How Can I Improve My Attention To Detail?

Of course this is the big one for many of us when it comes to describing our day-to-day lives we generally not having roles that require the practice of such things or indeed simply taking things for granted and the very best way can be to simply imagine that you are describing things in such a way as to enable a reader to at least be able to built a not to dissimilar model within there own mind of what you are seeking to impart.

My own reading preferences have generally I have found through out my own life to be those that do actually leave a certain amount of things to the imagination-I have read many learn to write type books that demand detail upon detail upon detail and whilst I can think of those as being drilled in requirements for SOE type peoples and persons (look up SOE World War II) for the average person I think some things can be hinted towards rather than over described.

I can think of many a movie for instance where people were left disappointed because the movie interpretation failed to capture the spirit of a book or a particular reader’s own imagined “How It Should Be”.  Of course that again brings us back to what we are wanting the respective information for and of course as I have progressed with the varying modalities that I have purchased I have found general across the board improvements in my own awareness and learning and have geared my learning to where I feel I have gaps in my own knowledge base-of course deciding what is a gap and what is not a gap is again choice-I earlier wrote mentioning Tennis and Golf and many a person might have zero interest in such sports though there are of course plenty of other sports and-or ACTIVITIES available to pick and choose from.

After writing that piece I went on a little trip to my local corner shop and of course having made such a brief trip I can now seek to write what I can remember of the trip or journey down-I can also of course do a comparison with the same trip and journey on a previous day and when you make such journey’s and so on regularly you tend to find yourself in PREDICTIVE kinds of modes as to what you expect to find.

So for instance I recently wrote on Land Rovers and both yesterday and today I say 2 different vehicles both of that type perhaps higher in my consciousness because I recently wrote about them-both were custom to a certain extent-yesterdays had to my mind what was a custom number plate and todays had custom coloured wheel alloys-nothing to shout about though that vehicles was simply floating around my awareness.  Likewise I found myself noticing blondes-yesterday the driver of the custom plate vehicle who was chatting with Overtan man (called such because he looks to have spent a long time in climates where any white bodied Brit is going to wind up getting a tattoo like sun tan (one that becomes natural and sinks through the regenerating layers of skin like tattoo ink-my grandfather enjoyed gardening and he had such an outdoor tan)).

Today upon arrival at the shop a petite and again blonde lady dived in after myself in somewhat of a rush to grab a paper which she did and was faster than myself to the counter-I was simply grabbing a red wrapped Bournville Dark Chocolate bar for the not so little one and cigarettes for myself-where I often find myself grabbing lots of assorted snacks and so on.  The shop guy greeted myself and had pulled the cigarettes from the shelf almost before I asked.  I inquired as to the Lotto result from Friday having bought an occasional Ticket.  He said it rolled over to Tuesday-did I want a ticket for today?  Not I what would I do with as little as £4 Million when greedy DAVE S PERKINS wants £43 million on Tuesday.

Yes the stretchable statistical brain does have difficulty in realising that £4 million whilst small in comparison to the larger prize is still a weighty prize not to be sniffed at-the decision then perhaps that two lines on Tuesday is a better gamble than one line on each-IS THAT TRUE?-well I could have won today of course and then had more money for Tickets on Tuesday.

So one of the optimum strategies about the All is now zone is of course that all decisions can be made on the FLY as opposed to being based in calculated reconstructed histories-though of course again depending on your roles in life you may well need to be able to act on such knowledge.  I have found that for myself letting go and clearing out the crap and simply living based on the NOW is preferable-though of course decisions still have to be made.

What else-well I was sat in the garden and noticed a lower than usual single engine aircraft (plane) pulling a hard turn in direction-not sure on the purpose perhaps a quick decision was made in where the flight plan and course was supposed to be or of course lower on fuel than usual-that reminds myself I do know that a charity cancer jump was supposed to be taking place last week and was cancelled to this week due to weather-good luck and best wishes to sponsors and participants on that one.  The folks have also gone to a wedding this tea time that they said was taking place in a field somewhere-I am unaware of details though of course best wishes to the couple involved.

So I have left out huge amounts of details in much of the above writings-things such-as colours and shapes and heights and ratio’s and it is quite surprising how you can actually train yourself to recall those things should you so require them.  That perhaps goes back to that story of Paul Scheele and the patient who under hypnosis gave a full description of the surgery that took place whilst under general anaesthetic.

So whilst we convince ourselves that we cannot remember-when placed in a relaxed state and so on and not applying undue pressure on ourselves these things can resurface far more quickly than you realise-the other trick is of course to CREATE associations-so for instance you might do something with your hands that you would not normally do click them or pat both thighs and then later a re-enactment of such a sensory ploy can trigger the memory or episode that you want to recall-again these things can be practiced though that is of course how confidence comes anyhow.  Start small and grow bigger as you go.

I have been writing regularly for over a year on this blog and the amount of detail that I leave out is huge so that again is something I need to improve on.

People interested in the Questioning and interrogation type cross examination would probably like books by Fleisher and Francis L Wellman-the Fleisher book is expensive yet shows the drawing technique I outlined earlier and the Wellman book is somewhat ancient though I still believe required reading for those interested in being Lawyers and so on-again they have many other books in the fields though those were personal preferences that I returned to.  I have played with looking at Blackwell’s Police training books-though I suspect that again I will likely find more of the same kinds of materials.

half the problem with books of course is that you do not know what you have already covered unless you make the necessary purchase and I am not that keen on repetition in some areas as others-going for the pragmatic option of finding older materials that are cheaper or free and were often the source for the present day materials anyway. 

Speaking on the name Francis again I notice that the Pope is in South Korea and of course I saved a Francis and watched the Streets of San Francisco as a child so links can be found threaded throughout anyone’s life and whilst I understand that some prefer to stick to one field or specialization-I have found that the cross-study pays dividends in giving realizations that single discipline peoples and persons may not be aware of such can be the BLINDNESS of a profession or life experience and so on.

Another two blog day huh-does that mean anything or am I simply stirring the cooking pot up a little-lots of changes in my place of work happening whilst I am away and that is good as all the worst moaning and whining about change will have taken place in my absence.

Is there a great deal of difference between winning and whining and wining and ah-ha I did find myself going over this issue of letters making appearances.

So recently I have been experiencing far more A E  and noticing more W is the WWW or the World Wide Web symbolically logistic of WORLD WAR THREE WWIII.  I have also reminded myself of SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPES SAE and as I mentioned above WWII the SOE (Secret Operations Executive) or something like that-could be simply related to the materials I have been reading as I found myself CRAMMING on return home from work on Friday-mostly military material that I have generally previously avoided.  Of course they drill and practice quite a bit and of course have similar terminology in many areas to sports (IMO In My Opinion) you cannot avoid noticing when you broaden your research and data materials.

So lots of things that I can relate to that others might also relate to in terms of WHAT AWARENESS TRIGGERS AND ASSOCIATIONS are you currently experiencing within your own World.  I should probably set up a WIZARD army and having everyone marching around in GREEN POINTY HARDHATS-get that CAP focus point going in as many ways as possible be it for centring or focus and so on. 


yes blah blah blah blah blah 🙂

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green; Orange and Purple and Blue; I can see an Auroras can you see them too 🙂

Yes I made that up and cannot see auras though of course something to work on-I do have the materials though time is limited with childcare and so on and recognising your own auras and seeing through your own auras are two differing things-strange though true you can be so self centered as to not notice that others can see what you cannot.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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