So I Could Have Said Quantum Core Speed Now

Now some folks of course get very confused in relation to the idea of an analogue state and the idea of a digital state and the best way to explain “Quantum” is that in theory at least assuming I myself understand the terminology correctly Quantum is a state whereby both states exist at the same time-so if you like they (analog and digital) were stepping stone models of evolution that eventually led to new all-encompassing theories having to be developed and we again have seen many-as to what or which is best I have no idea-though I hope anyone who has studied game of black and white theory understands that those states also exist all at the same time.

So ideally for progression to be made we obviously want to be attuned to those states that give us the results that we want and whilst it is very easy for those highly advanced individuals to say such things those of us further down the respective models of reality can have trouble simply understanding “all is now, all states exists concurrently, parallel Worlds and mindsets” type concepts.

So I guess that is why we have so many differing specialists all focussing on there own particular brand of bringing people to awareness,sharing knowledge and teaching,exploring where others fear to tread and so on. 

The Raising Threshold method has for myself been the best remedy in many ways though of course I still have to eat,drink make a living and so on and I guess that is why so many take to developing there own dedicated business’ and using ready made of the shelf like strategies and giving ideas new twists and imaginings and spins in new niche’s and all the rest of those things.

Of course if all is now theory is 100% categorically correct then the same statement can be said for your entire life-whether you were aware during any stage of your life or otherwise and as I have said-whilst the past is gone it can help to shine a new light so to speak on past events-simply to enable perhaps quicker letting goes-I do think you can have a domino effect in ones own older memories and so on once you get the ball rolling and the idea of a ball rolling is perhaps a good analogy in the “physics” sense of the word whereby old relived mental highways can be revisited with new or fresh sets of eyes and so on and of course if you think of atoms and particles as being carried on waves then your highways might be regarded of course as shipping lanes or vacuous space lanes-though of course so many types of way can be suggested that you can again tumble into states of entropy and chaos as to what to do next.

So I shall leave you there with this little tidbit type post as repetition of course can become quite dull uninteresting and so on in its own right and even playing those kinds of rolls can eventually start regenerating all kinds of resistances of there own so practice and witness and ah-ha and so on.

CIA for NOW 🙂

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