Did I Not Mention The Game Of Chess

So “Here We Are, Born To Be Kings, Masters Of The Universe…” The old Queen Song from the Kind of Magic Tour and music from the Movie HIGHLANDER (Scotland Being highly Relevant un multiple ways at the present time for those in the AWARENESS INDUSTRY.

So today is of course the 8th day of the 8th Month and the Year might be confused with a 24 Hour Clock time suggesting that WE HAVE ALL THE POWER OF *8* at our disposal and I can well imagine all sorts of weird occurrences and events happening on such a day though of course INTERPRETATION DEPENDS ON KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS and your own PROGRESSION.

So 8×8 might be regarded as being like a CHESS BOARD equal to 64 of course and if we cube that then we are given 512 and that is of course a very COMPUTERISED way of looking at these things especially as the numbers also relate in real life to how home computer & silicon chip development was carried out.

However I did have a fleeting thought relating to chess recently though it was going to be called RAINBOW CHESS and was going to be a new version of what is of course a very old game.  I do not know when it was created and developed though I did somehow find myself playing it during childhood and was if I say so myself one of the better players among friends and family-I have since not played the game for many years and can probably be beaten SOMEWHAT EASILY though of course that was then and this is now.  So where did the Fleeting Thought of Rainbow Chess come from and what am I supposed to do with such fleeting thoughts.  Far to easy to let them go and then of course see someone else who has carried an idea to completion benefit from the rewards.  I think there have already been some changes to the game of chess such-as 3D Chess and so on though I am unaware of just how popular some of the attempted improvements or EVOLUTIONS are over the ORIGINAL GAME.

So anyway I liked the game as a child and was good at the game as a child so how did such things manage to fall by the wayside so to speak during latter teenage years and twenties and so on?-the obvious to my self explanation once again goes back to accident and PRE versus POST mental or cognitive functioning and where Life Focus was being concentrated at those times.

Though of course the unchanging nature of aforementioned game and pieces does enable any one to return to such games in later life and reacquaint themselves and so on.  Once movements and abilities of pieces are understood the battle generally commences with strategy type thinking of direct assaults and movement (Linear) versus indirect assaults and movement (Non-Linear).  The Mighty Queen of course regarded as the Powerhouse of the Board though the King through lack of ability is generally regarded as being the piece who has to be CAPTURED.

Whilst the Pawns might be regarded as official canon fodder the King is not that dissimilar when you consider that one space at a time is only one space at a time even if that can be in ALL Directions-I guess some TYPE OF POLITICS can of course be also learnt through such a game and of course the inability of Pawns might be through lack of AWARENESS whilst the INABILITY of the King might be through POLITICS the having to be the PUBLIC IMAGE of a NATION and sayings such-as THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE ONE OR THE FEW.

That of course also reminds myself of RELATIONAL DATABASE type relationships hence my previously suggesting that folks learn about how those things have been structured in DATABASES.  The INTERNATIONALLY set standards have generally been adhered to by most development Companies-of course some things have twists or hacks though these days few people attempt changing LONG TERM made INDUSTRY decisions because the Politics and debate was often very well thought through to cater for all EVENTUALITIES.

So returning to CHESS this is a game of course much like the weather whereby each piece can have a bearing on the final outcome and each slight change in board conditions can also effect the outcome and how quickly you can go ahead and work out multiples of strategies for gameplay sequences can dictate your SUCCESS or lack THEREOFF.  So because of the CALCULATIONS REQUIRED it was once thought that such abilities were beyond what we could build COMPUTERS to do and yes these days most home computers have versions of the game whereby you often have to turn down difficulty level to beat the computer player.  So that being so how can we say that the HUMAN MIND is still far more CAPABLE than anything we can build in a LABORATORY.

Well EVOLUTION and the APPEARANCE of SUPERHUMAN TYPE ABILITES when we think of PRODIGIES (no not twisted fire starters) I mean children who have demonstrated abilities whilst young whose parents have ENCOURAGED or ALLOWED such abilities rather than suppressing them or however some of these things occur.  I remember from my own primary school days one or to vague instances whereby I recall or felt having been held back simply through perhaps Social Class Teacher Politics and so on whereby in order to get anywhere I had to do demonstrably better than others of “WEALTHIER” backgrounds so of course such events might inspire some and weigh to heavily on others and advancements through schools and so on can gradually erode away at natural talents and abilities when you are not getting any kind of support from anywhere.  The same can of course be said for folks in work environments who thought they would join companies low down and work their way up only to find that joining low down was a pointless ego exercise probably detrimental to health and likely to end in lifelong bitterness’.

The same might of course be said for abilities developed through meditation and the other courses and TECHNOLOGIES I RECOMMEND whereby BELIEF INTENTION can make all the difference.  Yes anyone can stand alone though it is preferable to have peoples that you can do competitive positivity against (perhaps) as opposed to competitive negativity.  These things of course might be also related to MAGNETIC FIELDS and so on though do not quote myself-I am merely speculating.  When we see SUPERPOWER HEROES and so on then we often see FULL SPECTRUM’S of abilities among groups of individuals or indeed concentrated in one or two individuals.  So these things of course demonstrate that both individual and group efforts and relationships can work-you just have to keep on working at whatever it is that you personally want to achieve.

So Will we see the POWER OF THE DAY or will it pass unnoticed by all but the most AWARE and ADVANCED IN THE SPIRITUAL POWERS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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