Oh No Not Advocacy Again

So of course the most obvious area of the so-called game of black and white is of course LAW and having mentioned the books that I recently mentioned the obvious trajectory of my research once again takes myself into those realms.  I am not that keen on law related books-they are somewhat overpriced in my opinion-I say this as someone who had to hire a barrister in relation to his divorce-and the value received for the FEE, simply demonstrated the point.  Yes I am quite sure that lawyers and barristers are dedicated professionals and so on-though the other instance where I required a lawyer following an industrial accident-again I regard myself as having been somewhat stiffed.  Is there ever an age where you can regard yourself as having received exceptional value from the services of Lawyers and Barristers?

So do I have a bad attitude towards those in the Law professions?  have I simply found lawyers who follow the “who cares, who wins” attitude of some folks who simply enjoy getting paid for the minimum of work, or peoples who enjoy being paid for activities that anyone would enjoy being paid for?

So the obvious choice in such areas can of course be to fall into line with the same kinds of processes-I ENJOY DOING THESE ACTIVITES AND THE LIFESTYLE IT PROVIDES and I am going to charge people £XXX to demonstrate and share and take advantage of my so-called skills and knowledge.

The problem then for those of us without any particular skills and knowledge is where to start?  you can learn and develop skills and read all the books in the World just as I have done though the basic underlying dilemma remains-whilst I enjoy the study-the implementation or desire to earn a living in such fashion is not really there-you might say it is comparable to those University Lecturers who are only there to do research and regard Lecturing Classes itself as a chore-I seemingly had one or two of those types whilst at University; though the vast majority (of Lecturers) actually seemingly enjoyed lecturing classes ;

(these are of course dependant on the area you study and mine was a somewhat dynamic always moving always something new on the horizon kind of course, the lay of the land in Computing and Artifical Intelliigence is always shifting)

So the MALAISE of lecturers who are likely to have gone through all the stages of degrees and possibly studied multiple areas and so on can take hold within any students that they are having dealings with. Or indeed the COMMUNICATION abilities are incompatible whereby  they (Lecturers) are having to simplify there own knowledge to such a degree from their own advanced work level’s that understanding that a lack of understanding exits is itself not recognised as a problem-they have a job and funding for research and classes are eye-rolling distractions.

Yes whilst huge amounts of worship goes to scientists and so on-when you look at it from the point of view of dispassionate windows of the World you might think that it is little different from the Military or Prison-three square meals a day and a roof over your head.  yes I am sure that the military get to do far more out door camping activities and so on-though I simply use the underlying TREND to make the point that any environment can be viewed as PRISON LIKE whether you realize you are a prisoner or not-or likewise a FREELOADER-WHO would complain about three square meals a day and a roof over there head?  (SUBSIDIZED LIFE) Of course that is where problems come for those going into Civilian Life-in the sense that those who have spent entire lifetimes in CIVIE STREET are often not folks who have had the 3 Square Meals a day and a roof over there head fully provided to them-they (the larger population (especially men)) have had to work UNSIBSIDIZED from the time that they left School and folks’ COMPATIBILITY of UNDERSTANDING between the differing lifestyles be it between UNIVERCITY LECTURERS/MILITARY PERSONAL/PRISONERS are somewhat differing. 

I say especially men above for instance because one of the first questions on many a SOCIAL HOUSING application form is ARE YOU PREGNANT-so such systems are


WHETHER THAT SOMETHING IS CORRUPT? BIASED? UNFAIR and so on are of course where many a debate can be had.

Should I as a single bloke have to spend my life living in poverty and subsidizing anyone else’s lifestyle? When I myself seemingly do not qualify for any kind of a subsidy whatsoever-having been strung along in just about every area imaginable-I came to a realization quite early on (after Divorce) that I was simply being sent through SOCIETAL HOOP JUMPING COMPLIANCE ROUTINES every compliance met with further compliance hoops and zero result of what I actually required to continue to EXIST, roof over head, income to buy food, clothes, fund childcare visits and so on. 

Much of the last few years ATTUNEMENTS and ALL has seemingly been about FORCING MAN / WOMEN / CHILD into RELATIONS AND/OR CIRCUMSTANCES that they themselves would likely not choose given the OPPORTUNITY of CHOICE!

Many people are of course terrified at some level of being of the knowledge of CHOICE or the RECONSTRUCTION of past CHOICE-or perhaps WITNESSING how even with so-called choice someone such-as myself has been hung out to dry.

Many a company of course claims to have this set or that set of values-though the personnel  themselves rarely have those attributes-a typical example where I myself work is a set of posters featuring STAFF with inspirational like statements-whilst it is a good idea and not for myself to comment on all personal featured especially those I do not know-I do know that I would not necessarily choose that person for that value. I have now idea how people are selected for such PROPAGANDA-though it perhaps comes down to the age old WISDOM-IF THE [SHOE/CAP/{INSERT LABEL}] FITS-WEAR IT!. 

So will I be doing further research into Advocacy-well I do find that it could well be one of those “needs must” areas that I can benefit from despite reluctance-I have noticed several new general knowledge A.I. type books that I personally prefer to get over Questions of LAW & ORDER.  They do of course say the bar exam is tough-I disagree you wave a £50 whilst standing next to someone else with a £5, £10, £20 and you might be surprised at who is served speediest-these things of course not absolutes and many a shoe store (for instance) much like Alton Towers and even some banks and Supermarket Counters-EMPLOY VIRTUAL QUEUING-and that of course is generally NEUTRAL-it takes away the ability of the customer to complain or the employee to favour-though I am sure that if you see someone you do not want to serve next up in a queue you probably slow down or speed up there are always changes in STRATEGIES to be made-and I can guarantee that when you are aware of such tactics-whether through having employed them yourself or simply seeing AN IMPLIED Strategy in use by someone you happen to observe.

Plenty  here for myself to now go into a cross referencing analysis mode with my chosen SPORT OF CHOICE and see what I can WITNESS-like I have suggested on multiple OCASSIONS you can be better early on CHOOSING CHOICES based in the WORK you do and then see if the PREDICTED RESULT happens-I find that with everything being in FLUX now matter how slow you have become in thinking and pattern matching you can always slow down a little more-and of course the other thing to do is to cross reference over multiple days as a NEXT STEP so combine perhaps THREE BLOG ENTRIES and SEE PATTERNS OF PRECEDING DAYS to see how Dynamic Everything is-OR in REALITY How UNCHANGING the cycles and patterns ARE.

Any old iron, any old iron, any any old iron…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂


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