Identifying Markers

So of course as we all know or are taught at various stages of our respective development’s we can identify differing peoples in a number of ways.  Typical ways that have been created over the years are those such-as finger printing where it is said that everyone has a unique fingerprint.  Likewise DNA analysis has been introduced in recent years that suggests that given enough genetic markers you can identify someone’s family tree be that through a hundred years or a thousand years.

On top of these sorts of investigative explorations for humans similar explorations have been carried out with animals and plants and rocks and stone and crystals.  Further to those explorations we are mostly perhaps aware that each and every snowflake is regarded as being unique-how true this is I do not personally know though it must be remembered that huge amounts of scientific investigation goes into these kinds of theories.

Further to that if we say that we use differing kinds of imagery to create differing kinds of states then it might be suggested that that famous point of your Wizard Hat or ball of light at the back of your head might be regarded as your eighth Chakra and your connection to the GREATER GOING ON OF IT ALL.  When we look at how Computer Networks and so on are set up then it might be said that your own unique point of light that is unique to yourself is like a HUB or NETWORK SWITCHER Point or Channel and the Frequencies that you are attuned to perhaps dictates any SEND/RECEIVE that goes on within and around your own personage.

When we look at or seek to envision a global network then it might be suggested that an orchestrated Network could well appear like differing CLUSTERS of Snowflakes.  So a Cluster In Hereford for instance is connected to a Cluster in London That is Connected to a Cluster In Paris and Another Cluster in New York and so on.  So of course the amount of AWARENESS and FLOW you have perhaps dictates how you react to incoming and outgoing information-be that information related to a particular sensory modality.  So data can be broken down and separated in a multitude of ways and seeking to improve that feeling that you are apart of something far greater and bigger than yourself of course can take time and AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE and SO on.

Further to that I was thinking that whilst the ball of light and point of your hat is the most popular point name I was thinking that you could generate or envision a SNOWFLAKE SCANNER That proceeds down from the top of your head down through your face and neck and shoulders and torso and arms and hands and hips and thighs and shins and feet and so on.  This of course a typical example of seeking to find sensory impressions that are caught or trapped within the cells of your body-if like attracts like then I guess that might be perhaps where Paul Scheele got the inspiration for something like Four Seasons where attunement to Localised or BODILY cycles and patterns takes place.

So a multitude of strategies can be developed simply through seeking to use particular language bases as the source of delivery to particular ailments and or conditions-so for instance you may be experienced by now in using any number of Meditations that run through those kinds of thinkings and image like suggestions-and you can of course use the beg borrow steal attitude of bringing together the best of what has worked for yourself into a more personalised modality of your own.

I have also noticed for instance that differing modalities seemingly were attunements to differing World Sports so again choice is choice though as suggested previously when starting out simply follow one or two or as few as possible for where you want your own FEEDBACK response to be related to-as I have said it can be far to easy to misinterpret data for an American sport and misunderstand it for an English sport though references can help a lot.

So for instance I am seeing quite a lot of HINDUISM type references over the last week or two and Dharma related type materials so that could well have been related to sports such-as cricket that Countries such-as India play.  Likewise I also know that Hinduism it is suggested by experienced meditators such as Bill Harris does tend to only go so far in the sense that they have less levels of ENLIGHTENMENT than Buddhism so of course that might sound great if you want ENLIGHTENMENT simplified though of course the amount of levels does not always mean greater levels of inquiry-each generation of course seeking to add its on spin on any given set of teachings.  One you have done any given modality to death and have no further enquiries then that is perhaps the time to move to other aspects or perspectives or UNIVERSAL type teachings.

So every system seemingly has unique identifying traits and markers that we as individuals can use to further our own personal wealth health prosperity future development and so on.

I did write another piece on NARCISSISM earlier though my thoughts on those areas are again somewhat muddled in the sense that again it can be Healthy with AWARENESS and DETRIMENTAL without-again a tough subject matter to deal with though I perhaps need to bring greater clarity to where I personal reuire greater concentration and focus to be taking place.

So you can colour code (and of course include DEPTH PERCEPTION, DISTANCE, CENTERING, etc.) you can Sound code (include Direction, volume, tempo, etc, you can Touch Code (include, rough soft, smooth etc.) you can smell code (include positive & negative reaction and strength and so on) you can taste code again perhaps related to taught reactions and willingness to experiment-many people have been demonstrated to eat and like some things that they later have NAME RELATED ADVERSE REACTIONS to (for example).

so another piece simply explaining some of the types of breakdowns that can be carried out.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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