From Manchester To Missouri, Dhalex Fergusson CeaCzar Ship knows Now bounds

So of course we are in the run up to the new Dr Who on 23rd and many a person could well be thinking they want to Friday 22nd.

Does retirement takes its toll on the Auld Scottish Viking.  Does he miss squabbles with the Frog? I am of course referring to former Manchester United Coach Alex Fergusson-he of the famous HAIRDRYER Rollickins.

Who knows though of course I am sure that we can all identify Daleks within own lives and realms.  I have know idea why anyone would think that I Dave and Daughter Rose would have anything to do with Daleks and Davros and so on-these are ridiculous allegations and I am sure that my cells could not create such MONSTERS.

So the divide between good and bad for many people of course often comes down to the most ridiculous of things and of course-those things are only ridiculous if you yourself have not been victim or on the wrong end of prejudice and so on-or indeed people are targeting you with prejudice that you have zero knowledge of.

Again everything can come back to where your own focus is at and the best remedy to simply go your own way and turn off tune out from areas of life the universe and everything that are not getting you the results you want.  So for instance I mentioned Alex Fergusson of course because of the Michael Brown issue in the US and of course the MOB that formed after the shooting of a suspected Criminal.  The problem perhaps comes back to peoples belief in INSTATUTIONALISED PREJUDICE and that again can come down to statistics-for instance that town of Fergusson for instance sounds and comes across as being like the FORMER SOUTH AFRICA in the sense that the white minority are the only ones with any jobs.

The problem of course could be that they are the ones that attended school and did any learning-just because prejudice in anyone life can exist-does not necessarily mean that people are not helping themselves by failing to LEARN-or at least seek to empower themselves.  Empowerment through MOB Culture usually ends in further TEARS-we see this time and again where false acussations are made and then rent-a-mob takes street action without the support of the Authorities.

The problem then is what is the balance and focus of the AUTHORITES AT.

Again all too easy to rush to judgments when in reality you usually have scupper things from within the realms of the law rather than outside of them or indeed demonstrate that others have operated unsanctioned by the law in the past.  I think that is happening in relation to the Local Football (Soccer) Club whereby rules have been ignored in the past to enable money to come into the club and now the failure to apply the rules in the past is being used to once again keep the place alive.  So everyone is swinging from one side branch to another side branch depending on where the so-called money involved is going to come from-perhaps in the hope that eventually someone SANER will step in and say-OKAY I will donate some of my very large Euro Lotto winnings to buy the club and clear debts.  Of course the likelihood of any Euro or lotto winner stepping forward and taking on a bottomless financial pit (as many a sports club is) is unlikely-I now that you really do have to have millions as pocket change to have any desire to do that especially for lower league clubs that are not self financing and so on.  You either change the gates and get decent sponsorship and sales of club memorabilia and demonstrate RESULTS on the field or you simply fold.

I thought the keep going attitude would work when I first studied the Hypnosis modalities-though again the creators and writers of those kinds of materials clearly were not dealing with the kinds of prejudices and issues I myself was having to deal with-hence the adverse effects.

So as much as one size fits all SOLUTIONS are often suggested-the final result really does come down to your own willingness to have survivable goals and targets that you can eventually know matter what ATTAIN.

Anyway that was just an expressive shorty.


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