Now I Mentioned Tsar Czar Ceasar Because Of Course

Now I mentioned CZAR TSRAR CEASAR because of course it is again one of those words that can be found in may a language since ROMAN times-you might say that whilst LATIN underpinned many languages across Europe and many languages went they’re own ways over the years that some words seemingly remained predominantly the same in sound and meaning and the highest upon high type words were and are usually among them.

What is prominent in the news does of course speak for itself and whilst I spoke of an old piece of MUSIC AXEL F-I was not to know that someone called Foley was beheaded-though of course once again those SYNCHRONICITIES HAPPEN in the so-called nether regions of the conscious-so for instance anyone investigating “Missing Persons” might think well I’ll have a look through blogs to see if we can pinpoint times and dates when such things occurred-assuming of course that INTELLIGENCE GATHERERS do not already know.

In all likelihood many a previously repressed story is allowed to surface at appropriate times-so again who controls the media and is information coming through as and when or is Censorship higher than previously imagined-I know for instance that I have family who watch what I would regard as obscure news channels and whilst they are obscure to most Brits they are never the less available to anyone with a satellite dish and again very often they are full of people with a gripe against there own media or they’re own Governments and so on.  So they are not given the media spots in the popular British media and become commentators for other media-very often neutrality does not really exist. 

So where else are things occurring well I recently found myself WONDERING about the ISIS label and so on and where it came from and I being interested in computers and so on thought that maybe there were comparable cross-over areas of awareness that had not been brought to the light of inquiry. 

So the name ISIS as well as being a TERROR Organisation takes us back to Egyptian Antiquity Gods-she being the MOTHER OF HORUS and of course HORUS is usually related to the phrase-“THE EYE OF HORUS”.  The name of course has been used for many TV characters and persons over the years though predominantly as of course VILLIANS. Here is the wiki link for the first known ISIS

The closest computer relational material in my own research was actually WSIS and that could of course have been WIKI SIS though in fact WSIS was a couple of International conferences relating to Information technologies and so on-probably not a worthwhile thread following though of course the information was scented enough to get myself to have a look. the link is of course available to any one with a search engine and given the way in which the patterns and cycles of society and time are moving you cannot help to think that the Terrorist ISIS  material is attuned to the WSIS AGENDA

So whilst everyone likes to think they are unaffected by the cycles and patterns and so on one cannot really avoid synchronicities and so on once awareness has started to be developed or indeed the Markets are being influenced and manipulated for than is absolutely necessary perhaps by all the so-called illuminati types.

I of course have spoken on SHOES previously in relation to child stories and names such-as SCHUMACHER that have obvious COBBLER like connections.  Further to that of course we had Imelda Marcos I think it was who had the Ultimate Ladies Shoe collection.  Anyway SHOES have of course been another area that has been floating around the noggin-so I write mentioning that now for whatever (if any reason) as a page filler.

I did years ago recall seeing a comedy where two coloured teenagers were squabbling and sent to the Headmasters Office and the question asked was “******* Why did you call ***** Momma a gardening implement”  The joke being that the white headmaster was unaware of why anyone would get upset by being called a gardening implement.

Of course given the RAPID spread of CULTURAL SLANG across differing societies and so on these things are quite obvious even to the most OBTUSE of peoples now-or is that simply an assumption on my part?  No I think you would really have to be completely of the map to not know many a common slang term that has crept in society at multiple levels.

Every body wants to be a Czar How bizarre yes I see comedy one-liners getting a lot of headlines recently on some sites that I read and for the life of myself I cannot think of one to impart to anyone who reads this stuff. 

Yes old style Disney seems to also be regularly popping into mind-when I say old style I do of course mean classic 2D Cartoons as opposed to the more modern 3D movies and of course they had as many hits as misses so what cartoon among the very so many available to choose from might I be thinking off.

Thank you for reading, God bless and It’s goodbye from him 🙂

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