Who The Hell Is Malcolm Gladwell?

So I get this email see and this email is not just any email you see its a Learning Strategies Email Entitled Genius Sparks-In all honesty my judgment on whether my former English Teacher Mr Sparks was a Genius is another debate to be had-I liked the guy as one of the best teachers that I had over the years yet he was perhaps like many a Teacher a somewhat Tortured Soul-he was of a generation of teachers that perhaps went to the pub on a Lunchtime and perhaps did not give such habits up when the World around him had moved on is perhaps the best description I am able to give and those trips were seemingly made in an old beat-up Range Rover if such an edition exists-of course we hear many a Union be it teachers or doctors or who so ever crying poverty on behalf of there constituency and when they are driving around in vehicles and so on in the upper echelons of expenditure for the so-called “common man “you do have to ask “where is the truth being seen in these political “Cry Wolf” scenario’s?”.

So the title of course a reference to Mr Malcolm Gladwell he being another journalist and best selling author who was referenced in the aforementioned Email-the name being placed in an article that very much drew my attention within the articles therein contained.

So I did not know for sure who he was though had perhaps heard or come across the name in my reading lists at various points-I am not aware that I have read any of his work though given his wiki page details there is the suggestion that I perhaps have at som point or other within my life.

Anyway all that writing and simply talking about an email that I received in among many email that I receive from a multitude of Companies on a daily basis.

So what else can I speak of-well the not so little one recently said lets bake a cake for the forthcoming new series of Dr Who and I Dave being I Dave said well lets wait a little bit closer to when the show is actually going to be on-I WANT TO MAKE IT NOW!-and am given the in no uncertain terms we are going to be baking a cake look-so of course one should not really need a reason for any activity and that of course is why mental explorations can be so inspiring because you can get to see that you do not really need reason to do many a thing other than for pure enjoyment or however one is to describe such things.  So we made a chocolate sponge and she will at some point prior to consumption be putting some Blue and other coloured easy roll icing on the cake in the shape or styling of Dr Who related images. 

This particular edition then might be described as a forerunner or practice cake for the next cake that we shall bake perhaps making small tweaks and changes to the recipe or decorations and so on.  She being the daughter of her mother of course she does have a habit of trying not to work to structured formulas and recipes-her mother is able to do this of course through experience and having done catering courses when she was younger-daughter often seeks to ignore these kinds of details and indeed recipes only for myself to have to take her through a recipe process when she has convinced herself that her own way has not turned out as intended.  I accepted this when she was younger of course though do find as she has grown older that such things can become a source of frustration-she knows recipes exist and are available though almost in an obsessive and determined manner she seeks to avoid using them.

Of course we all like to demonstrate and build a belief in our own capabilities and she does excel at some recipes that she has cooked for us-so where does or what is the source of the OPPOSITIONAL NATURE? towards suggestions of following recipes.  I know for instance using my own childhood and growing up as an EXAMPLE that I had a Father who almost obsessively claimed I was OPPOSITIONAL to he himself and not only that oppositional for the sake of being oppositional-I actually disagreed both then and now in the sense that he has always been someone at odds (perhaps oppositional) with the way the vast majority of folks see the World.

Of course there must be some average or mean or however that can be settled on in some disputes yet in all honesty I very much when my daughter was younger set out to be nothing like my own parents in the sense that I perhaps liked the idea of parents interacting and doing activities with there children and so on and where possible I have done that-however circumstances eventually led to having to ask for help from family and greater contact with family has seemingly led to my not having the kind of parental/child relationship that I set out to have-she seemingly takes more notice of family than myself and also has greater conflicts with them than myself-so the hooks that I wanted to escape have as she has grown had detrimental effects on our dad daughter relationship-what next?  Well until circumstances change where bye I earn enough to not have to rely on outside influences I am at somewhat of a loss.

Though at least she can declare LET THEM EAT CAKE 🙂


Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 🙂


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