ROSE BOYDEN PERKINS-so that I think demonstrates that what was or is on birth certificates and so on generally becomes irrelevant to how peoples themselves want to be known in later life-we often see children of divorce’s reverting to a childhood surname for instance in later life and many a SHIFTY Business Person has gotten around being Bankrupt and so on by changing names by deed pole and so on-and again we also see people giving up on particular business’ and then reappearing in connection with a business later on.

So NAMES are perhaps to be played with and thought on and played around with so that whatever set of cards life has dealt yourself and whatever suffering or not suffering you have experienced you always have the choice to reacquaint or change things around in some fashion.  I for instance could completely ditch my own name that has been so smeared and slandered and so on and simply given vibes that I do not relate to or indeed I could create a new start up and change my name associated with such a start-up much like many an actor has a new name for a new role-you can have a new name as a PEN NAME (Authors) or a STAGE NAME (Actors/Actresses Singers and Songwriters ARTISTE Et Cetera).

Of course staying within the bounds of what people will accept or not accept is personal choice though it can be found that few of these activities have not brought the desired results to those that have carried out such activities-many a villainous FAMOUS person has avoided a press story simply because the COURT hearing and so on was carried out under a birth name or deed pole name rather than the FAME NAME.


Thank you for persevering with these strange writings upon a blog wall will you know what to do when the POWER COMES THROUGH YOU.  TTFN 🙂

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