So What If Its Sounds Like A Bingo Call

Of course all ideas are just that and stepping people towards enlightenment in an ethical or integral inspired manner is perhaps more difficult than most of us perhaps think though of course some courses of action and modalities are choice driven and there are always sellers a plenty claiming they have the answers to all of life’s problems-whilst that is the continuing debate the reality for anyone is perhaps that many peoples actions are based in lack of awareness-so for instance it is not particularly helpful stretching the idea that all Prejudices are based in lack of awareness when many an aware person is seemingly deeply involved in some of the worst of extremist views and biases-that may work for they themselves in terms of perhaps being in flow with particular Worldviews though it does not necessarily work for anyone that they have inspired among the unaware.

So I was thinking about this issue of my Tarot Knowledge and how it is seemingly incompatible in multiple ways with several modalities that I have taken and of course wanting to explore such things I have to look back through assorted History’s and whilst my prior knowledge and research was actually quite extensive I do know that I have seemingly benefitted more from the newer modalities than the traditional ones albeit the Meditation does of course seemingly have a huge bearing on these things.

So the obvious thing for myself to seek to do for instance would of course be to develop new integrative thinking around these issues-I know many a la-di-dah has bought into the more modern and so on ANGEL cards and people such-as Doreen Virtue have seemingly made empire’s out of such modalities-though for myself I do not think that is the route I as a bloke would personally take.

What do ya mean Dave you took all those other la-di-da courses without giving in to hate campaigners did you not?

Well the problem I have perhaps is that I personally like many of the teachings surrounding the game of black and white and yin and yang and energy healing and so on yet the Angel Card type modalities for myself at least are perhaps to much into the sickly sweet realms-yes there is an audience-much like there is one for people who like pink extremists-yet how much is genuinely balance seeking and how much is setting people up for huge falls at some stage in there respective lives-there is nothing wrong of course with anyone wanting to live a life as they see fit though the GENERATIONAL INHERITANCE issue for myself at least suggests that knock on effects are going to be leaving future generations in some seriously ****** up World (if it is not that bad already).

So before anyone starts criticizing aversion to pink I used to have a flat that my then young daughter visited quite regularly and there was plenty of pink to be seen around the place as she went through a pink stage as some girlfriends and so on from that era could testify-however that was myself making a conscious effort to have some kind of family oriented home balance rather than returning outright to a Macho man bachelor pad type styling-I can take most things or leave them though I genuinely like places that have some balance and that is rarely found in one colour obsessions.

So anyway the obvious Solution would of course be to take my present knowledge and awareness and see if I can create another similarly related modality.  For my own eye and learning for instance it would be quite nice to have a deck that shows representations of Engineering Cad like views-much like we have in our Graphics Software Studios-you have a side view a top down view and a cut through view and a whole view (as an example) that of course could be as easier or as difficult as I choose to make it.

So for instance many a Tarot Deck has the tradition of four Suites and A major arcana and a lower arcana and I could for instance give each suite one of those differing views so where traditionally the cards are split into cups, swords, sticks, pentacles you just find a NEW ANGLE to work from.  I like Marie Diamond Modality’s for instance and her coloured yin/yang very much look like top down views of peoples heads (for instance) the other issue is this one of DEGREES whereby the TAROT traditionally is said to represent 78° DEGREES the idea being that each of the (mostly) 78 cards is there for a combination cross-over-I think in the I ching (Hexagrams) we get 384º represented and in the traditional compass we have 360º so you can see how trying to bring multiple modalities into a FORMALISED INTEGRATIVE SYSTEM might be easy or difficult depending on how much work is put into separating out the actual goal requirements of what you want the deck to do that is differing from all that has gone before.  So for instance I like SIMPLE whereby decks could be looked at in straight forward fashion and given a reading, then someone came up with inverting cards to double the meanings and you can see how that again complicates (in my opinion) yes I know that anything can be understood by the brain from all angles as does anyone who has done photo reading yet if your working with pictures then surely you want an impression of what the CREATOR of any suite or deck is trying to impart to you.  Many attempts have been created at differing shaped cards also and it is sad yet true that some of the most popular decks are the very worst for any kind of enlightenment or actually being helpful learning teaching aids.

So again you can see that many get around this by saying well instead of relying on the deck we rely on the LAYOUT or SPREAD and then of course we get this card spread and that card spread and a million and one card spreads that again are not necessarily going to work well with all decks and so on.

So anyway thoughts on paper and this early mornings piece was like a bingo callers three fat ladies instead of course the traditional two-so that could be something that anyone might like to try and do-take what you know from courses that you have learnt from for instance Learning Strategy type courses (I spoke of Marie Diamond because she has a suite of programs) and then see how you can create a compatible Deck the most obvious issue from the off is of course that the traditional major arcana has cards 0 through 22 (23 in total) and of course one of Marie’s courses is famous for her 24 face Diamond if I recall correctly) so again you find a problem that know one has looked at and then give yourself the challenge to create a new angle-the spiritual codes course was excellent in bringing together multiple ideas and modalities that have been seen before and I think a small companion Tarot course would be excellent-much like the Diamond Hexagrams and Diamond Colours were companion like to the Famous feng shui courses. Diamond Tarot-I might even email them and make that suggestion-hmmn hello hello is anybody out there listening?  pretty please 🙂

Yes so some business have all the luck and resources and money and then some folks such as myself like teachings and learnings yet do not do well in the realms of being the front person-even though of course many a business could not operate without a full time staff or ENTOURAGE of some description.  This Dave perhaps not a fraud like THE WIZARD OF OZ hidden behind some curtain (movie character version as opposed to the 14 books version) yes the problem and or solution can perhaps be self-perpetuating and maybe I should be asking for percentages as an idea generator-though of course many an idea has been demonstrated to already have been in the works-hence some of my own chuckles over the last few years at some work in progress’s and releases and so on.

I had a look at weather today-not something I do that often if honest and it seems we could be getting some disintegrating storms edging our way-yes I say edging and it reminds myself that I saw a baby hedgehog that seems to have settled in the garden hedge and I do not know if anyone else notices these critters though believe me when I say they are really quite noisy just scavenging or whatever they do under the hedges and so on-I guess the benefit of the spikes is that even if they attract attention with the noise many a predator is not so keen on close encounters when they meet.  I have also noticed from previous experience that they are often FLEA carriers as well not sure if they have they’re own variety or not though that is another thing I was recently thinking about-I have seen the legends surrounding the mythical Golden Fleece and was thinking about doing a joke version about the GOLDEN FLEAS though I am sure someone somewhere will have beaten myself to the punch-I do not think it is a NITS season here in the UK though they perhaps have them when school term starts up in the Autumn.

So I went shopping this morning and then bumped into family on my way home and daughter went of on another opportunity to extend her shopping trip so what is so appealing about shopping? I do not understand the psychology or appeal of crowds and queuing-I guess that’s just myself of course.


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