So How Can I Create Links Between Themes?

This is of course dependant on what you are seeking to impart to people though of course anyone who follows a course such-as Photoreading and has a wide selection of materials can usually narrow down into some categorizations of some description.

So previously many a commentator or expert suggested study by category-by that I mean History or Finance or Enlightenment or Geography or Fiction and so on-yet any one who wants to be brought to enlightenment of some description might prefer a non-linear kind of set of links and for those you might choose seemingly non-related materials that at there core whilst seemingly very different can when brought together as suggested reading make someone go AH-HA.

So for instance I have spoken on this IDEA of NOW and of course there are perhaps many enlightenment type materials relating to that word alone-though a cleverer or wiser soul might seek to go LATERAL in book selection so you could for instance suggest THE POWER OF NOW (Enlightenment), WEALTH OF NATIONS (Finance), WHY THE WEST RULES–FOR NOW (History (Golf Perhaps? ūüėČ ))

In relation to Letters AS you might Select SECURITY ANALYSIS (Finance), SAS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK (Survival), SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS (Literature)

I hope anyone can see how when you build up your own internal references-you can begin to start thinking in terms of linkages between categories and linkages between titles and so on-so these kinds of aspects are perhaps again related to the kinds of mental sorting that you are carrying out.

I spoke yesterday on differing SENSES and how you can break those down and of course the links can become natural as you progress and make lists for yourself-and then you are better able to put 1 and 1 together and come up with the result that you want.

So How Does someone say “Who The Hell Is Malcolm Gladwell” and of course that might be considered a “Roar” so you might think that when Dave goes into a “Who the hell is…” mode he is roaring.¬† The interpretation of course of often DEPENDENT whether we like it or not on VOCABULARY and that is why it can be USEFUL and ADVANTAGEOUS to build RELATIONAL VOCABULARIES between your CHOSEN SPORT (GOLF, TENNIS, FORMULA 1, ET CETERA) and your day-to-day vocabulary-of course when you do those kinds of exercise it can be useful to be able to SLOW DOWN and LISTEN to yourself-many people rush to the kinds of modes that are absolutely useless for ENLIGHTENMENT AND MONEY!

Of course CREATING A SPORTING TERMS Dictionary is again not that difficult and you can of course use PICTOGRAPHY type strategies for creating as many links as you can across the RELATIONAL SENSORY Data base.¬† Then when it comes to what you want to know-you are able to think of these things in terms of REPORTS-most Database type Software’s have an SQL Language Report tool or function.¬† So you build up your vocabulary and you have to think in terms of links in a relational way to differing DATASTREAMS¬†and PROCESSES.

So we build up relational data knowledge and see how many links run between senses and run between cyclic times of the year and seasonal period and so on.  There are of course a million ways to do these types of things yet you can gradually begin to see how differing words are linked to where your own interest is at.

So plenty of mixed-and-mashed repetitions of information can be  reduced through study to having the connections between differing datasets that serves you in the manner that you desire.

Well back to work for a week followed by another week holiday-I broke my Holiday up following a sob story request by a colleague who later denied that I had done so-this is why I previously said about holidays that you are better of not discussing and simply booking those that you want-if you are not benefitting from so-called horse-trading and people are not showing any kind of gratitude of at least recognition for any sacrifice you may have made then better to not make the sacrifice.  I should of course say that is often EXPERIENCIAL and when you are in environments in any kind of a LONGTERM CAPACITY you often come to see what the PREDOMINANT MINDSETS among groups of peoples ARE.

So I also spoke on this issue of WATER and Patterns retained therein and you might like to consider that it takes I believe 7 Years for you to regenerate to the point where all your cells are no longer the cells that you had 7 years ago-this cycle again is alleged to change or slow perhaps as you grow older-though I am of the belief that anyone can REJUVENATE to being MORE YOUTHFUL through the POWER OF INTENTION and MEDITATION and so on.  If you have not tried some of the technologies I recommend then you might also like to consider that it is NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

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