Of course The Problem With Stan Is

Oh of course-the problem with Stan is that their are so many kinds of stan-we have The Good Morning Back In Stan death of Robin Williams-who said he could not have the shock jock role?

He is of course best known as a movie comedy actor though my own first recollection of him was as an Alien in American sitcom Mork and Mindy which whilst perhaps highly bizarre did not particularly matter to myself being somewhat at a young enough age to have not known any different-he was of course a Stan d-up comedian and a very good one at that-troubled Soul or otherwise.

My daughter’s generation probably best remember him from films such-as Flubber and Jumanjii again films that children soak up like sponges whilst adults perhaps have more of a discerning eye.

My own STAN linker is perhaps the one sung by Eminem whereby he receives a letter from an obsessive suicidal fan interwoven with the Dido track of the same time period that goes something along the lines of “Teas gone cold I wonder why; got out of bed at all; morning raindrops on my windows and I can’t see at all; but if I could it would be great; got your picture on my wall; it reminds me that its not so bad, its not SO BAD- DEAR SLIM.  If I remember correctly he (Eminem)  actually did a duet version with Sir Elton John another chap with a somewhat troubled history-this perhaps the ironic nature of trying to do right by people who will not do right by themselves and yes I know that we all of us can have those kinds of thoughts feelings and so on-and I also know that the best remedy can simply to meditate them out of your system.

So Robin Williams was perhaps a comedy great of a generation and will be remembered as such-he was also best mates with Christopher Reeve a former Superman Actor who was left as a wheel chair bound paraplegic following a horse riding accident-Robin Williams was instrumental in keeping the fund raising going for Christopher Reeve’s medical care and his family when many a normal  person would likely have fallen into oblivion.

So what else is going on-well of course we ourselves in the UK have Robbie Williams and whilst he famously sang “I’m Loving Angels Instead” one does wonder (When you know Everyone is) how many people may have confused the two guys names both of course initialled R.W.

I recall myself at one time always having to check which one was being referred when watching TV and so on because both were people who were perhaps within my own scope of “interesting personalities”

So I keep returning to this THEME that all are FALLEN ANGELS-SATAN was an ANGEL (In bible lore).

So in the structure of things you seek to use that which runs most smoothly perhaps with your own upbringing and so on-by that I mean that I could think in terms of EVERYONE as a COLLECTIVE UMBRELLA “GOD” and then at a lower tier everyone is an Angel within that collective and so on-or you could go for the UNIVERSAL type thinking whereby everything is within a Universe (or possibly my Quantum Verse 🙂 ) and again everything is a SUB-FACTOR within those realms.

The problem of course is that if my math memory serves myself correctly-you CANNOT FACTOR PRIME NUMBERS-Hence it might be regarded that anyone seeking to be Unique individual and so on desire or aspires to be a PRIME-and that has been used for instance in TRANSFORMERS where the lead Hero Autobot was known as Optimus Prime.

So whilst my 8 is not a Prime Number-my 11 is-again assuming that you work with the numbers within your own dataset-I do know that a number of individuals through live choices and so on have even changed DOB’s and perhaps like the Queen have two birthday’s the ACTUAL and The OFFICIAL.  So that does suggest that even if you have a knew name and sex change or any other reason behind such decisions-somehow your body will unlikely let you escape your genuine DOB-though of course using the Queen as an EXAMPLE-having two Birthdays is perhaps something to be explored within the ESOTERIC REALMS-perhaps she is invalidating both sets of days-perhaps one date is better for the Empire and/or Southern Hemisphere dealings than the other-so zero absolutes the Royals and Officlal’s know the reasoning and it could be COMPLEX or EXCESSIVELY UNCOMPLEX-perhaps the need to balance ACTING AS QUEEN DUTIES with being A WIFE MOTHER GRANDMOTHER and so on.

The Other point of course is that GIVEN COMPASS POINTS LONGITUDES AND LATITUDES and so on that one may desire to again go for the 0° by 0° option-the problem again that I have is related to mathematics and of course seeking to have a 00/00/0000 Birthday may not be best or it COULD BE THE VERY BEST IDEA assuming you are then able to be better ATTUNED to the cycles and periods as a MASTERY type of viewpoint.

So we take any set of IDEAS and find those that allow or enable us to prosper-of course thses things again take time and it can be very easy to give up along the journey-simply because regular meditation and remapping data and learning can be hard work when you do not necessarily feel that any progress is being made-of course anyone can CENTER themselves in thoughts of doing right for family/children and so on-though unlike the Royals hose things can perhaps be as easy or as hard as the peoples and persons and perhaps society allows-assuming that you are not able to put distance between yourself and walk out on unpleasant or undesirable circumstances.

Of course Everyone can get to a point of KNOW TURNING BACK in DECISIONS-though that is not the same as saying you KNOW THE BEST WAY FORWARD.

Again Fous on what you are able to focus-those aspects that you feel are within your OWN WORLDCENTRIC VIEW and REMIT and hopefully one step at a time you will gradually work towards points of view and attributes and values that you are genuinely able to live with from the Heart and Soul or Core of your own BEING.

Well enough for today as the news seems to be speaking for itself in many ways at present-EXPRESS TRAIN EARTH CONTINUES ENROUTE TO DESTINATION PROGRESS with or without those of us that make the decision to no longer be apart of this sub-modality or that sub-modality within the Universal File Structures and CELLS.

If like myself you have gradually seemingly come to a point of not being able to sell for toffee or have been there done that liked it loved it worn the T-Shirt and have little desire to return to already covered ground then Choices and Judgments can become straight-jacket like-that is why the NEW SET OF EYES and  LIFESTYLE RESETS TYPE IDEAS can serve better than running through repetitions of some allusions.  Everything in life including TIME can seemingly become allusive-even to those with Wealth fame and fortune and so on-so all seemingly do the best that they can within the boundaries of there own enlightenment and choices.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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