And All I wanted To Write About Was Crystals

So of course as per usual I find myself with quite a selection of media inspired topics to write upon-we seemingly have a SUPERMOON grabbing quite a bit of attention and of course I see Prince Harry referencing his time “Back In Stan” where he found himself using the code “Op Vampire” to let the landing ground crews know he was carrying patients requiring large supplements of blood.

So why Crystals?  Well I personally have done my own Vampire and creatures of the night type studies to death though I perhaps have not spoken a great deal on those kinds of topics here on this blog-by that I mean that much of my research and so on was carried out pre-meditation and the meditation does seemingly bring many a story whether by Bram Stoker or Hans Christian Anderson into a differing kind of perspective. 

So the most easiest way to not get dragged into La-Di-Da materials is of course to ask WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF? and of course anyone who has done biology or in fact any kind of science will likely be able to tell you that we are predominantly made of WATER!  I am not well up on percentages although study data can be as always found

So as babies we are around 75% and that reduces as we grow though the figure overall does stay high in terms of properties of the human body.  So what happens to water when we reduce the temperature?  We of course know that water turns to ice and when we look at ice close up we usually find forms of CRYSTALLIZATION.

So does it follow that patterns and properties of water can be frozen and likewise that if we know we can capture patterns and properties contained within water via the freezing process-then surely the reverse (releasing abilities) is true also!  I have not mentioned the chaps name though there is a Japanese guy who has done  a great deal of work in this area of crystals and healing and so on-and I mention that of course because we do have people such-as myself that work in places that are differing to NATURAL local climate changes-places that have refrigeration units and so on.

So yes traditional Crystal materials can seem somewhat la-di-dah though some folks such-as this Japanese guy have studied or reasoned as to why? and then sought to benefit humankind through the research and of course Paul Scheele I believe references the material in one or more courses from Learning Strategies.

So that was the most basic of talk on crystals though of course anyone can do there own further in depth research.  I eventually found myself reading some Malcolm Gladwell material though I notice that he is someone criticised by a number of other peoples whose work I have read.  Not sure what to make of him to be honest he does after all supply statistical data and interviews scientists and/or knowledgeable peoples in the areas that he writes about. The material was predominantly collections of stories supporting a particular line of thinking.  So I understand where the Chicken Soup For The Soul reference (In The Email)  came from in the sense that he has used a similar formula of collecting stories from people. He then doing some statistical analysis and then publishing a “BEST FIT” theory or analysis as to “WHY?” and surprisingly I do find that the wiki page suggests he is very good at carrying out such activities and has a number of similarities with myself-though of course he again is not afraid to criticise many an adopted business recruitment strategy like myself suggesting that Social Climbing is given to much wait over experience-that is I think explained on his wiki for anyone who does not believe myself and of course his research or book provides data and statistics that support the hypotheses.

So for those that do not get the Genius Sparks Email-Paul Scheele is working on a new project and was asking for writers wanting some work to submit job applications-I am quite sure that many a response will have been had and of course anyone who keeps a blog such-as this one or indeed is already working in the writing sector will likely possibly have responded-especially as he and his Company are OPEN to EXPLORING all options whether considered as LA-DI-DAH or otherwise and new possibilities and so on comes through as I said previously from collecting IDEAS from  interview and so on-so whilst the details of the PROJECT were noticeable through there absence the likelihood is that they (Learning Strategies) have used the strategy previously and probably have particular criteria that successful applicants (those going through to a NEXT round) have to be able to SATISFY.

So I am off to think on what I was going to write about as again this is something of a mixture.  I am perhaps to easily led into going into generalizations rather than the detail although in many formal studies the detail was where I concentrated so I guess whatever the LEARNING you have to understand and try to get across the differing aspects and whether we are looking at a broad field or narrow field and so on.


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