Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

So geo engineering is being suggested as a remedy for Climate change and the US Russia and China are all interested to varying degrees in Space related so-called Sun Shields and of course huge debate will take place because no-one wants anyone else to have absolute control over the so-called climate of the Earth and when we look through history of course you might liken it to a village building a river dam that diverts the flow of water from its original path to a new course-this actually happened quite a bit in some lands and areas at one time where farmers wanted to make greater use of the waterways within there own properties and sought to change the flow of water.

The downside of course being that anyone living further downstream of any water supply that is changed could become somewhat pissed at the actions.  So again that might of course be regarded as money related and WHO OWNS THE WATERWAYS.  We in the UK have had waterway’s debates for years and of course we see similar actions being taken along COASTLINES.  many a larger seaside town built piers and sand catching type dams to create BEACHES along there STRETCH OF SHORELINE.

So again places that did not necessarily have large beaches at one time found ways to create them for themselves and others further up or down the coast could well have been adversely effected.  Again because of requirements of proof beyond word of mouth knowledge-you end up having to turn to Money and SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS into CAUSE AND EFFECT and whilst SCIENCE is generally regarded in the purest sense as NEUTRAL they gain funding by doing research for peoples and companies with money.  So the fact that money is originating from sources that have money and “POSSIBLY” gained the Wealth in the first place by less than popular activities can become in and of itself a SOURCE OF LITIGATION.

Another WORD that has been FLOATING around Dave’s NOGGIN recently is SPONSORSHIP.  Of course while we all can perhaps recall childhood memories of seeking to gain SPONSORSHIP for this activity or that activity-fundraising for charities and so on SPONSORSHIP could well possibly be one of those WORDS that an ASSUMED MEANING is given to whilst the TRUTH of SPONSORSHIP could possibly be seen in a very DIFFERING LIGHT.

How much difference is there BETWEEN SPONSOR and BENEFACTOR and how can we bring such ideas into worthwhile PURSUITS and AVENUES of INVESTIGATION.

Yes I like switching between lower and upper case quite a bit because it is like an almost deliberate “break the state” tactic-so whilst many an advertising firm wants to appeal and so on I might be regarded as to a CERTAIN extent seeking to break up patterns and states-yes that might not be for the best though my own research suggests that far to much emphasis can be placed in maintaining “old ways” of doing things and I have repeatedly said that the contents written here can be READ left and right and up and down and so on-so of course if Holosync can bring you to such states quite rapidly why all the other modalities?  and of course that comes down to reaking down what was already there and possibly becoming greater attuned to patterns and so on that might be regarded as being Healthier or Life enhancing and so on.

So of course I have also mentioned the Royals a lot recently and I notice that Prince Harry is playing a Central Role within the INVICTUS Games and that is of course a good thing-if people are still pledging allegiance to his family and Grandmother then they might of course be regarded as helping in some way those that have served and become injured and so on.  So you might say that he is to be applauded for finding ways and means to contribute towards a greater balance in how people relate to what for many peoples “get hidden away” or “swept under the carpet” of course if the Bookies such-as Coral and Williams were to get involved and so on that could make it even more interesting-especially as most folks taking part are likely “unknown quanities” and for gamblers that might be regarded as an CHALLENGE or OPPORTUNITY to demonstrate their own PROWESS as such things.  That does of course take us into the REALMS of GAMES OF CHANCE and that is where many a CASINO has made a fortune.

Huge amounts of research has taken place into GAME OF CHANCE scenario’s and it is one of those areas that will never run out of people carrying out such research.  I of course studied such things in relation to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and SEARCH and that of course was related to the kinds of ALGORHYTHMS that were being developed and in use and so on.

How much does CHANCE influence the OUTCOME of any amounts of roles of dice or even SCRATCHCARD JUNKIES-anyone who has bought Lottery/Lotto scratch cards can likely tell you that they often have a STATISTIC given of some description such-as a 3.45 % RATIO  of winning-so for every 3/4 cards bought in theory at least one is a winner.  However that is not of course how chance works-so someone could buy 20 tickets in Liverpool and have 0 winning tickets another person could buy 20 cards in Newcastle and have 2 Winners and someone else in Hereford could buy 20 tickets and have 20 winners so the ratio can not really be absolute and research of course went into DISTRIBUTION MODELS and again how random is distribution is again something else to spend money on-surprisingly many a common shared or popular old wives tale can often be true in relation to some of what people think on such issues-we often when putting winning maps together see particular statistics come up and distributions and those are again of course patterns-the more you have the better you can NAVIGATE.

Where else has my attention been-well I spoke of LOGIC GATES in relation to the Science of Silicon chips and of course whilst Gates are somewhat tried and tested they are not best suited once again to some THEORY and Quantum Theory is perhaps one of those.  I do now that some folks went for the IDEA of Quantum Annealing though again the full debate is yet to be had and proof of Theory/Hypothesis could take many years or quite a short time.

So I was trying to think on alternates to gates that allow multiple states to exist in the fashion described by Science-I am not quite sure at present though it is something that goes back across multiple research areas-for myself at least-maybe I need to develop atomic quantum gyroscopes though of course such things are like those elusive perpetual motion machines and so on.

I will continue to play around with ideas.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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