So I In The Past Wrote An Article Where

So I in the past wrote an article suggesting that a new compass was being developed around the black sea in the sense that the Countries and positions were changing should Southern Ukraine become independent or Russian-the news then went exceptionally quiet in relation to the South Ukraine and we have pretty much only heard of goings on to the Eastern rebellion strongholds.

Further to that piece we have of course had the on-going issues in and around Syria and lots of talk and speculation relating to some TERRORIST ORGANISATION that we are calling ISIS not to be confused with AL QUEDA who again have mostly in word play terms disappeared from our dictionary.

So when we Zoom out from the regions we can see that some major goings on all seem to be around the same BLOCK of SATELLITE IMAGERY and MAPPING.

I was thinking that I would speculate on this ISIS redrawing of the map and then found that much news reporting relating to Northern Iraq has been going on claims of not wanting an ISIS state on the Mediterranean. Given that multiple blocks of water exist in those MAP REGIONS what is the connection?

Again I can look at the Mediterranean speculation or I could go into looking at Caspian Sea Speculation or Persian gulf Speculation or Red sea Speculation whilst we here in the WEST obsess about control of OIL and so on those-Countries and Governments perhaps have other interests that are more important to they’re own respective survival-control of waterways and ports and manoeuvring of Armies and Troops and so on and of course infrastructure of SUPPLY LINES.

Again we in the WEST have modern TRADITION of DROPPING SUPPLIES such as has happened with Humanitarian Aid though you still need the support or allowance of going over differing Countries FLIGHT SPACE-yes super planes and Stealth demonstrate that international law can be “CHEATED” though when you get caught as that one American chap did many years ago the PROPAGANDA nonsense generated cannot be stopped-especially in this day and age of free speech.

The Americans of course have Fleets and Ships in and around perhaps 3 of the Major Waterways of some of those mentioned regions-whilst the Russians perhaps also cover them-so what is going on-the INFRASTRUCTURE and so on of Militaristic goings on seems to be more about CONTAINMENT of some description.

The CONTAINMENT of course is also being sought in Africa of Ebola though in all honesty it will be interesting to see a DISTRIBUTION MAP of the VIRUS-the tradition of burning villages and so on has usually stopped it spreading-so what has been different with the CURRENT OUTBREAK and are the goings on similar to THE BLACK DEATH that we saw in Europe During the MIDDLE AGES-we must always remember that whilst we kid ourselves that “THIS TIME IS DIFERENT” That many of the PATTERNS and CYCLES are ALREADY KNOWN in relation to previous EPIDEMICS and PLAGUES.

The ATMOSPHERIC PATTERN OVERLAY might give a new perspective or view for instance take a known or speculated BLACK DEATH EPIDEMIC MAP (Middle ages) and overlay it over the current OUTBREAK AFRICAN MAP and spin it around and zoom in and out until your JIGSAW PIECE FITS the ANALYSIS data.

The problem of course is that we do know that for all invented goings-on through the ages just as many attempts at CORRECTION have led to new problems elsewhere-much like trying to hold WOBBLY JELLY in a POSITION that you want or desire to maintain.

Yes so I like writing any old thing and then seeing what happens in the news and I also like writing about any old thing and seeing what changes occur within my own sphere of life and I also like speculating that just because some people are PARANOID does not mean that POWERFUL FORCES are not at work or that they themselves might not fall prey to such goings on-or indeed if they themselves already have been preyed upon and more recent goings on have been in effort to reduce the so-called DAMAGE.

Yes you can go on for ever and a day though that is of course not why I write or pluck things out of the AIR-Another Bible throw out perhaps that I can check after hitting the publish button here-ummmmn   Revelations 3:19 says dave whatever it is I am sure my brain will find a way to make it fit the current level of awareness and greater goings on.



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