So I Spoke Recently On The Issue Of Names

So I spoke recently on the issues of names in the sense that some Religions and Family’s often have quite large sequences of names that are perhaps geared towards giving any new born the aspects and attributes of a family member Hero or model or Religious Hero or model and I can actually mention at this point that I as I recall did not have any say in my Daughters Names Gwanwyn Rose and so on-the Ex-wife chose the names in keeping with what had “gone before” and those decisions were mostly of course related to her own family-I merely agreed or was not rubbed up the wrong way by the given names-I think that there had been other suggestions though the circumstances were that her now deceased “STEP SISTER” an extremely disabled girl named SHELLEY was once again on her “death bed” I say once again because Shelley was in need of constant 24 hour monitoring and drugs and Hospital Visits were becoming more and more needed as she grew-so she had her young life extended for many years simply through the dedication of the family looking after her and another disabled girl named “Charlie” who again had a differing set of issues though again was disabled to the point of requiring monitoring and so on-so Kate was pregnant with the then as-yet unnamed (GWANWYN) Rose and Shelley looked as though she was about to die and Kate chose the name Rose because it was one of Shelley’s names-so that is how Rose came to have her English name-although Shelley actually went on to live for another year or two after Rose was born-the Gwanwyn as I explained previously was WELSH for SPRING and was in keeping with the Geraint (GEORGE) and Megan (DAISY).

So I say this of course because many folks invest HUGE amounts of time into what THEY THEMSELVES want to name any NEW BORN and it would be EXCEPTIONALLY EASY to think that I chose the names when in fact when looked at with  a fresh set of eyes “THE CIRCUMSTANCES” chose the names-she being born in the Spring and as I said above Shelley being on one of her “MANY” “DEATH BED” “MOMENTS”.

So that of course leads myself to wonder how much are we actually making decisions and how much are we “INFLUENCED” simply by circumstances “OR” THE FUTURE DRAGGING US IN?” to that  QUANTUM SPACE LIBRARY NOW.

Yes you can also ask why would I be thinking about such things and quite simply of course a TV MOVIE LEGEND apparently takes his own life-though it is known that is not as easy as it can sounds the BODY fights for life and going against your own body’s SURVIVAL mechanisms again might be regarded as INCONGRUENT actions-these things are of course debatable though when we go into the NOW realms we can often see NEW ANGLES.

So for instance I recalled Mork and Mindy and I think again that was at another family’s house where I was often “BABYSAT” and played CARDS and it was at that house that I encountered some of those Military Personnel type folks (including 1 or 2 now well known authors) although I personally was not one of those kids who ran around the school yard playing Soldiers-every School seemingly has particular gangs with particular interests and I was more into the Football at that time-I mention this because I know that much of my own Life History has somehow become INTERWOVEN with some of those aspects and I simply wanted to reason out the CAUSE. 

So I perhaps had indirect contact at a young age whereby I soaked up household type goings on and so on and of course STORY’S. I later on in life dated a girl named Rhianna “unsure of spelling” for a short time, and I mention this because I mentioned UNBRELLA and EMINEM yesterday-she was again linked to the Military as I understood it her mothers partner was a MEDIC (if my memory serves myself correctly) though again that was indirect and I do not recall spending any time with the folks.

So again it is easy to see how people get sucked in to “Glamourizing” & “Name Dropping” associations though I in all honesty have never been particularly interested in the sense that as a youngster the people you meet and find yourself around are “JUST THAT” and you do not know that they might be “HERO’S” or however one is to describe such peoples. 

So yes we soak up stuff like sponges as youngsters and then life moves us on in various paths and of course some things perhaps have to be written down or spoken of in order to do some of those “CLEARING” type activities whereby you are bringing your own jumbled mess to the LIGHT of INQUIRY.

So whilst I as a bloke enjoyed ACTION MOVIES in later teenage life and played with Action Man Dolls as a youngster and was mostly fit and sporty during my teens-any opportunity or thought’s of “joining up” as several friends had-were WIPED OUT by the accident that I had.

So I think I mentioned previously how I also rejected much of the Sport’s after accident again I can no longer do these things so why maintain an interest?  Again self sabotage at work perhaps though I am quite sure that anyone who has sustained severe injuries can relate to those kinds of things and again how you “CURVEBALL” yourself out of the “EXTREME” mental processes is another area that requires EXPLORATION.  The Meditation Helps-The Inquiry Helps-The Learning Strategies Helps-and of course for those with daughters named Gwanwyn that can also help.

I should of course perhaps mention that she has gone off for the day to spend her UNCLE and AUNTY’S Money instead of the usual mine that she has somehow come to regard as her own-hmmn-yes I am gradually coming to an understanding of CHILDREN ARE FOR LIFE mantra’s that many a person has not thought through when they decide upon having children and so on.

So I found myself looking for new areas of interest and of course I have not fully explored the realms that I have already INVESTED in-so I have a feeling that I will be returning to THE BASICS once again in a REPETITIOUS manner in order to be sure that I have uncovered all that requires bringing to the light of inquiry-I would not of even thought of the Mork and Mindy stuff had it not been for the DEATH of ROBIN WILLIAMS-and I cannot really recall despite liking his movies being a “FAN” or “GROUPIE” or OBSESSIVE.  Perhaps because of names and so on I have to go towards looking at the Christopher Reeve “SUPERMAN” angles those films of course out around the same time that the “STAR WARS” movies were also running so those were the “BIG” movies of my young generation.

Well this is most just a piece explaining that “INDIRECT” contact with any people or persons and so on can irrespective of what you KNOW NOW possibly have had a BEARING on the course of anyone when you come to understand that the AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL life can seemingly fall into place in many ways all by itself.

I spoke of Chapman Pincher for instance and one of His NAME DROPS was DAVID STIRLING (The guy responsible for setting up the Local Regiment) and he mentioned that David Stirling served in the 8th Army against “DESERT FOX” Rommel and those kinds of little details can give AH-HA’s in the sense that my own Grandfather Jack also served in the North African campaigns against Rommel though I am unaware of any “Special Force’s” connection-for every one of the Elite Soldiers there are THOUSANDS of regulars although it is of course interesting enough for myself to wonder what led to my mother being in Hereford-when to my own knowledge at least there was no prior history of links between the Northern side of the family and this area-probably something simple such-as a College or School of Nursing though I am sure that there must also be such places  up North.

well that is enough to be going on with.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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