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Some typical questions

Q1, How can I develop a rapport with my chosen sport?

Q2 How can I use Cross Referencing Interrogation Strategies &Techniques?

So in relation to question one-the simplest way to develop rapport is as we already know is to MODEL in this instance we want to MODEL a sporting knowledge dataset (as a complementary tool to traditional sensory modelling and matching)

Create a Key Word Related Knowledge List-you can do this simply by visiting ready made lists and/or GLOSSARY OF TERMS-so you do not even need to be a regular follower-though that can of course help.

Most Sports typically have there own dedicated sites with player names and tour locations dates to find out names of top players.

Having looked at your glossary’s and identified terms and players and tour locations you now have reference lists that you can now cross reference against any thing that you read.

The above sounds quite strange though in reality is used by intelligence gatherers through out the World be they for Police investigations or Military or Lawyers or who ever.

You could for instance create a sheet with your glossary at the top and then typically just write whatever comes to mind for ten minutes-you can then grab some highlighter pens and draw links between your GLOSSARY WORDS List and your (for instance) WITNESS STATEMENT.

So instead of using such techniques as the Police or Military or Lawyers do-you can use them for your Sport Gambling.

The basic theory is that e.g. in Interview you are asked CROSS-EXAMINATION style questions and then your statement is analysed and cross checked section against section and weightings can be given to the cross referencing techniques being used.

Many a book has bee written on such techniques-some cheap others not so though of course my own research suggests that some of these strategies have already been implemented to a certain extent in learning strategies courses.  My own interest of course is demonstrating to people that they themselves are already likely to have all the information they themselves need to know and it really is a matter of UNEARTHING THE GOLD MINE WITHIN.

So you want clues to differing sports or you want to provide clues to differing sports and have associated terms within your regular language is not that strange when you put pen to paper and PAY ATTENTION and NOTICE. So simply writing on your day-to-day life can become financially rewarding-I went into down today to do some shopping-as I walked down the road I passed a young couple with a push chair-the youngster was making something of a racket and I was thankful that I was able to continue on my journey-as I rounded the corner I found myself taking a double take at what I saw before myself-the shop that I had intended to visit was not in sight as the town was full of market stalls seemingly selling everything from cheese and dairy products to DVD’s and rugs and crystals and all at affordable prices.

I should of course say that I have not deliberately sought to include any kind of references at all as I write this and you can see that I am not someone who uses many a sporting terminology in my language-though if I look through the glossary’s as I suggest others do and begin following the sports I will likely assimilate such information and find myself using and recognising terms far more than at present.

So you can write your seemingly dull and boring and uninteresting day to day life down in as many details as you can recall and then do a cross examination against your GLOSSARY and KEY WORD type lists-you can also go for the brain changing and attuning modalities from learning strategies to help you improve your particular vocabulary and diction and so on.

This is probably a theme that I will continue to develop-though as I say these things are actually far easier than many a person imagines and can be done with or without meditation-though my own view is that meditation cuts through mental clutter enabling you to perhaps better see how simply writing down your life can turn such activities into rewarding avenues and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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