The Sinjin “Saint John” Connection Is Of Course AIRWOLF

So I see news that David Cameron is speaking of protecting some religious group in some place called Sinjin and I happened to be following my own clue trail and that for myself took me back to 80’s Helicopter Shows Blue Thunder and Airwolf the helicopter show was a staple diet for myself and as I said I was very much into Helicopter Flight Sims at that time of my young teenage life.

Sinjin was the given name of Stringfellow Hawke’s “Missing In Action” brother plot that much of the show was seemingly based around.  Another interesting anecdote was of course that the Helicopter used was in fact a BELL 222 (According to WIKI).

So those kinds of little details that can create interest in becoming a Helicopter Spotter (Instead of a train spotter) the numbers are shorter.

Yes so everything seemingly keeps coming back to numbers-I watched the Spiderman 2 quite recently and the Underground Station Roosevelt had a secret underground carriage with particular noticeable numbers 6688 as well as no.5 although I could not read the associated text.

The Amazing Spiderman whilst the daughter likes I actually preferred the predecessor films (despite not being as good graphically) they were perhaps best cast (IMO).

St John Ambulance of course also have a long UK History-they used to cover amateur sporting events such as Boxing and so on and I recall going for some St John’s ambulance training as a youngster-I think my mother had actually worked for them on some occasions when I and my brother were very young-although she had been nursing for longer and was perhaps keeping her hand in. St John was also the name of a former footballer and popular PUNDIT for many years alongside Jimmy Greaves.

I also spoke on the Iron Cross and of course that has a much more Historical History in relation to Prussian Armies prior to it being later introduced and changed by the Nazis and of course it has since been re-introduced to usage by modern day German forces though I believe that the associated Nazi materials have been removed.

Iron Eagle was of course a nickname for the F-16 Planes although again wiki has some interesting facts given in relation to the movie was that those used were actually ISRAELI the US Military had a policy of not promoting the theft of planes.  I am unsure of current policies though we do of course all see many more of these films with entire squadrons of planes in battle such-as INDEPENDANCE DAY.

Those sorts of graphical films regarded as somewhat expensive to produce-though of course as the technologies advance the cost reduces-though some things we see simply do not work-I have perhaps seen some TV show or other where the graphics were a backward step rather than a forward step in comparison to other shows in the series.

So you link and link and explore and very often come to realise that long lost memories of shows such-as those you watched in your youth and so on contained many a clue to awareness of NOW that you may have previously realised-given the so-called life stages and distractions and so on that many a persons life can take.

I spoke on the Bell Helicopter used in Airwolf for instance though my own knowledge research was very much more computer wise related to Bell Labs in the USA-I have over the years returned to information relating to much of the research that went on in those Labs-many a modern taken for granted computer format came out of Bell Labs everything from the Mouse and Graphical User Interface GUI and so on-so you just keep on looking around and seeing where information that you have in your noggin went written down like this can for instance be applied elsewhere in the world about you-as I say I quite like doing the SPORTS PUNDITRY and CLUES and so on though others with other interests can apply information here to there own comparable dataset and have LEADS and AH-HA’s of there own if they require them.

The stages and steps you can through can be exploratory or progressive or used to confirm that what you believe to be true is actually true-the biases that we often kid ourselves with can be used in a positive or negative light and far to often buried treasure has been interpreted in the wrong way or direction. So for instance whilst I rushed through early stages of Holosync desiring to clear huge amounts of seeming brain damage out of my system-I also did other courses that helped confirm some of the information’s I already had or indeed re-interpret given information in a new light.

I said I read some military information and can well imagine that folks rushed to ideas of “fiction” though in all honesty I sought to stick to the Historical side of things-those actually known to have occurred as opposed to those speculated on.  So for instance can you trust information based on former intelligence staff’s leaks and so on-some things are of course in national interest and do help protect “CURRENT” peoples and persons in those roles-so whilst the World spins and the same cycles and patterns occur over and again-how much being done is damaging and how much contributes to learning is of course another theme of debates.

So for instance a survival manual might be regarded as useful information for anyone interested in out door outward bounds type lifestyles and so on and can get a tick-the other kind of material speaking on secret operations and so on is all down to possible debate over National Interest.

I see that Assange bloke is leaving the Embassy-perhaps he ate all the Ferrero Rocher and the Diplomat’s wife is kicking him out-though I do not have much sympathy for him given the accusations made against him-claiming to have been set up because of your website is nonsense distraction and delaying tactics-whereby the one area he has failed to actually address is the one he is accused of-has Cliff Richard rushed to an embassy and gone into hiding? yes okay many of the TV accused did go into hiding though the System or Process did eventually report on Court Outcomes-be they for Rolf Harris or that bloke from Coronation Street  or that other one from “Its A Knockout” I forget many of the names and not watching much TV/Film  these days I do not know who many a person in the TABLOIDS actually is-amazing how when you turn off and tune out you can actually live a far Healthier LIFE of your own rather than constantly sucked into the nonsense goings on of WANNABEES and Performers.

I liked the Original Big Brother Show for instance though later series quickly got hi-jacked by all the usual kinds of dregs of humanity STEREO type peoples.  The problem for myself of course is that having hovered up so much TV/Film in my youth and then tuned out-I can quickly identify many a CHARACTERIZATION quite quickly-that is I can know which direction or the lay of the land of my own tastes and so on in relation to “JUDGMENT” so I am perhaps no longer quick to rush to judgement though do DISCERN more as to OVERT DISPLAYS of particular YAWN INDUCING PERSONALITIES.

Yes attention seekers come in all shapes and stripes though of course having a particular expertise perhaps comes through practice and experience and making damned sure that you are able to go in the direction of controlling your own image and behaviour and so on-far to often we see folks throw out baiting type behaviours that given APPROPRIATE INCENTIVE could quite easily come to HAUNT them later on should they want to be WHITER THAN WHITE when evidence demonstrates the otherwise-yes no-one is perfect and everyone wants a helping hand-though anyone who has been trampled under constant bombardment of abusive behaviours knows only to well that we all of us can relate to statements such-as BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Know idea why I write more when not working perhaps sleeping at night helps the body clock work correctly to the climate and so on that I live in-though of course all things given to be centered around belief and having worked nights for many years-I am perhaps better off waiting to know how my day time awareness is differing to my night time awareness-the body works in mysterious ways whether that is scientific or la-di-da differing thoughts feelings and awareness do seem to happen during the 24 life cycles that we measure time though.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂 



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