So I looked up the song any old iron and of course it is an old music hall song that seemingly popped into my head and of course an iron is also the name of a golf club-further to that news wise we saw two toxic (perhaps made of iron) chemical trains crashing somewhere in the USA and reports that old USSR weaponry has been collected and sent to Iraq to be given to Kurds fighting the insurgents.  I think also there was a film Iron eagle a few years back and also various medals such-as the Iron Cross.

I also mentioned waterways and of course we often see sand bunkers and waterways lakes and so on in GOLF COURSES so that is how you can take anything you read and translate the information across to a sport (In this case golf) though these things are of course choice of where your focus is at.

Further to that of course I mentioned LAWYERS-and the obvious for Herefordshire folks is break it down LA WYE RS; That might seem strange to some though of course I am well versed in such things and you might know that the RIVER WYE runs through Herefordshire.

La of course often used to describe singing and also half a TELLY TUBBY name-and short slang for LOS ANGELES close proximity to Tinseltown Hollywood-RS for myself at least might be used for the daughters name Rose (for instance) these things can be patterned to anything-you just have to keep seeking OPTIMUM thoughts as to where and how you desire to use such information’s.

I also found myself returning to a couple of FINANCIAL BOOKS-This Time Is Different-being related of course to the number 8 just as it says on the COVER-and WHY NATIONS FAIL-so I already have plenty of books from differing areas that I can re reference at appropriate times and you could in fact probably write a piece totally from book names and titles or song names and titles and so on.

So numbers have once again been playing on my own mind and how I try to break the number stuff up and down=I wrote a piece speaking on 22 and of course my daughters postal area code starts SA44 where here in Hereford we have HR1/2/3/4 so again many a thing has already been worked though relating to maths for myself is still strange.

Rose was born 18/02 I was 08/11 and her mother 16/05 if I recall correctly so of course seeking to work out how my and the ex’s birthdays led to the daughters birthday is also of interest-whether an exercise in fruitlessness or not I am unsure.

Of course it does to myself seem like a simply cross-over of one persons day (DD) mathematically calculated against the other persons Month (MM) though that of course only works in whole numbers and we do not generally use FLOATING POINT for days and Months-though I guess ASTROLOGERS at least claim to do that often asking for time of birth also-I actually have no idea of my own time so doubt it is that important.

Speaking on imcompatibility of STAR SIGNS is perhaps another area I can go into in the sense that SCORPIO/TAURUS is generally regarded as a terrible combination-to my own mind at least that is demonstrated by our divorcing-though the worst I would perhaps say is that a Bull in a china shop is a bull in a china shop and seemingly a trait that those of that star sign have rarely seeing themselves as needing to not be a bull in a china shop and of course HEREFORD is famous for the local cattle breed and that takes us once again into the realms of farming.

I should perhaps include a picture of the local statue in before and after states of what some local jokers did during the last year.


Whilst the photos were taken at differing times and differing lighting and angles-it is genuinely the same figure-statue so that just goes to show how much LIGHTING can irrespective of joke MAKEOVERS have a huge effect upon how descriptions are made from memory-everyone recording according to there own reference materials.

So lots to be getting on with I will leave this piece here for today and perhaps have a think about other informations that can be garnered from the news that points to other sports-this simply an imagined GOLF one-and of course if all is now then why has that ASSANGE bloke reaapeared in conjunction with ECUDOR-is South America looking to get in on Global political debates-I think I will be going more into the WYE LAWYERS materials also as huge ground can perhaps be made for locals within that area.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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