Soup Or Book

So where was I-oh yes of course many a person quite likes the idea of having a soup meal quite regularly whether for the purposes of dieting or keeping warm upon a Winters Night or simply getting some vitamins inside yourself quite rapidly.  Of course when we look through History-soup is often considered the typical diet of the prison camp whether it is a concentration camp or a Gulag prisoner of war camp-so called INTERNATIONAL agreements on the acceptable minimum dietary requirements  are varied though just about every country has an IDEA of increasing usage out of meals through the watering down of stews and so on.  I grew up in modern England of course and soup has quite a tradition as a dietary supplement before bedtime likewise when I moved to Wales they have a national dish known as CAWL (usually pronounced cowl as in scowl).  I also recall trying a National Polish recipe that was of a similar nature though cannot recall the actual name.  So what I call soup usually has many TITLES across many NATIONS though in reality the most basic of recipes remains-anyone in fact can make soup simply through leaving the bones of a creature to bubble softly away on a low heat the idea being that any remnants of meat and so on will flavour the water-not that differing from the creation of gravy where perhaps flour,herbs and so on is also added-very easy recipes.

Anyway of course I keep returning to this issue of the SPEED OF THOUGHT and how when any LANGUAGE is SPEEDED UP and SLOWED DOWN and COMPRESSED and so on your ATTUNEMENTS become SHARPER as to CROSS LANGUAGE DECIPHERING-BY THAT I mean hearing sounds and vibrations in other than your usual language that actually make sense to your brain because your brain does actually have a NATURAL CAPACITY TO LEARN and DECIPHER ANY GIVEN SET OF WAVEFORMS IRRESPECTIVE OF DELIVERY SYSTEM.

Why is that important-well I also spoke on this issue of catching a bad dose off of people and of course that generally occurs more often in naturally taught first languages though when you go deeper into the assorted LEARNING you do find that A BAD DOSE can come from ANYONE & ANYWHERE-Hence having the ability to turn or reinterpret negatives or positives  can pay dividends.

Not sure why I am going on about soups though believe myself when I say they must be relevant NOW or I would not be speaking on SOUPS.

BOOKS of course are again another issue-I said I had read many a book and seemingly benefitted in some ways and not in others and of course my WEBSITE asks the Question “IF MY LIFE IS A BOOK-HOW CAN I…?”

So further to that my thoughts came back to DENTISTRY (DENT HIS TREE) and of course that might not sound very favourable is the letter K simply an H with a dent in it? of course that takes us back to seeking to understand HOW THE SYMBOLS came into being in the format that we know and used.

However my own Thoughts relating to BOOK and DENTISTS go back to my having had my BUCK TEETH REMOVED during my teens-hence having to wear metal braces (train tracks) across the teeth and so on.

So Buck teeth removed and of course I grew up watching BUCK ROGERS in the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY, I also recall a Daffy Duck CARTOON that was of course a humoured version and perhaps based more on the earlier black & white Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type period of time when such shows were seen in Cinema’s and Saturday Morning Picture Show type showings.  I also had the favourite GAMBLER Character STARBUCK (Face from A-TEAM) in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and more RECENTLY we have Captain America’s best Friend “BUCKY” Buchanan in “The Winter Soldier” the ending suggesting that the next plot could involve him seeking to convert his Friend back into “ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS” the so-called SHEILD Organisation having been infiltrated by HYDRA and eventually being DISBANDED (at least that was the impression given).

So THREE SUPER CHARACTER BUCKS DAVE TWO TEENAGE BUCK TEETH  AND THE NICKNAME FOR THE DOLLAR as well as sounding not to dissimilar from BOOK BOX BUX and other variants on the THEME.

Dave had his Bucks extracted will you? lol

Yes so that was why the resources and learnings and teachings that you direct yourself towards can be all so important-as I have repeated and perhaps have to repeat forever the Heaven/Hell interpretation is internal and on the other side of the VICE LIKE LETTER G.

I say vice like of course because most of us males when introduced to Metal work and Wood work in our SCHOOL DAZE found ourselves having to use a standard G CLAMP looking something akin to this


So again VICES come in many forms as does interpretation of aforementioned VICES.  I watched Miami Vice as a youngster and of course mention that because I see some news about a crocodile-one of the CENTRAL characters having a CROC or ALLIGATOR as a PET on his boat.  That takes us into the relational realms with the above dentristy and CROCODILE SMILE and of course Cockney Music Hall song suggested that YOUR FACE IS YOUR DIAL=AH-HA

So what is a vice and how can your relationship with your IDEA of what are VICES be change to serve yourself in a REWARDING and EMPOWERING MANNER.  We do of course refer to many a thing as our own vice be it drinking, smoking, and well just about anything that comes into the REALMS of not treating ones own body as a TEMPLE.

