Do You Ever Wonder If Great Dane (Not Scooby) Vilhelm Shachspeer wrote A Reversal

So of course I am working early as it is Friday and I have somehow slept and upon waking I found myself thinking about William Shakespeare and The Scottish Play and of course everyone knows Macbeth-though if my own memory serves myself correctly-was there not a Denmark connection?

So I thought I wonder if a Danish person ever wrote a Danish Macbeth and of course that kind of thinking is useless and without purpose though the so called Scottish Materials are on the rise as they head for the Independence vote and for myself at least it is a shrug of the Shoulders interest,  You might say that having come from a Mongrel Bloodline that includes all the so-called UK Nations I am non-plussed by any disputes created in those nations by rabble rousers

The reason of course is that I think my assorted relatives must have had reason for there respective moving’s and immigrations and so on-so it might be considered that they left where they lived be it nation or town and likewise I myself left Hereford,  The response upon my return was less than savoury-so of course one does have to wonder about these things-does leaving a nation or town or city or village or Citadel and so on have that great an influence on anyone given mindset?

I have of course spoken on Professional Scousers and so on in the past and we can see when looking at the broader picture that we have Professional Scots and Professional Irish and Professional Welsh-by that I mean people who Cry Love for there place of origin though have spent more time away than within,  For Scotland for instance former James Bond Sean Connery is a typical example,

Many of course are simply TAX EXILES and you would be surprised at how many TAX EXILES HEREFORD HAS people who have connections to this area that have become TAX EXILES and only spend so much time within the Country visiting family and friends and so on,

Is this a time period of visiting TAX EXILES well of course-there are so many patterns that can be distinguished from this other pattern or that other pattern and so on that it can be hard to tell-though my guess is that as I am writing on TAX EXILES we are perhaps in one of those WINDOWS that such peoples use to return-I believe those that are exiles often still have to spend so much time in the UK in order to maintain PASSPORT rights and so on-though these things are often under REVIEW so things may have changed since I last inguired or heard information on such things,

Yes we here a lot about how Exiles are bleeding the Country dry and often the Country may well have made the investment in the individuals in the first place-though of course these things are swings and roundabout like in the sense that any job interview candidate knows that they can be expected to stay in any job for at least a couple of years prior to moving on (I think) these are debatable-though I personally think that it is far to easy to become stuck when you make commitments to particular jobs and roles-the impress the boss stuff does have to a certain extent run both ways and it can be far to easy for anyone who has advanced to forget such details,  Anyway all things relevant and I have to go to work prior to ANOTHER HOLIDAY-TIMING IS OF COURSE EVERYTHING and what with CLIFF under investigation one does wonder if anyone is LEGITIMATE-he perhaps being the ULTIMATE in CLEAN LIVING and so on,  Of course nearly all famous peoples have allegations made in one respect or another and we surely have to know that some may genuinely be innocent-though of course those of CLIFF’S generation will perhaps be wondering if he has any SHADOWS coming back to haunt him or whether he is just reminding folks of his love of Tennis,

Has CLIFF GONE OVER THE CLIFF-Will he be cautioned as CLIFF RICHARD or HARRY WEBB? He of course being one of those name changing CHAMELEONS,

Well Gotta DASH



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