The temple a place on the forehead of course though how many vices are squashed into your temple perhaps dictates your ability to manoeuvre-hence my constantly suggested folks retune themselves and develop better thinking strategies as to what they think and feel and how they act.

I having mentioned Spiderman can also of course mention The RHINO-whilst we think in terms of Rhino as a wild beast of the AFRICAN PLANES-in relation to breathing and getting OXYGEN to the BRAIN we often hear or speak of people or persons having RHINOPLASTY.  Whilst Michael Jackson is know to have played with having many of this kind of surgery many people simply through having broken noses (perhaps through boxing and fighting) have also had such surgery.  They used to at one time insert metal tubes to keep peoples airways open-though I am unaware of current practice-I know in the realms of BONE REPLACEMENT-TITANIUM was often the metal of choice though I know that other composite or lab created metals have since perhaps been developed that carry out similar made for purpose functions.

I guess many a person wants to know that they can pass through airport metal detectors without dignity being impinged upon by having to explain metal body parts-though of course modern super scanners can actually do the whole body scans of past science fiction.  I think I saw some 80’s Arnie Movie that had such a walk through scanner and I know some modern surgery has live x-ray during procedures and so on-the next step probably to develop similarly functional small scale versions of MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING and so on.  given the impression that many MILITARY aircraft and helmets and so on already have such SCANNING capabilities you do wonder why the CROSS POLLINATION into the CIVILIAN realms takes so long.

We did of course hear years ago that the American NSA likes to keep so many years ahead of the rest of the field though of course they can usually only do that through monitoring and knowing where the rest of the field is AT.  Some Corporations of course also have policies of recruiting top students from Universities and so on and the same I am sure happens in most walks of life.  That is of course assuming that the CHARACTERS and individuals involved have a desire to be recruited in such fashion.

We often see Science and so on playing the game of MILITARY USE VERSUS CIVILIAN USE whereby innocent purpose is allegedly hi-jacked for military-I personally agree-given that it is NORMALLY ONLY GOVERMENTS and CORPORATIONS that have the AVAILABLE DEEP POCKETS for such RESEARCH then in truth NEUTRALITY of FUNCTION of TECHNOLOGY is DISPUTABLE. 


So do I want to live on a diet of poverty soup or would I like the finance for beef steaks and waffles and ice cream and Pizza and so on.  Having experienced through life a little bit of both over the years-I personally prefer the Beef steak side of the FINANCIAL DIVIDE where the SOUP is eaten as a CHOICE rather than a poverty necessity.

SHOW ME THE MONEY is as true in life today for anyone as it was when broadcast in Tom Cruise Movie JERRY MAGUIRE.

I see DODGY Max Clifford is now involved in the Cliff Richard case so will be watching the CALIFORNIA coastline with intrepidation-are they going to fall into the oceans as desired by LEX LUTHER via a triggered EARTHQUAKE.

yes Thorn in my side sang SCOTTISH ANNIE LENNOX and she may well have been just that to many people.  Lexiconography perhaps another angle that needs deeper understandings and acquaintance with.

So many connexions so little time and where the fun goes only bloodsuckers know-a vampire in daylight a werewolf at night where do you stand on the INVENTION of FRIGHT.

Yes plenty to be getting on with though I should perhaps though out some other combinational materials how about unusual colour names such as LILAC such a colour of course is generally what most of us might describe as VIOLET or PASTEL PURPLE so even colours have degrees of separation and getting them wrong in name can create huge misunderstandings-that is why I quite like standardization of colour schemes and so on-so everyone is working broadly of the same PAGE or INFORMATION-hence my mostly sticking with Holosync and Learning Strategies-there is plenty of INTEGRATION and CROSS-POLLINATION and having those as the underlying FOUNDATION are pretty good starting positions for having a new look at your life-what can those things be matched or pollinate against-hmm I wonder if anyone gave such colours an associated FREQUENCY OR TONE-I’ll bet that I cannot have though of such things if they have not of course already been carried out so th question then becomes how can I develop skills to know that these WAVES are working in accordance with the laws of EVOLUTION or PROGRESS?

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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